The Best PDF Editor Applications of 2020 to Edit PDF

For all types of fields, the use of documents in PDF format has become increasingly frequent, so it is very important to know how to manage and edit these files. In this sense, there are many applications on Android to underline, annotate and ultimately, edit a PDF to our liking.

The underlining allows us to highlight the most relevant ideas and phrases in a text, and it is a function that we can perform on Android with tremendous ease , thanks to these applications that we will analyze below.


PDF Reader – Word Viewer & Epub, Ebook reader

We can underline and highlight texts with a wide range of colors, or round keywords as if it were a pen, being able to do all that in a simple and accessible way.

PDF reader and editor

This app was created for the iPhone, but it has diversified to Android as a result of its functionalities and with an interface that closely resembles that of Microsoft Word .

Foxit PDF Reader Mobile

An editor that has been characterized by being the clear competence of the Adobe company on Windows, and now pretends to be with its mobile edition .

PDF Reader – Annotate, scan and sign PDFs

It is presented with the credential of being the best app in the sector , prize awarded by Google Play. This app has an elegant design with multiple functions, with which we can highlight parts of the text through underlining or strikethrough words.


It has more than 25 languages , although the number of functions that we can perform in this app exceeds that number. In this way, we have the possibility to create annotations, underline and many more options .


In addition to all the functions already performed by previous editors, which are not few, this app offers the option to compress any PDF .

PDF Reader Pro

It really fulfills all those tasks that a PDF editor must perform, although we cannot get carried away by the last component of its name. No, it is not a Pro version , it is a freemium app that contains a paid version to access more advanced settings.


The best thing about this editor is that all the documents we modify will be fully synchronized by their support on any platform , whether mobile, tablet or computer.

PDF Viewer – read and edit

This editor has a more business approach, since it works on an engine called PSPD Kit , which allows you to work in the cloud so that all documents are accessible to a group of people.

PDF Reader for Android: PDF Editor & Scanner 2020

The last editor in discord does not contain any type of advertising that bothers us to edit, underline and add annotations without any problem.