The Best Smartphone Accessories Used in Cars

Smartphones and tablets are devices that are also used in cars , such as for companions to enjoy multimedia content. This means that sometimes you have to resort to different accessories so that the experience of use is the best possible. We show what are the indispensable and purchase options that are interesting.

The truth is that it is possible to buy several options that are interesting, since they allow you to take advantage in the best possible way of all the possibilities offered by the mobile devices that we are talking about and, also, that they are perfectly prepared so that habitual use is maintained once getting out of the car. Therefore, we are talking about accessories that are highly recommended.

Best Smartphone Accessories Used in Cars

Different types of car accessories

Fortunately, there are many possibilities that have a utility that is beyond doubt, and that will surely be used at any given moment once you leave on a trip, be it a long or short one. These are the types that we have chosen in our case:

  • Charge : here are included the products that allow you to fill the batteries of smartphones and tablets so that you always have an adequate amperage so you do not have surprises both when using this in the car itself or, failing that, when you are no longer in these.
  • Supports : this is where what is necessary is located so that the devices do not have to be held in the hands and, therefore, that the use is as comfortable as possible. Ideal for phones to be the element where turn-by-turn maps are seen and, also, so that those who see in the back of the car can watch movies.
  • Cables : it may be thought that this is somewhat less, but the truth is that, if you do not have accessories of this type of quality and compatibility, loading is impossible. Therefore, having your own options in cars that comply with this seems essential.

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Things to look out for

One of the most important is that compatibility is adequate, both due to the cigarette lighter socket in the car and even with existing seats. It is also important to trust your own mobile device, since it is not the same to have a seven or twelve inch tablet (or a phone that uses USB type C or type A).

Other things to check is that the design fits with what you are looking for and, in addition, it offers compatibility with different technologies that are currently used. An example of the latter is that you have fast or wireless charging, in the case of, for example, having a smartphone that offers any of this possibility. Be that as it may, the accessory that is selected should offer everything that is needed.

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Purchases that we recommend in each type

Various chargers

We leave below possibilities so that you can always charge your smartphone or tablet in the car, and that you do not come across the unpleasant surprise that any of them turns off due to a lack of battery.

RAVPower Dual

A lighter model that can be connected without problems and with great compatibility, and that has the virtue of offering support with Quick Charge 3.0. It includes two USB type A, so it can be used with two devices. It includes protection technologies so that there are no problems.

Accesorios RAVPower Dual

CHOETECH Wireless Car

If you have a device that is compatible with Qi wireless charging, you are a model that should not be checked, since, among other things, it allows a power of 10W, making it more than enough for all types of devices take advantage of it. It includes the possibility of modulating the workforce.

Accesorios CHOETECH Wireless Car

Zyx Charger

One of the accessories that is curious, since it is placed in the place where you have an egg for glasses and bottles, including a slot in which the smartphone is inserted. Its compatibility is quite great since it supports Qi and, like the previous model, the power it reaches is 10W.

Accesorios Zyx Cargador

Support accessories

These are possibilities that ensure that the phone or tablet is always carried in a comfortable place and, in addition, with excellent compatibility. All the chosen models ta jiñen offers very great stability .

GHB Tablet Holder

A model specially designed for the use of tablets up to 10 inches in the back of the headrest and, therefore, that you can enjoy movies and series with great comfort. It includes four adjustment elements and releases the buttons and charging ports so that it is very comfortable to use.

Soporte GHB Soporte para Tablet

Mpow Car Holder

This is an item that is among the best mounts for smartphones on the dashboard or glass, so it leaves the phone screen perfectly in view. It can be used with a model up to 6.5 inches, and the rotation is complete since it reaches 360 degrees. It is very comfortable to use.

Mpow Soporte Coche accesorios

iKross Support

The second choice of tablet holder accessories is this, and it has the great virtue of supporting models up to 12.9 inches … so even the largest iPad can be placed. Its support bars cling to the headrest itself, and the truth is that it bulges very little once placed.

Accesorios iKross Soporte

AUKEY Support

The function of this model is magnetic, so it is recommended that the smartphone that is placed on it has a sheet-shaped element that allows the functionality to be adequate. This device fits into the sheets of the air vents of cars.

Soportes AUKEY Soporte

YOOFAN Organizer

This is one of the accessories that is curious, since it includes a space within all the organizational sections that it has. Its compatibility is very high, and the truth is that it includes everything, up to an opening for the USB cable in case you have problems with the battery charge.

Uso accesorios YOOFAN Organizador

Different cables

These accessories ensure that regardless of the devices you have in the car, you can use it with the chargers you have. Its functionality is complete and the quality of its finish is excellent.


A multipurpose cable since in the connection area you can change the existing tips so that compatibility always exists, both with models with USB type A or Lightning. With good resistance, it is one of the accessories that offers very high functionality.


RAVIAD 3 in 1

There are also no compatibility problems with this model, which includes a nylon protection so that the durability offered by this cable is the maximum possible. Thanks to its three options, the compatibility it offers is very high, and the opinion of those who have bought this model is excellent.

Cale accesorios RAVIAD 3 en 1