Best Programs to Reduce Latency and LAG When Gaming

If we use the computer as our gaming machine, it is likely that we use the Internet to play our games online. In this case, the speed and stability of our connection is essential for the proper development of our games. To prevent LAG from ruining our gaming experience, there are a number of applications that will help reduce it.

These programs will be in charge of applying a series of basic settings to the Windows 10 connection to improve and optimize the connections to obtain a better online experience when playing games, achieving greater stability and reducing input lag.

Best Programs to Reduce Latency and LAG When Gaming

Minimize LAG when gaming on Windows 10

If when playing from our computer over the Internet we notice very high latencies, there are some tips that we should try to try to improve it. On the one hand, it is important that we have our PC connected through cable instead of WiFi. While it is true that the wireless connection is much more comfortable, it is no less true that the transfer is much slower and has a greater delay, so we will appreciate a greater amount of LAG.

It is also quite important that we keep both Windows 10 and the network card drivers updated to the latest version. Keeping the drivers updated will allow us to correct any problem they may have that may cause connection problems. Changing your computer’s DNS to faster ones can also be a good idea, as well as checking that the Internet speed is adequate by doing a speed test.

Apps that help reduce ping when gaming

Next, we are going to talk about a series of applications with which to optimize the system and our connections, helping us to reduce the LAG in our online multiplayer games.

ExitLag, with servers to always get the best connection

This program is going to be in charge of optimizing our operating system such as game connections, using a multipath connection technique. In this way, the software will be in charge of searching for the best routes in real time to always have the best option to establish connections. This is possible thanks to the fact that it has servers spread all over the world through which we can connect directly.


Also add that the program has a function called FPS Boost, through which we will be able to optimize Windows, so that it gives priority to the games we are using. In this way it will be possible to achieve some FPS, while reducing input lag. In addition, the platform supports more than 250 games.

We can use ExitLag for free for 3 days, downloading it from its website . Its price is 6.50 euros per month, with a discount to measures that we hire more months.

Razer Cortex, optimizes the computer to play faster

We are now talking about software developed to accelerate the games played on our computer, ensuring that it does not slow down when we use it to play, thus improving our experience. Using this program we will be able to optimize the system , turning off all the applications that are not necessary to obtain higher FPS.

Razer Cortex

In addition, this useful application has a series of tools that focus on improving our experience with games. In this way you have the option to clean the junk files from your disk, as well as reduce ping and latency when playing in multiplayer mode. All of this for an application that is completely free.

We can download Razer Cortex from this link .

Kill Ping, reduce ping and latency when gaming

This program’s main mission is to reduce ping and latency when playing the most popular online games, being compatible with World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Battleborn, Doom, among others. In them we will achieve a reduction of up to 60% in the ping . The application has been specially designed to be used in Windows offering fast connectivity associated with a wide variety of functions.

Kill Ping

The software offers us limited access to more than 100 servers that are distributed in more than 30 countries, with a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%. Later, the program will be able to detect our physical location through the use of this service, and it will connect us to the best optimized server by calculating the ping, speed and other factors. We can also connect manually to the server

We can subscribe to Kill Ping services from here .

Wfast, works as a GPN to optimize connection data when playing

We are facing an online platform created to reduce the latency of our computer while we play online, using access to game servers with an uninterrupted connection. It is ideal for users who play regularly from the computer, becoming a great option to obtain a better gaming experience in terms of speed and performance.


The application works like a GPN (Gamers Private Network) which is unlike any other network solution. It is responsible for optimizing the connection data of the game, without changing our IP address or our network configuration. It is especially specialized in offering a lower online experience, lower latency and ping, and lower packet loss.

We can access the Wfast test mode from here . To use it on a regular basis, it will be necessary to pay a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual subscription.

Noping, choose the best route when playing

It is a high-performance latency reduction software, which will allow us to reduce ping, packet loss and even connection losses while we play online. It works like an Internet GPS , using a route calculation algorithm to divert us from all the routes that may have problems when playing and replaces them with others optimized to play any game with the lowest possible latency.


This service will allow us to play any online game with optimized ping quickly and easily, obtaining a completely satisfactory gaming experience. We can use one of the more than 500 dedicated servers located around the world. With a single subscription we will have access to more than 1000 games.

We can sign up for the free version of Noping for 7 days by accessing its website . Its price for one year of service is $ 5.33.

Latency Optimizer, reduces LAG during online games

This program will be in charge of solving the performance problems of our operating system while we play our favorite video games online. The application has tools to reduce latency , improve FPS and speed up the Internet connection. For this, it has three modes (Light, Medium and High) that will be responsible for reducing ping and latency to reduce LAG during our games.

Latency Optimizer

It has all kinds of tools such as a performance recorder, a packet monitor, latency tests, system cleaner, memory optimizer, among others. From your Control Panel we can make the necessary adjustments and changes to activate the game accelerator and network optimizer.

We can download a trial version of Latency Optimizer from this link . If we want to use it permanently, we must pay $ 35.

Outfox stabilizes the connection to reduce ping and LAG when gaming

We are now talking about an optimized gaming network service that is responsible for routing traffic through the network to provide us with the best possible performance. This application proceeds to stabilize our connection to avoid fluctuations, reduce lag, decrease ping and increase speed. The program will allow us to choose a game server to connect to or it will select it automatically, providing us with the fastest route.


Outfox will be in charge of verifying the connection times to the game server through its standard connection and its own servers, taking into account our location, traffic and network conditions, as well as the location of the game servers. .

We can download a free trial version of Outfox from here.