Best Programs to Read Comics in CBR or CBZ Format

We have mentioned before, there are some applications that will be of great help when it comes to being able to visualize, organize and read these comics in the best way. Therefore, we will talk about some programs of this type that will make you have a good time reading.

CBR CBZ Reader
CBR CBZ Reader


For example, this is the case of Honeyview, a digital image viewer that has been designed to make the most of our comics. It is worth mentioning that for all this, we offer a simple user interface for reading without distractions. It also offers a series of keyboard shortcuts to navigate the comics that we load in the most comfortable way. To say that it has support for the most common file formats of this type.

If you want to try this tool to read comics, you can download it from this link.


Another excellent alternative for this type of tasks is CDisplay, a tool to read comics with some interesting functions. The truth is that this is a proposal that has been among us for some time, so it could be considered as one of the most popular in the sector. It offers us a more functional than attractive user interface from which we can load the comics we want to read, as well as configure the display mode.

This is an application that you can download and install from this link .


This is another proposal to read comics comfortably from the PC that presents some interesting internal functions. In this way we will have the opportunity to fully customize this type of reading work with zoom functions, personalized page display, possibility to operate in full screen, automatic page turning, image preview, etc. It is also worth knowing that we have both an installable and portable version of the program.

In the event that you want to try the program from now, you can download it from this link.

CDisplay EX

Again, we find an excellent proposal for reading comics in CBR or CBZ format with many functions that facilitate this type of tasks in particular. Thus, it offers us an intuitive user interface so that we can move through the contents loaded here in the best way. It allows us to adjust the pages to the format that is most comfortable for us, as well as customize the reading mode on the device.

To download it now and try it, we recommend you download it from this link .


This is another program focused on facilitating the reading of comics in the best possible way thanks to all the functions that it makes available to us. It offers us compatibility with a huge number of formats for these tasks and has comic conversion functions. In this way we can make use of our library and enjoy our digital comics to the fullest. It is also worth knowing that he acts as an organizer of this type of content, not just a viewer.

To download and try ComicRack, you can download it from this link .


As we have mentioned in other times in the past, Calibre is a powerful tool for managing and reading electronic books in different formats. However, in the case at hand now, it is worth knowing that it will also help us when reading comics in CBR and CBZ format, among others. Therefore, we will not have to add them to our library as if it were a novel, so that we can organize the comics and read them from here.

We can download Calibre from this link .


And we will end with YACReader, another proposal for this type that presents everything we need to read comic on our Windows computer. At the top of the interface it presents a series of comfortable controls with which we can easily handle the turning of pages, as well as their display depending on each case.

If you want to download YACReader right now, you can download it from this link .