The Best Photo Editor Websites to Retouch Photos Online for Free:

There are many programs and applications that we can install to retouch photographs, make collages or modify images. But we can’t always access them or we don’t always use computers or devices where we can install new software. In that case, one of the best options is to bet on alternatives to retouch free photos online . That is, web pages that will allow us to retouch images without downloading anything and with which we will not miss Photoshop or any similar software.


Most of the pages you’ll find here are a perfect complement to the best alternatives to Lightroom but, in this case, you won’t have to download anything or pay. With them, you can retouch photographs, make collages or start with a blank canvas in which to develop your creativity. You can trim, rotate, change colors or adjust brightness or saturation as basic parameters. They may not be definitive substitutes for professional tools but they are perfect to get us out of some trouble or even to use in our day to day if we do not have more.


One of the best free online editors is BeFunky that will allow you to retouch all your photographs with the basic settings such as cropping, exposure, color substitution, levels … It also allows you to choose from a large number of available filters, crop images or resize of them or rotate at your whim. It is, without a doubt, one of the most complete and with more tools available at the level of filters, frames, graphics, overlays or retouching of skin or eyes.BeFunky

One of the most interesting functions of BeFunky is that it allows you to make collages with several photographs in just a few seconds and with a large number of free and available designs. In addition, it has all kinds of textures for the backgrounds, allows you to add text or graphics of all kinds to decorate your creations. It is very simple to use and is free so it is an interesting resource .

BeFunky is free and you can retouch or make collages without any payment. But it also has a premium version with which you can unlock more tools, more filters or more backgrounds. For example, with the premium version you have skin or eye retouching and you can even make up people who appear in your photographs and without any complications or be expert. The paid version has a cost of $ 6.99 per month billed monthly or 4.99 euros per month annually.


Pixlr is free, complete and one of the most recommended at any level. Its interface is practically similar to managing Photoshop through a web version and will remind you a lot if you are used to it. The functions are also similar to Adobe software and you will have the same tools or among the settings you can see advantages of History or Layers to move them at your leisure as you need at one time or another. It is very complete if you are looking for something professional that allows you to blur, trim, move, clone, correct, delete or even clone …

It is focused on advanced users who do not have access to their header Photoshop when they are on a computer that is not theirs or when they are at work. It is one of the best programs to retouch photos online for free if you are looking for something very complete and for professional use and with countless options available and without having to pay anything to use it. An essential option.


If you want something much simpler and with basic tools, without complications or utilities that you will not use, Pixlr Express is another version of the software that has the most basic. You can add frames, add text, add stickers or add effects. It has very few buttons and a very intuitive interface that is accessible at any level, even for those who have never used such software. If you are looking for free and very simple online photo retouching, Pixlr Express is one of the pages that you should always keep in your browser’s bookmarks because we will never know when we will need it.



Another of the best programs to retouch photos online for free is Fotor. Like the previous one, you can edit photos or create designs or make collages. You can trim, rotate or alter parameters such as brightness or contrast or saturation, for example. You can also change the tone or color of the photo or add effects of all kinds without installing any application on your mobile phone or your computer. It is one of the most complete tools if you want to retouch photos online for free to add eyeliner, remove wrinkles or correct imperfections. Unlike Pixlr, Fotor is focused from a point of view in which you can do the different touches without being an advanced user.


As for the collages, you can choose the images you want, upload them to the software and choose from all types of templates available. You will get basic photo collages but there are also a lot of artistic templates in different sizes and formats and ideal for use in social networks such as Instagram Stories.


Canva is one of the essential editors that you should always have at hand. It does not work as a tool to retouch photographs itself but to make designs of everything you imagine without even knowing design. You can access templates to make a poster, a logo, a birthday invitation, a greeting card, an infographic, a resume… Simply choose from all the available ones and you can design whatever you want with a great quality and with a totally professional look .Canva

Accessing Canva is free and you have thousands of templates, designs and stickers available at no cost and it is enough for you to always do something original. But if you want more, you can try Canva Pro which has a price of 8.99 euros per month with annual payment and 11.99 euros per month with monthly payment. With Canva Pro you can have more tools and millions of images and exclusive templates. Although, as we say, you will not need to bet on the Pro version to have hundreds of different options to design collages for Instagram, templates, a new curriculum, postcards or even animations.


As the name implies, SumoPaint is an alternative to the classic Paint that you know well. A free online photo editing web version if you are looking for something very similar to the program we all know, the classic software for editing or drawing. As usual, you can add shapes or draw on them, crop, catch, blur … It has some very interesting tools that will allow you to let your creativity fly without installing anything on your computer or your tablet. If you want a program for children to have fun drawing or painting is a good option.Retocar fotos gratis online con SumoPaint

If you are looking for something more elaborate you can also use it to crop, add drawings or text. Another advantage is that it is completely in Spanish and you will be able to access many available filters very similar to those of Adobe Photoshop. A very complete and free program.


A very professional touch-up and with incredible filters for photographers, with light control or color adjustment tools. The Polarr interface is quite different from the others but very attractive and comfortable, with the possibility of adjusting brightness, temperature, hue, saturation, intensity, shadows or clarity with useful and very practical sliders. If you are looking for an online photo retouching tool for professionals, Polar is one of the most complete and interesting. You can upload photographs of up to 30 megapixels and it is RAW compatible so you will not miss a detail when you upload your images to modify them.



You can edit a photo, make a collage or open a new document with which to do what you want. Once inside the editor, you can edit colors, add textures, find frames of all kinds or modify the basic parameters: change saturation, contrast brightness, remove wrinkles, remove red eyes, remove spots …

Ipiccy has a lot of effects focused on the face such as the option of removing glare, tanning people in the image, putting blushes, adding mascara, whitening teeth or even painting lips. Although it also allows working with layers or adding infinite effects of vignettes, colors or filters similar to those we would find in any application.

Retocar fotos gratis online con iPiccy


As its name implies, Photopea is practically a Photoshop clone with all the tools and the same icons, menus or advantages. You will find it very easy to use because everything is in the same place as in Adobe software, if you are used to it. You can use layers, add text, change settings, crop or edit as you wish with all the filters you want or tools.

One of the interesting functions of Photopea is that it has a wide range of templates that you can use if you are looking for an exact size to make a design. For example, if you want a header that fits perfectly on Twitter or if you want an image to post on Instagram with the exact measurements. Just go to “New …” choose a template and add your photos and edit them as you want. One of the best options if you want to retouch free photos online with a familiar interface.

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