Best programs to control the mobile from the PC

Our mobile has become a very important tool, not only in our daily lives, but also in many jobs, as long as communications are made via messaging platforms and/or we are forced to use very specific applications that do not have Windows version. To prevent our productivity from being reduced and, incidentally, to be able to transfer all the information that we have stored between the mobile and the PC, and vice versa, we can use one of the different applications available for this function.

Not all the applications that allow us to control our mobile offer us the same functions. While some allow us to show the mobile on the screen of our PC, others also allow us to make calls, while others only allow us to transfer content. Regardless of what type of application we are looking for, in this article we have compiled the 8 best applications to control the mobile from a PC.

Best programs to control the mobile from the PC

Mobile link

Mobile link, previously known as Your phone in Windows 10, is the application that Microsoft makes available to all users who want to access all the content of their mobile devices from Windows. With this application, which uses the Wi-Fi network, we can access call data, contacts, in addition to having access to all the photographs that we take with our mobile device.

Aplicación Enlace móvil en Windows

But, in addition, it also allows us to make calls from our PC , as long as our PC has a bluetooth connection and is Android. Due to Apple‘s limitations, this application barely allows us to interact with iOS, since Apple reserves those functions for its own ecosystem.

If our smartphone is Samsung, in addition, we can run the applications of our mobile in the application, without having to interact with it at any time, a functionality that is only available in this mobile manufacturer and that, at the moment, does not look like reach other manufacturers.


Being a native application, the integration with the system is the best we are going to find, so the resource consumption of this application is barely noticeable on the computer. In addition, it is completely free and does not include any type of limitation in the form of additional purchases. It allows us to transfer both images and videos in both directions in a very simple and fast way.


If we do not have a Samsung smartphone or tablet, the function that allows us to run the applications installed on both devices from our PC is not available. To get the most out of this application, our mobile must be Android, since Apple’s limitations make it unfeasible to use it.

Samsung SideSync

If we have a Samsung mobile with a few years behind us, we can use the Samsung SideSync application, an application that allows us to share the screen and data between our PC and the smartphone to receive notifications, access the calendar, contacts and transfer stored content between PC and smartphone and vice versa.


The connection between both devices is made wirelessly using the Wi-Fi network to which both devices are connected, and allows us to display the smartphone screen on our PC screen as well as interact with it to run applications. It also allows us to make phone calls and send text messages using the bluetooth connectivity of both devices.

We can download the SideSync application through the Samsung website by clicking on the following link .

We like

SideSync offers us the same functionality as the Windows Mobile Link application, including the possibility of running the applications installed on our mobile in a window.

We do not like

The main limitation of this application is that, being an application developed by Samsung, it is only compatible with the terminals of this manufacturer.


Vysor is an application that works through a Chrome extension , so we can also use Edge, Opera or Vivaldi (based on Chromium) to access our Android mobile. With this application, we can not only show the screen of our mobile, but we can also transfer all the content stored inside it to our PC and vice versa.


The connection is made via USB cable, so the transfer of information is much faster than using a Wi-Fi network. The problem with this application is that it is necessary to install the ADB controls and enable USB debugging on Android, since, otherwise, we will not be able to enjoy all the functions that it offers us.


The initial process is somewhat complicated for everything to work correctly, but, once done, this is one of the applications to remotely manage any Android phone, including iOS, from a PC with Windows, Linux or a Mac. Once we have configured ADB and We have connected the device to the PC, the application will automatically be downloaded to the device to start using it, although we can also install it from the Play Store to speed up the process.

If we want additional features, we have to pay for the Pro feature, which offers features like file drag and drop, full screen mode among other features.


It allows to show both the screen of an iOS and Android device, functionality that very few other applications can do. It allows us to transfer content in both directions just by dragging the files.


The installation and configuration process is not easy, so it is not a good option for users with basic knowledge.


Another interesting application that we Android users have at our disposal to view and control a device from a PC is Scrcpy, a completely free and open source application that we can download through its website on GitHub.

Like Vysor, to be able to use this application, it is necessary to previously activate USB debugging . This application is compatible from Android 5, so we can use it even with quite old phones.


