Best Soccer TikTok Accounts: Famous Footballers, Teams, and More

Soccer is something that breaks all barriers. He does it, of course, in real life (or, at least, when we were not living in the current situation), he does it on TV and also floods social networks. If you enter any of them you will see a lot of players, teams and, of course, challenges accompanied by their respective hashtag. We already did it at the time with Instagram, so today we focus on the social network of the moment: TikTok . These are the best accounts that every soccer lover should follow within this social network.

Soccer virality on TikTok

Now that the season is about to end and UEFA is about to arrive, of which TikTok is a global sponsor, this social network is ablaze with content dedicated to football. Disclosure, tricks, famous players and players and much more are just some of the examples of everything that we will be able to find related to this sport on TikTok.

Best Soccer TikTok Accounts
To give you an idea of how relevant this type of content is within its app, TikTok constantly analyzes the growth of viral content on its platform and has sent us some interesting data such as: the hashtag #Futbol has more than 34.5 one billion views and, on the other hand, the hashtag #TikTokFutbol has accumulated more than 380 million views. Although we are used to browsing these types of social networks, if we try to be a little aware of the numbers that are moving through the posts that we see in them, it is something totally overwhelming. That anyone with a smartphone can reach billions of people is totally incredible.

Soccer accounts on TikTok: players, teams, challenges and tricks

Along with these data, as an official statement, from TikTok they have made different rankings on soccer accounts on their platform. As we said, there is everything: famous players, viral accounts, the most used anthems and the list goes on.

From El Output we have grouped these classifications into different categories that we find interesting so that, if you like the subject of this sport, you can discover some interesting accounts within TikTok. Get ready for a soccer overdose here we go.

Players with the most followers on TikTok

We start with the most typical, soccer players within this social network. You can imagine that mixing the fame with the virality of these types of applications is like a time bomb, it explodes just by looking at it. These profiles do everything within their accounts: they make challenges, they talk to their followers, they share routines and some details of their life. So, here is a list of the 15 soccer players with the most TikTok followers .

Most followed European teams

European soccer teams also sign up for TikToks with their official accounts. And, as you can imagine, if a specific player had millions of fans, what numbers will a complete team move then? In their profiles they share, for example, what the inside of their stadium’s changing rooms are like or what the players of that club themselves eat. If you want to know more about them, here are the 10 European clubs with the most TikTok followers:

New promises of soccer on TikTok

If what you want is to discover new interesting accounts in this sector, TikTok is full of people trying to gain a foothold. These are some of the accounts that are hitting the most on this social network right now:

Tricks and challenges on TikTok

But if there is something that becomes ultra popular within any social network, it is the tricks and the challenges. How could it be otherwise, TikTok is full of this type of content in many areas, including soccer. If you want to discover any of these, it is as easy as looking for some of the most popular tags such as #fetapasta or #futbol itself (or even looking for it in English as #football). Through these searches you will find thousands of interesting profiles of more football fans. These are some of the most popular according to TikTok:

But if tricks and freestyle are your thing , this app is also well loaded. These are the 10 most famous profiles in that particular sector:

Most used football anthems

Finally, as something more anecdotal since only the most fans are the ones who will use them, this is a list of the most famous and most used football anthems within TikTok in the “songs” section:

• Martin Garrix – We Are The People (feat. Bono & The Edge) (Official UEFA EURO 2020 Song)
• New Order – World In Motion
• Baddiel, Skinner & Lightning Seeds – Three Lions
• Wes Nelson – Nice To Meet Ya
• Revolverheld – Abreißen
• Marwa Loud – Bad boy
• Edoardo Bennato – Italian Un’estate
• Go For Them, Oé! – The Band of Capitan Canalla
• Emis Killa – Maracana
• Vegedream – Ramenez la coupe à la maison

And so far the compilation of the content that every soccer lover should follow and know within this social network. If you were already on TikTok, surely you would know some of these accounts, challenges and others. Is there any interesting content that you know that we haven’t shown? Leave him for a comment on this article so that we can all continue to enjoy the beautiful game on the TikTok platform.