Best Sleeves and Cases Compatible with Apple Pencil 1 and 2

Best Sleeves and Cases Compatible with Apple Pencil 1 and 2

Surely the accessory that has most promoted the use of the iPad has been the Apple Pencil. A touch pen that has truly extraordinary capabilities and that together with the iPad have been able to replace traditional paper and pen. However, the fact of transporting the Apple Pencil can often be a real nuisance, both for fear that it will be lost and for fear that it may be damaged inside the backpack. For this reason, in this post we bring you a compilation of accessories to protect and transport the Apple pencil.

Give it a different touch with these cases

elago Classic – Sleeve Compatible with Apple Pencil 2nd generation

elago funda Apple Pencil

We begin this compilation with an accessory from the elago brand, which always takes great care of the design of the accessories it manufactures for Apple products. In this case, it is a case to be able to protect the 2nd generation Apple Pencil from possible bumps, falls or scratches that the 2nd generation Apple Pencil may suffer from day to day.

This case for the Apple Pencil is made of silicone, and unlike other cases of this type, these elago cases are designed from scratch, from a concept to a finished product. In addition, the aesthetics offered by this product to the Apple Pencil is really fantastic, giving it a very original look.

kwmobile Case Compatible with Apple Pencil 1st generation

kwmobile funda apple pencil

This case from the kwmobile brand has a silky touch that will provide a very pleasant experience every time you use your Apple Pencil to draw, write a note or edit a photograph, taking advantage of the incredible precision that this accessory provides. It is made of soft silicone that is resistant to wear, that is, ideal for daily use.

It has a very ergonomic design, with a TPU cover so you can use the Apple Pencil very comfortably. It is also resistant and non-slip and its design will allow you to access the charging port without having to remove it. The fact of putting on and taking off this cover is very simple to carry out so in that section, comfort is also a highlight.

Wiestoung Sleeve Compatible with 2nd generation Apple Pencil

wiestoung funda apple pencil

This case is made of aerodynamic silicone and ergonomically focused mainly on the design of the 2nd generation Apple Pencil. The silicone is soft, which provides a lot of comfort when taking the Apple Pencil to perform any task with it and not suffer the wear that you can suffer if you are using this device for too long.

Being made of silicone, it will provide, in addition to as we have commented previously, a very comfortable grip, it will also protect your Apple Pencil from any possible scratches, dirt, bumps and even, it will prevent it from starting to roll on the surface it is on.

Deligi – Silicone Protective Case

Delidigi funda apple pencil

This case from the Deligi brand is only and exclusively compatible with the 1st generation Apple Pencil. It has a unique design that combines a series of colors to give the feeling of a color gradient and thus provide a completely different look to the Apple pencil.

It is made of soft silicone material to improve grip and, of course, protect the Apple Pencil against any damage that it may suffer due to daily use, from the typical scratches inside the backpack, accidental bumps or falls from the desk itself. . This case is very easy to install and charge, you just have to insert the pencil into the case slowly and it will be perfectly installed.

Store your Apple Pencil in these sleeves

Procase Sleeve for Apple Pencil

ProCase funda apple pencil

We start with this type of product, that is, a series of pencil holders, in this case from the Procase brand that has a reputed popularity in terms of accessories made for Apple products, always standing out for the high quality of its accessories. This pencil holder is fully compatible with both the first and second generation Apple Pencil.

Made of quality PU leather, it offers great protection against scratches, impacts and dust. If you are always looking to transport your Apple Pencil with the iPad, this is the best solution you can find, a pencil holder that attaches to the iPad itself to transport both devices together.

Moko Apple Pencil Case

MoKo funda apple pencil

In this case we have to tell you about an accessory that has a really particular design and that, without a doubt, does not go unnoticed. This Moko carrying case for Apple Pencil is made of elastic PU leather and specifically designed to provide you with the necessary comfort and security when carrying your Apple Pencil with your iPad.

The elastic band that it has allows a very secure grip, so you will not have to worry about it getting out of the iPad, the Apple Pencil will be well secured and protected at all times. This accessory is very easy to install and remove, you just have to stretch the rubber and insert it into the iPad so that it is well fixed.

TiMOVO Pencil Bag

TiMOVO funda apple pencil

We talk again about a really interesting and aesthetic option to be able, first, to store the Apple Pencil correctly, and second, to be able to transport it with total ease with your iPad. The TiMOVO brand offers this bag for the Apple Pencil that attaches to your iPad case to start being part of it and also be able to store and transport your Apple pencil.

It is made of good quality PY leather and lycra to protect the Apple Pencil on a daily basis. It is compatible with both Apple Pencil models, that is, with the first generation and also with the second generation. Nor will you have to worry about the degree of adherence of this bag since it has a 3M adhesive that completely guarantees the security that it is well glued.

Travel with these Apple Pencil cases

Belkin – Sleeve and Holder for Apple Pencil

Belkin funda apple pencil

One of the most popular brands in terms of Apple accessories is without a doubt Belkin, and therefore, it did not want to be left out when it comes to providing an alternative to the official Apple to protect and transport a device at the same time. as great as the Apple Pencil. That is why they offer this cover and support that really meets many of the needs that users of this accessory may have.

On the one hand, it gives you the possibility of carrying the Apple Pencil with full protection since it has this case or box where the Apple pencil will be perfectly protected. On the other hand, it also gives the user the possibility to use this case as a support when you are not using the Apple Pencil and thus prevent it from rolling on the table and may suffer some kind of blow, fall or scratch.

Tomtoc case for Apple Pencil

tomtoc funda apple pencil

We continue talking about cases to transport the Apple Pencil, in this case with the alternative offered by the Tomtoc brand with this rigid case that once again meets two main needs of all Apple Pencil users, protect and safely transport your Apple Pencil , regardless of the model you have, since it is compatible with the first and second generation.

It features a secure closure by containing multiple magnets in the middle and at both ends of the case to ensure that the Apple Pencil is completely secure within it. The metal hinge helps make the case a sturdy and sturdy construction, plus the metal frame and soft microfiber interior fully protect your device.

AGPTEK Case for Apple Pencil

AGPTEC funda apple pencil

We finish with this very complete option from the AGPTEK brand that offers in a single product several really useful functions for all iPad and Apple Pencil users. With this case, in the first place you can safely transport the Apple pencil, to ensure in this way that you do not lose it and that it does not suffer any type of damage.

In addition, this case also has different compartments in which you can include other products such as headphones or the charging cable of the iPad itself, which makes this case a really useful alternative when traveling.