The Best Websites and Applications to Listen to Podcast

If we look back we can realize how the Internet has changed our lives. But in addition, it has also been the Internet that has been changing and evolving to make things much easier for us. While at the beginning most of the websites were merely informative and with little or no multimedia content, little by little they were changing to allow users to interact, offer useful online services and adding all kinds of multimedia content.

Currently, video, streaming or podcast content are the most popular and consumed by users. Everyone knows where to go to find all kinds of videos, but if you are starting in the world of podcasts, these are some of the best websites and apps to listen to this type of content.

Despite being a term used for a long time, for many people it is something relatively modern, either because they have never heard of them or because it is now when they have discovered this “world” and are engaging in this type of content.

What is a podcast?

The term comes from the union of the words iPod and broadcasting , which is the English term to refer to radio broadcasts. However, it is not necessary to have an Apple device to listen to a podcast, we can do it from any device regardless of the manufacturer, operating system. We can even listen to them from an mp3 player or directly from the web browser.


We could therefore say that a podcast is a digital publication in audio or video that can be downloaded from the Internet. Contents that are normally distributed in audio or video format to which you can also add subtitles or notes, by means of a broadcast system (RSS) that allows us to subscribe. In addition, by using a program, it is possible to download and listen to them when we do not have an Internet connection. We can find podcast on websites, blogs or even on some platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Ivoox, etc.

The best websites and apps for listening to podcasts


When we talk about podcast, many of them will come directly to the name of iVoox. And it is one of the most popular platforms to listen to this type of content. We can go directly to the web from our browser or download the mobile app available for iOS and Android .

ivoox escuchar podcast

On the iVoox website we can also find live and on-demand radio, audio series, stories, conferences and much more. Search for your favorite content and play it directly from the browser or from the app on your mobile. It is possible to create lists with our favorite content, subscribe to RSS, share them, etc. Go to iVoox.


It is without a doubt the most popular and used streaming music platform. But in addition to finding all kinds of music, in Spotify we can also find and play all kinds of podcasts. In this case, we can reproduce our content or favorite channels from both the web version of the platform, such as desktop application or mobile apps available for iOS and Android .

spotify podcast

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is another platform par excellence for podcast lovers. In addition to radio programs and channels on specific topics, in TuneIn we can find live news, music, sports, etc. It offers the possibility to listen to thousands and thousands of stations from anywhere in the world, both from its website and from its mobile apps available for iOS and Android .

TuneIn podcast


It is a platform with a structure and operation that many will remind you of iVoox. In Spreaker we can find all kinds of podcasts organized by themes, news and a lot of channels that work as radio stations with continuous playback. Available both through the browser and from your mobile apps available for iOS and Android devices .

Podium Podcast

It is another website with which we can be entertained or informed at the same time. It is not the most popular, but it is a platform that has great original content and that we can access well through the browser, official podiumpodcast website , or from its app available for iOS or Android devices .

podium podcast

Podcast Addict

This is one of the apps for listening to podcasts best rated by Android users. With Podcast & Radio Addict it is possible to listen to all kinds of content wherever we go from the mobile, as well as listen to the radio live. But that’s not all, since it also offers a lot of audiobooks, YouTube channels and Twitch. Download Podcast & Radio Addict .

Podcast radio addict

Podcast Go

Among the ranking of apps for listening to podcasts most valued by Android users, we also find PodcastGo. An app that we can also get for free. In addition to having a modern design, the app has interesting and very easy to use functions such as changing the playback speed, a timer to stop playback at a given time, search for content by categories, etc. Download PodcastGo for Android.

Podcast go


CastBox is one of the most popular, recommended and best rated podcast listening apps on Google Play and iTunes by both iOS and Android users. An app that we can get for free, although it has integrated purchases. It has a clean, modern and very easy to navigate interface, which, together with the great content it offers, is one of the best. Download CastBox for iOS and Android .

Cast Box Podcast

FM player

This is another complete player available for iOS and Android that allows us to play and download all kinds of content without ads in its free version, although it also has a paid version that allows you to unlock some extra features. It has a great valuation by users on both platforms.

Player FM podcast

Google Podcast

Google also has its own app. A player for Android users with which we can listen to podcasts from anywhere in the world, subscribe to any of them or download them to listen later offline. In addition, what we hear is automatically synchronized on all our devices, so we can continue listening on another with Google Assistant. Download Google Podcast .

Google podcast


It is another free app, although with purchases inside, with a great valuation by users. Its great simplicity and ease to find all kinds of content has made it one of the best apps to listen to this type of content from the mobile wherever we go. Download The Podcast App for iOS and Android .

The Podcast App