Best Small SSD External Hard Drives to Use Wherever You Want

Having a portable hard drive is one of the best ideas you can have. A device with large storage capacity and that you can take anywhere in the most comfortable way. And don’t worry about the technology it uses, since you can easily find external SSD-type hard drives whose small size makes them your best companion.

Yes, very compact models so that you can take them wherever you want comfortably and without noticing their presence. Of course, do not worry about its moderate size, since any self-respecting model will continue to offer read and write speeds significantly higher than those of HDD disks.

Reasons to buy a compact SSD external hard drive

Best Small SSD External Hard Drives

As we said, there are some portable hard drives that stand out for offering such a moderate size that you can even store them in your pocket. This makes them your best ally if you need to carry certain files or programs, if you work outside the home and need a storage unit that complements the hard drive of your laptop or if you simply want to always have an SSD hard drive at hand to pass everything kind of information at breakneck speed.

In addition, although they offer a very moderate size, their price does not skyrocket when compared to an external SSD hard drive, but whose size is significantly higher. So you should not worry about that aspect, and that the difference at an economic level is not excessively high.

Options to consider

Finally, we are going to leave you with our particular selection where you will find the best external hard drives that you can buy if you are looking for a very compact SSD model to take it wherever you want. Emphasize that it is very important to choose the appropriate storage capacity.

We tell you this because, as you will see later, our choice of the best options includes external SSD hard drives with different storage capacities. This way you will not have any problem choosing which external drive interests you the most, but it is a detail that you must take into account.

It is not the same that you want an external hard drive to store all kinds of movies and series, since you travel a lot, than a user who wants a device of this type to always carry a series of documents. And bearing in mind that the more capacity the higher the price of the hard drive, choose the model you need.

ORICO SSD External Hard Drive

Disco duro externo SSD de ORICO 

We already anticipate that ORICO is one of the great references when buying a product with these characteristics. And the first model of the firm boasts a design that makes wearing it not a problem. Mainly because you will be able to place it even on your keychain to use it when you need it. Throw in some blazing read and write speeds for a simply round product.

WD SSD External Hard Drive

Disco duro externo SSD de WD

Secondly, we want to recommend a model from the emblematic firm specialized in this type of solution. In this case we refer to the WD My Passport SSD, an external hard drive that boasts a very attractive design, moderate dimensions and AES 256-bit hardware encryption enabled by password to give this model extra privacy.

ORICO SSD External Hard Drive

Disco duro externo SSD de ORICO 

The truth is that most external SSD hard drives have a very similar design. But, if you like to make a difference and be the center of all eyes, then you cannot miss this other model from ORICO. You just have to see its particular design, which is also available in different colors, to know that this hard drive will hit the mark.

Crucial SSD External Hard Drive

Disco duro externo SSD de Crucial 

Be careful with this Crucial CT1000X6SSD9 X6 external hard drive because, under a name that is almost impossible to pronounce, there is a model whose pocket dimensions will make you take it everywhere without noticing its presence.

Netac SSD External Hard Drive

Disco duro externo SSD de Netac

Another model with moderate dimensions and great power is the Netac ZSLIM. A product that measures only 100 x 29.4 x 9 mm so that carrying it is not a problem, in addition to an aluminum casing that guarantees great resistance to shocks and the passage of time.

Pioneer SSD External Hard Drive

Disco duro externo SSD de Pioneer 

Continuing with this compilation with the best SSD hard drives that you can buy if you are looking for a small format external model, we want to recommend this small device from Pioneer. Mostly because the Pioneer 3D NAND SSD is shock resistant and boasts a very attractive design.

Samsung SSD External Hard Drive

Disco duro externo SSD de Samsung

The Korean manufacturer joins the party for hard drives with its Samsung PSSD T5 , a model available with different storage configurations and that boasts extremely restrained dimensions, standing out especially for its 10.5 mm thickness so you can carry this gadget in the pocket in the most comfortable way.

Sabrent SSD External Hard Drive

Disco duro externo SSD de Sabrent 

Another portable hard drive that should not be missing from a compilation of this type is the Rocket Nano from Sabrent. The firm, which is another benchmark in the sector, boasts a product whose dimensions make the difference. And be careful, its casing is very resistant, so you can be very calm in this regard.

SanDisk SSD External Hard Drive

Disco duro externo SSD de SanDisk 

In a compilation of these characteristics, a SanDisk model cannot be missing either. In this case, we want to recommend the SanDisk Portable SSD. A compact model that stands out for being very resistant and has a hook so that you can hang this hard drive from your backpack. Perfect for traveling!

ORICO SSD External Hard Drive

Disco duro externo SSD de ORICO 

We close this compilation with the best external SSD-type hard drives just as we started it: with an ORICO model that will not disappoint you at all. This particular disc stands out for its rounded design, as well as a suspension system that detects when you are not using this device to turn it off and extend its useful life.