Best Puzzle Games for iPhone and iPad

Puzzle Games

If you need to keep your mind always active and at the same time have fun, you can always opt for one of the many puzzle games that are included in the App Store. In this article we show you the best options you can find right now.

Puzzle games for iPhone

Escape block king

Escape block king

Put your brain to work with this game in which you will have to find the exit in a real puzzle. The objective is to get the red block to the end of the map by moving the rest of the pieces through the gaps that are left free. At first, the movement of the vertical and horizontal bars is quite evident but as the levels progress, the level of difficulty increases, and you can get completely blocked if you make a mistake in a movement.

Roll the ball

The concept of this puzzle is quite simple: get the ball to reach the final destination through the conduits. The problem comes when you must create the route for the ball to roll to the goal by sliding the tiles that are presented on the board. There are several modes available, including multiplayer so that you can compete with your friends and give much more tension to the confrontation and achieve better results in the end.

Ball Sort Puzzle

Ball Sort Puzzle

This addictive game allows you to spend many hours in front of your mobile trying to solve the puzzle that appears. The objective is quite specific: gather all the colors in the same tube, changing the balls to different tubes to end up rearranging them. Although in theory it is something easy to assimilate, in practice it is something really difficult to achieve being a real personal challenge.



Blackbox is a difficult puzzle to describe in words. It proposes using the iPhone as you have never done before, without pressing the screen, without sliding and only having the mobile in your hands. To solve the puzzle you must escape from everything that surrounds you and find the clues that the game offers you through the sounds and eggs that appear on the screen. It is certainly an experience that anyone must have in their life within the puzzles.

Block Puzzle

Block Puzzl

Everyone has played tetris at some point, which is undoubtedly one of the best puzzles to be found today. This game tries to recreate it on a 10 × 10 board, and with the same objective: join the necessary pieces in their shape to complete a completely complete line.

Puzzle with matches

Rompecabezas con fósforos

One of the biggest challenges you can face without a doubt is that of matches. You will create triangles, squares, or solve simple equations by moving or removing matches. The problem is that you have limited movement so you will have to think about it perfectly before moving the match to finish the puzzle.

Daily Alphabet Soup

sopa de letras diaria

Word searches are undoubtedly one of the most mythical puzzles for any user. With this application you will be presented with an alphabet soup every day so that you can have a fun time every day solving it. Each of these is totally different, very similar to what can be found daily at the end of any newspaper.

One Line puzzle

One Line

Challenge your mind with this game that is based on connecting all the dots you see on the screen with a single touch and with very simple rules. You must bear in mind that you cannot lift your finger at any time and you cannot repeat the path twice. This makes it not really easy to get around the puzzle easily.