The Best PS4 Emulators that Work: Orbital and GPCS4

The emulation of consoles is one of the challenges that attract the most attention among users, and many of these programs are born due to the need to know in detail how the most modern gaming platforms on the market work. That is what happens with Orbital and GPCS4, especially the second one, which seeks to understand the performance of PS4 to the point of managing to run official console games.


How does Orbital work?

Orbital PS4

This is one of the slowest emulators is advancing at the development level, however, its projection is quite promising. After being able to show the graphical interface using Vulkan, the programmers managed to show the Safe Mode of the console using the 5.xx firmware, and from there they were improving the situation until they could recognize external hard drives until the Bootloader was executed with the possibility to reinstall the firmware through external USB drives.

For now, progress is slow but steady, so sooner or later they could bring good news. For now, the option to run a PS4 title remains an unattainable task, so we will still have to wait until Orbital can offer such a feature.

GPCS4, the most advanced PS4 emulator

GPCS4 emulador

On the other side we have GPCS4, a tool that has advanced at a speed of vertigo since it was presented in June 2019 as a project to analyze 3D modeling, but its potential was such that it has evolved until it can run a commercial game of PS4

Actually, there have been two, since the first to work (in that way) was NieR Automata, which was poorly rendered and could not start correctly, however, the software has been improving gradually until you can run a game with a correct rendering including sound, something that at first could not do correctly. The game in question is We are doomed, it does not end up being fully functional as you might expect, and some skill is required for its execution, since the program does not include any graphical interface with which to execute the commands.

Tools not suitable for all audiences

As you can imagine, neither of these two projects have reached a state with which to be able to look towards all types of users. These are experimental tools that for now fail to obtain the results that the general public needs, so you still have a lot to wait until this becomes a simple executable in which you can double click.