Best-selling Full HD and 4K satellite decos in 2021

Currently there are many platforms that allow us to watch online channels for free over the Internet . However, not many know that, through satellite, there are also a multitude of free channels available from countries such as Spain or Germany, and even some in 4K that occasionally show competitions such as Roland Garros in 4K. Therefore, we are going to see which are the best-selling satellite decos in 2021.

Best-selling Full HD and 4K satellite decos in 2021

Full HD Decos

Qviart Mini2

This Qviart deco is one of the best sellers for those looking for a receiver with Full HD resolution and very simple operation. It has a built-in USB and DLNA WiFi antenna, so we can also use it to play local content on other devices.

Its price is 61 euros , although it has reached 57 euros on Amazon. Currently it has been out of stock on Amazon for two months, but there are more stores that sell it.

Qviart Lunix

Having a decoder with Linux allows you to add a multitude of functionalities to the decoder, such as being able to watch the channels from other devices through local IPTV. With this deco we can do it for all the Full HD channels that we find open. Its price is about 80 euros , without anyone selling it on Amazon.

qviart lunix deco

Vu + Zero

Deco from Vu +, another of the big manufacturers of satellite decoders with DVB-S2 tuner, H.265 and Linux with Enigma2. It has 512MB of RAM and 256MB of internal memory. It has Ethernet connectivity, and in the case of wanting to have WiFi, it is necessary to add an additional USB antenna. Its price is 96.50 euros .

GTmedia V8X

The best selling Chinese satellite deco. The versions that preceded it had a multitude of performance problems, but the V8X version offers good performance for its price. It has built-in WiFi and Full HD resolution. Its price is 65.99 euros .

GTMEDIA V8X Satellite Decoder, DVB-S S2 S2X FTA Full HD Digital Satellite Receiver with Built-in Wi-Fi / Ethernet / SCART, CCCAM Support, Youtube, IPTV, AC Card Slot, PowerVu, Biss Key

4K Decos

Qviart Lunix 4K

Undoubtedly the best-selling 4K deco with Linux on the market for its reasonable price and excellent features. It costs about the same as other Full HD decos with Linux, but has DVB-S2X to decode 4K signals. It has 1 GB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory. It does not have integrated WiFi, having to use an additional antenna for it. What it does have is a DTT tuner, which can also be used to watch DTT with DVB-T2 on any device. Its price is 99 euros .

Vu + Zero 4K

Another of the leading decos in the 4K segment, with 2 GB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory for even faster and smoother operation. It has a DVB-S2X tuner, but it does not integrate a WiFi antenna, requiring an additional one. It is compatible with the Vu + ‘s own hard disk kit for recording content. Its price is 173 euros .

Apebox C2 4K

This deco 4K does not have Linux, but it does have a DVB-S2 and DVB-T2 satellite tuner for DTT. Thus, if you are only interested in watching content on the television, you can save a lot of money with this deco. Accepts WiFi antennas over USB. Its price is 69 euros .