Best Smart TV for Netflix: Which is the Best? Why?

You may have asked yourself this question. Is there any television that allows you to play Netflix content better than another? If you thought that the Netflix and chill experience was limited to opening the application and consuming non-stop content, you are wrong. The company has an official list with which I recommend which televisions are ideal for playing content. We are going to tell you what they are and why they are the chosen ones.

The label “TV recommended for Netflix”

Best Smart TV for Netflix

With the idea of guaranteeing the best performance of the service, the company launches every year a list of Smart TVs with which it ensures that we will not have any problem when it comes to playing content. What’s more, these models are supposedly the best for watching Netflix movies and series, since according to the company they meet a series of requirements that they value as essential.

Smart TV Netflix

The list of criteria that make up the test test to guarantee that the viewing experience will be simple to use, fast and effective consists of a total of 7 important points. If the model in question exceeds 5 of those 7 criteria, it immediately enters the list of televisions recommended by Netflix.

What does a TV have to have to be recommended by Netflix?

The criteria that the brand evaluates in each model are the following:


Smart TV Netflix

  • Power On and Sleep: The television should start quickly and return from sleep state instantly.
  • Quick applications : Applications must be prepared to start also so that we can launch the service as soon as possible.


Smart TV Netflix

  • Accessibility : Ease of accessing the service is key, and for this many manufacturers include a dedicated button on the remote control that allows access to Netflix at the touch of a button.
  • Updating in the background : In addition to that, if you are not in the application, the software must also be updating in the background so that the information is up to date at all times, so that when we re-enter we immediately receive the cover of the latest series added or the latest releases of the day.


Smart TV Netflix

  • High resolution interface : Considering the large inches that are handled today, receiving a clear and concise interface is vital for a pleasant experience.
  • Optimized to interact: The television must be compatible with advanced options that allow you to enjoy an interactive experience.
  • Latest version of Netflix: And obviously, the model must have the latest version of Netflix available.

The best Smart TVs of 2020 for Netflix

At the moment, the list of recommended manufacturers is made up of three different manufacturers, with Panasonic, Samsung and Sony being chosen by the brand. The list of recommended 2020 models to enjoy Netflix are as follows:


  • HXF977
  • HXN978
  • HXX979
  • HX940E
  • HXW944
  • HX900E
  • HXW904
  • HXR900
  • HX800E
  • HXW804
  • XH9505
  • HX810E
  • HX820E
  • HX830E
  • HXF887
  • HXN888
  • HXT886
  • HXX889


Samsung Q950TS

  • Q950TS
  • Q900TS
  • Q800T
  • Q90T
  • Q80T
  • Q70T
  • The frame
  • The Serif



  • XH8005
  • XH8077
  • XH8096
  • XH8196
  • A8
  • A85
  • A87
  • A89
  • A9
  • AJ9
  • XH9505
  • ZH8

The best Smart TVs of 2019 to watch Netflix

The company has already presented its 2019 list with the recommended models, and they were these:


  • GZ2000
  • GZ1500
  • GZ1000
  • GZ950
  • GX940
  • GX900
  • GX800


  • 6500
  • 6700
  • 6800


  • Q950R
  • Q90R
  • Q80R / Q85R
  • Q70R
  • Q60R
  • The frame
  • The Serif
  • RU8000


  • ZG9
  • AG9
  • XG9505
  • XG8505
  • XG8577
  • XG8588
  • XG8596
  • XG8599
  • XG8796