Best Rainmeter Skins to Customize Windows

One of the aspects that users take into account the most when using our Windows 10 PC is to be able to customize it as much as possible to our liking. For this, if we want to equip our desktop with gadgets with which to give our team a unique and personal appearance, we can use an application like Rainmeter , one of the most complete and advanced. Along with this we can use a series of skins available for this application with which to increase our productivity and improve the appearance of our desktop.

Windows 10 has by default a good number of integrated functions so that they will allow us to customize our operating system, but that many times are not enough to have everything 100% to our liking. For this, there are applications such as Rainmeter that, together with the possibility of being configured with different skins, allows us to give a completely personalized look to our Windows.

Best Rainmeter Skins to Customize Windows

What is Rainmeter and what is its mission

It is a free and open source program, which we can download from this link , and which has been developed so that we can take Windows customization to extreme levels. To do this, it is responsible for using a wide variety of skins with which each user can choose which elements they want to put on the desktop and where they want to place them. It is also possible to change the appearance of each of these skins.

With this application we will not only get funny wallpapers, but it also allows us to display different information on our desktop that may be of interest. For example, it allows us to know the use of the CPU, add a clock, look at the statistics of the Internet connection, among other aspects. The application is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10.

What are skins for?

When we talk about skins or skins we are referring to each of the elements with which we can customize the desktop of our Windows computer. Each skin has a purpose for which it has been conceived and can be similar to those gadgets that were used in the past in Windows Vista or Windows 7 and that were eliminated in later versions of the Microsoft operating system. We can also resemble them with the widgets that we can usually use on our mobile with Android or iOS.

The truth is that we can find a wide variety of skins, from the most basic to more complex applications or suites, with which we can make extreme customization of any section of our desktop. That is why if we use an application like Rainmeter, we will be able to use the skins to be able to apply them to our desktop.

The essential skins to use with Rainmeter

If we are determined to use Rainmeter to customize our desktop, these are the skins that you should not stop trying.

FLHUD, for lovers of minimalism

For those users who love minimalism, they should try the FLHUD skin, which is responsible for making our tasks much easier if we spend a lot of time in front of our computer. It has a widget in the form of a customizable bar that we can place anywhere on the screen, which is especially convenient. In addition, it provides us with customizable hyperlinks so that we can add our most visited websites and have them always at hand.


It also has a date and time widget to always be well informed, and another on Spotify, in case we want to give our desktop a musical atmosphere if we wish. In addition, we can hide the taskbar and add other widgets in its place, so we will never tire of the same style. In general, this skin gives Rainmeter a fantastic look that we must try.

We can download FLHUD from this link .

Ageo, with a material and elegant look

This skin for Rainmater presents us with an elegant look where the music player becomes a fundamental element for our home screen. It also has a widget with information about the current date and time, as well as the weather in our city. Both can be customized to our liking.


It also has an interesting widget that offers us different motivational phrases so that we always have a positive mentality with which to face each day and that is a differentiating element with respect to other skiners. In addition, the lower part has a dock that is quite similar to that of macOS that we can configure with the applications that may interest us the most. And the best of all is that it hardly requires resources from our system, so that it can be used by all types of computers.

We can download the Ageo skin from here.

Cleaner Desktop, customize the taskbar

Another interesting skin for Rainmeter that we can download for free and that will allow us to customize our desktop. It has four versions available with which to customize the taskbar. It also has a music player and drum screen, as well as no music player and drum screen. This player is compatible with Winamp.

Cleaner Desktop

When we move with the mouse pointer over the interface we can interact on its elements. For example, if we hover the pointer over the speaker, the possibility of scrolling up to increase the volume, down to decrease it or press the central wheel to silence it will be shown.

We can download the Skin Cleaner Desktop from this link.

The Gemini Suite, for video game lovers

If we are video game lovers, The Gemini Suite skin should be our choice. In this skin for Rainmeter we can see all kinds of information about the hardware of our computer such as the processor, the graphics card, the RAM, among other components on our home screen. We will have a storage widget, as well as another with the date and time.

The Gemini Suite

We will also find a widget that will allow us to add different games from our Steam account, as well as applications, which will allow us to run them quickly and instantly. The wallpaper also stands out, trying to provide an image that offers us a gamer feeling at all times and that can fit perfectly with the aesthetics of our PC.

We can download The Gemini Suite from here.

Advansity, with a futuristic touch

With a more futuristic touch specialized in astronomy, weather and air quality we find the Advansity skin for Rainmeter. Perhaps we can say that the screen is a bit overloaded, but if this is not an impediment, it is a very attractive skin full of functions that can be accessed quickly.


Among its features, it has a time and date widget, with a world clock, available in five different variants, as well as a weather gadget with 9 variants to choose from. It also has a day and night world map, moon phases and animations of the earth and the sun. There is also a music player that is compatible with Spotify, Windows Media Player, Winamp, iTunes, AIMP, MediaMonkey and Foobar2000.

We can download Advansity from this link.

Senja Suite, light and minimalist

We go on to talk about a skin like Senja Suite that is characterized by being very light, consuming few resources on our computer. With it we can take care of having all the basic elements that we must have on the home screen of our desktop. With it we can perform all kinds of basic tasks without having to have our home screen cluttered and loaded with a multitude of options.

Senja Suite

This skin is in charge of showing the time, a user profile button with an expandable bar with which to obtain direct access to various folders in our system, a slideshow of images, among other functions. In addition, we can find various buttons that offer multimedia information, as well as buttons for logging off, restarting and shutting down the system.

We can download Senja Suite from here.

Winpanels, to have the most important elements at hand

Another interesting skin for Rainmeter is Winpanels, as it has a good handful of features. On the one hand, in the upper panel we can load different panels and move them wherever we want, either up, down or on the sides. The gear on the far right allows greater customization of the show / hide bar, being able to change both the font and the color.


It also has a calendar that automatically changes the month highlighting the current day, being able to alternate the time between 12 and 24 hours, as well as a highly customizable music player, with six icons that offer us basic functions. Another important section is that of games and applications that works as a direct access. In addition, it has a system resources panel, where it shows the use of RAM, CPU and GPU.

Download the Winpanels skin for free from this link.

Big Sur, ideal for lovers of the MAC environment

For all those macOS fans, we can find the Big Sur skin for Rainmeter to turn the appearance of our Windows computer into a MAC. This skin allows us to add a large number of widgets to the Windows start screen, imitating the appearance of Big Sur with a more than attractive result.

Big Sur

These widgets include tools like a music player, system settings, a calendar, a to-do list, and a clock. The weather gadget and a volume and brightness controller, among others, are also not lacking. In addition, we will be able to get all the information about recent news articles on our desktop on a daily basis.

We can download the Big Sur skin from here.