It is also necessary to download the ADB drivers and the connection can be made through the Wi-Fi network to which both devices are connected or by using the USB charging cable. Scrcpy is available for Windows, Linux and macOS through its page that we can access through this link . where we will also find all the necessary instructions to make this application work.


The solution offered by Scrcpy is one of the few that works on all three major desktop operating systems (Windows, Linux, and macOS). In addition, it works from Android 5 onwards and is completely free.


Scrcpy is only compatible with Android mobiles. Also, by needing the ADB drivers, the initial configuration process is somewhat complex, so it is suitable for all audiences.


AirDroid is a classic to connect a mobile to a PC. This application allows us to access the content of our Android smartphone through an application or using a browser . With this application, we have access to all the content stored on the device, in addition to managing the terminal remotely from our PC screen.


AirDroid is available via the web through a browser, for Windows and macOS as an application. It is also available for iOS and Android, although the iOS version is much more limited than the Android version. We can use the application completely free of charge with a maximum monthly transfer limit, a limit that we can eliminate using the purchase available within the application.

We like

AirDroid is compatible with both iOS and Android, although the iOS version is somewhat limited. It allows us to display the screen of our terminal on the PC and manage the transfer of files through a web browser or using an application for Windows and macOS.

We do not like

The free version greatly limits the size of file transfers, and practically forces us to hire a subscription to take advantage of it.


With an interface and operation very similar to AirDroid, we find AirMore, a platform with which we can access all the content stored on iOS and Android devices, completely free of charge with some limitations that we can use with a subscription.


It also allows us to display the content of the screen on our PC or via a browser on any operating system. In iOS, we are going to find some other limitation, mainly when it comes to sharing the screen, something that unfortunately is quite common.


As it works only via browser, we can use this platform on any desktop operating system.


The iOS version includes so many limitations that its usefulness is not viable. Another negative point is the need to pay a monthly subscription.


The quintessential application to remotely manage a device could not be missing from this application compilation. We are talking about Teamviewer, a company that has been able to adapt to current times and has also entered the world of mobile phones, but not only to remotely manage a PC , but to manage a mobile from a PC through the Teamviewer Host application.


With Teamviewer we can access the screen of any iOS or Android device to display the information that is displayed on the screen, send and receive files in both directions, configure notifications, record the screen on Apple devices and much more.


Like all TeamViewer apps, non-commercial use of this app is completely free. It allows us to transfer files and view the terminal screen remotely.


It is necessary to have a Teamviewer account to be able to use this platform, a problem that has a very simple solution. The number of features on iOS, once again, is more limited than on Android.


Apower Mirror is another of the different applications available for iOS and Android that allows you to duplicate the screen of your smartphone on your PC as well as transfer any type of file in both directions in real time. The connection between the PC and the smartphone can be made through the Wi-Fi connection or by using the USB charging cable (Android only).


Once we have installed the application both on the mobile device and on the PC, we can start showing the smartphone screen on the PC and start transferring files of all kinds. While in iOS we cannot control the mobile from the PC, in Android we can do it without any problem, so we can also enjoy our favorite games on the screen of our PC without using an emulator.

ApowerMirror is available for free download through its website , where we will find a version for Windows and another for macOS. If we use Linux, the solution offered by ApowerMirror is not what we are looking for.

We like

It allows us to show the screen of our mobile on the PC wirelessly, without the need to use cables. It is compatible with both iOS and Android.

We do not like

Once again, the downside of this app lies in the limitations imposed by iOS on some of the features.

Which is the best option?

If we have an Android mobile, the best option is, without a doubt, Mobile Link , the native application available in both Windows 10 and Windows 11, due to the large number of functions and ease of use when transferring content in both directions. when accessing the data stored on the mobile. If, in addition, we have a Samsung smartphone, this application is the best on the market since it allows us to run the applications installed on the smartphone on our PC.

But, if we have an iPhone, the number of options is practically reduced to zero, since Apple has covered most of the functions that, if they are available on Android, functions that are only accessible from macOS, as expected. If we have to choose an application, the solution that Teamviewer offers us is the best of all, both for its experience in this field and for the design and number of functions of the application.