The Best Speedometer Apps to Use in the Car with the iPhone

Speed at the wheel is undoubtedly one of the biggest problems today. That is why you have to put remedies with different applications that can warn you in a moment of distraction. This is the case of the 55 Start Speedometer application that offers one of the best speedometers for your mobile device as well as many other functions. We tell you all the details below.

Best Speedometer Apps

Be aware of speed limits

This application has as its main objective the fact that you never exceed the speed limits while you are driving. Sometimes we can press the accelerator too much without even realizing it and the fact of constantly looking at the speedometer integrated in the vehicle is not something common either. That is why this application aims to never exceed the speed limits that you set yourself in its free version.

In the basic interface, you will find numbers with a considerable size at the top where the speed will be recorded. This is obtained through the GPS signal, which should generally always be quite good. This is not a problem since when you go by car you always have a good signal except in some specific sections such as tunnels. In this way you can always know the speed at which you are going, although this is not the main feature of the application.


The really important thing is that if you have the free version you will have a series of options to choose the maximum speed. By default, the most normal speeds are included, which are 50, 90, 120 and 140. Except for this last value, all are the most common maximum speeds on Spanish roads. Although at any time all these values can be customized at a more suitable speed depending on the roads you frequent the most.

When selecting the maximum speed, when you reach it with the car you will see how the numbers on the speedometer change from a green color to a red color. To this is also added a fairly intense acoustic signal that will warn you that you have passed. In this way you do not have to constantly be looking at the numbers on the screen or the car’s speedometer, but with a simple signal you will know if you have exceeded speed or not. From this moment you can lift the accelerator pedal and slow down to the speed of the road. In this way you can avoid quite a few scares when it comes to traffic offenses.

Record of all your trips

In addition to showing all the data about your speed, the application also includes other features in driving assistance. One of them is the so-called ‘black box’. Trying to assimilate to the black box of an airplane, this functionality allows you to record the entire trip you are taking with the application open. Among the data that is recorded are the route that is being carried out in detail on a map as well as the speed that has been recorded. But it is not only limited to giving an average of all the values that have been taken during the trip, but in a graph you will see in detail the speed at which you have gone in each fragment of time.


This is also in addition to other information that the application is able to offer while you are in the car doing different routes. One of them is the altitude at which you are as well as the inclination of a specific road. This is ideal for when you are mainly on a mountain or in a sharp curve and you see that the car does not have enough strength and you do not know very well why. With a simple glance at the application that you must have open on a mobile support in order not to take your eyes off the road in practically no time you will have all the information required.

Access to different view modes

There are many modes that can be found in the application in order to enjoy a personalized experience. You do not always have to view the speedometer in the foreground, which is the default mode, but you can also choose other views. In free mode you can find the map display in the foreground with the smallest speed as well as a full screen to show only the speed without other extra data.


But if you want to go much further, we can find a waypoints mode where extra road data is included. In addition to the sound warnings for speed, other interesting data will also be downloaded, such as data on the road as well as traffic information. In this way you will have more than complete information in order to drive efficiently and above all safely. To this are also added modes of navigation on land, rally, force, BMW test, water sports.

HUD accessible at your sight

But undoubtedly one of the modes that may interest you the most when it comes to driving is that of reflection. This way you can see this information without having to take your eyes off the road. This is because you will have on your windshield a HUD with the speedometer through the screen of your mobile. This is very useful in the vast majority of situations, although it can be difficult to put the mobile in the correct position so that the hud can be seen on the glass.


This is something that is included in a lot of different applications but this is the only one that finishes integrating so much information. In the end, what is sought is the safety of the drivers with the latest technologies and being able to always have this data in view. The only problem is that it is a feature that is only in the premium version of the application.

Possibility of sharing your location

To all this that has been commented in order to increase security, the possibility of sharing the location with the different contacts that you want is added. That is why it is achieved quickly when you have an emergency such as that you have run out of gas. With a few taps you can send the location through various systems such as a messaging network.

In addition to this, it also includes a warning system for emergency services and quick access to different shortcuts so that with a simple voice command you can send some type of instruction to the system.