Best Smart locks compatible with Apple HomeKit

Home automation is taking on a leading role in many people’s homes. The fact of controlling any accessory with the mobile or with voice controls is something that can be really comfortable. Even locks can be controlled in this intelligent way, thanks to the accessories that are available in the market and that we will show you below.

What to look for in these locks

Best Smart locks compatible with Apple HomeKit

The main mission of smart locks is to facilitate access to the home to anyone who has your prior consent. This means that you can forget your keys at all times, since the only key you will have now is the mobile that you always have on top of you. You can forget about remembering if you locked the door when you left home. You can always make sure thanks to your iPhone with which you will always ensure that the act of closing the door safely will be done with this device. Although, in the market there are many options available, the most interesting ones should follow the following recommendations:

  • Compatibility with the ecosystem: in the market you can find many locks, but in this case the interesting thing is that they are compatible with the ecosystem. It may be the case that we are talking about a lock compatible with HomeKit or that it has an app in the App Store to control it. You should always choose that option that is more comfortable, which in many cases is HomeKit.
  • Aesthetics: despite the fact that a lock has a very specific function such as opening and closing the door, the design must also be prioritized. You should always look for an accessory that has an aesthetic that matches that of the door in general.
  • Security: in this accessory you will always be entrusting the possibility of accessing a private home. That is why you should always look for the one who has a superior trust, avoiding in this case that it can be hacked, giving access to anyone.

HomeKit Compatible Options

To have the best possible options and control the lock from any device, it is best to use HomeKit-compatible accessories. We show you the best ones below.

Nuki Combo 2.0

With Nuki Combo you can open the door to anyone, even if you are not at home. If you are waiting for guests it can be interesting so that they do not have to wait for you always in the street and all this without leaving the key to anyone. The hub that accompanies the lock will be able to manage the door at any time to open or close it with the smartphone or automatically depending on your location.

It is really easy to install, since in 3 minutes it will be fully functional. SmartLock can be mounted on the front lock of a door, inside the house, without the need for drilling or screwing at all. Also, if you regret it, you can disassemble it without leaving any residual parts. The really interesting thing is that it is integrated into HomeKit, so control can be done through Siri.


With a really simple style, this is a very easy lock to use. It is compatible with HomeKit and uses Z-wave technology for added security. You have different possibilities, since in addition to using the Home app with HomeKit, you can also use the alternative that can be found in the App Store. From both locations you can have the option of opening and closing the door both by touching the virtual button and physically approaching with the iPhone.

Wherever you are you can give permission to another user so that they can manipulate the lock and open or close the door comfortably. Also, if you want to facilitate this task, users can join in groups. The installation is done in a simple way as well as the internet connection.


A really smart lock that will know where you are at all times. When you return home, the lock will detect that it is you and will unlock automatically, completely forgetting about the keys. The same happens with the automatic lock that closes the door when you leave the house and is detected by the GPS signal. Anyone can access your home as long as you share your virtual key through the application.

Every time the door is opened on the iPhone you will receive a notification automatically. This is ideal especially to know when the little ones come home from class or when they go out for a walk. But in addition to detecting the lock when you are close, you can also control it from the iPhone itself or with the Apple Watch through a virtual button.


This model has a fairly sober design that always tries to complement the traditional lock. By this we mean that it has a space dedicated to the key itself, but it also has a technological part. This makes it one of the most complicated to install since a complete lock change must be made and it is located on the outside of a door.

As we said before, this is a complete lock because it has a touch panel to enter an access code. It is combined with the possibility of remote opening with the iPhone itself. In this way there will not be any type of limit to access your home but always with your prior authorization by key, code or HomeKit.


With a really modern design, this is an extremely complete lock that has different unlocking options. It is built in an aluminum alloy that makes it resistant to any type of weather conditions. It will not be necessary to carry out any type of charge since the energy source is through four AAA batteries, which also has a long duration in time.

As we have discussed previously, it is a really complete lock. It includes different types of unlocking system, including the iPhone itself through HomeKit. In a smart way when you get closer to home it will end up unlocking. But you can also make use of the fingerprint, the numeric password and also the NFC cards that are included in the pack.

Alternatives that are also handled from the iPhone

Other smart locks that cannot be fully connected with HomeKit can also be found on the market. To do this, you must use an application of the own brand that is available on the iPhone.


TESA is a reputable brand when it comes to locks in general, and they also have a model that is smart. It is perfect for an infinite number of door types and dimensions, also having different sizes available for all profiles. Keep in mind that by default the one from the US will arrive, but you can make the change to the one from Europe.

Every time the application is closed, it will be taken automatically, guaranteeing security at all times. Through the application you can make the connection with the lock that has a Wireless connection and connects to the internet. You will not need to make any type of battery change, since a rechargeable battery is included.


With this lock you will have 6 different ways to unlock your door. Each time the door is used, the lock will act, locking it quickly to prevent anyone from entering. You can always approve different guests through the registration of the fingerprint, password or code, although you can also use Bluetooth in the application of the brand itself.

In the application you will have at all times a detailed record of the actions that are carried out on the door itself. For example, when the door is opened you will receive a notification and also if it has been left open so that you always keep it closed for your safety. The installation is quite simple and the direction can end up varying, depending on your needs.


Revolutionary way of being able to control your door at all times and through your mobile phone. You can control both from your smartphone and from a simple tablet, although it is open to control from any computer that has a Bluetooth connection. In this way you will not need to carry any type of key.

In the App Store you will find the ENTR application which is the one you will need to be able to open or close your door quickly. In addition, it will be possible to manage the virtual keys in the case of having some type of guest. It is also ideal for doors of any type and size, ensuring that the door is always closed with the maximum possible security.


Lock that will allow you to have all the doors under control and controlled automatically from your smartphone with a really simple application. This can be found in the App Store but also on your computer. You can also have up to eight smartphones that are connected to the same lock in order to have full control of your home.

It is universally used on all standard cylinder lock doors. The existing lock cylinder should have an 8-15mm internal fitting on the inside of the door, but this is fairly common and is why you will always be able to install. In addition, the manufacturer promises that in no case should holes be made in the surface.

Which do we recommend?

There are many options that can be found for smart locks as we have seen throughout this article. But without a doubt we must recommend two of them. The first is that of the Nuki brand for its design and also for the functions it integrates. It is one of the best integrated products with the Apple operating system thanks to the HomeKit system since it always uses it to have a good experience. For example, the door can be unlocked the moment you approach it and you can also control it from anywhere thanks to the internet connection.

TESA is the second brand that can be recommended in this case, even if it does not have a HomeKit integration. The security it offers is maximum both due to the quality of the materials used and the software that ends up being integrated. In the App Store you will find the official TESA application to have all the necessary data on the status of the door and receive notifications in real time if someone is going to enter your home or the door has been left open.