The Best PC Table with Electric Motor and Adjustable Height

When we talk about a table or desk for PC , we generally always think of furniture that may have one or other characteristics, but is always fixed. However, there are many reasons why you might want to have an electrically adjustable height table , so in this article we are going to tell you not only which ones are the best , but why you might want to buy one.

In the market you can find many tables that have adjustable height, but many of them involve a manual adjustment, that is, you would have to remove everything you have on top to move some stops and thus modify their height. In this article, on the contrary, we are going to talk about tables that have an electric motor that will do all the work, so that you will not even have to remove what you have on top to modify their height.

Best PC Table with Electric Motor and Adjustable Height

What do you want a table with adjustable height for?

Whether you are a gamer or a person who works at home, spending many hours sitting in front of the PC – no matter how much you get up from time to time and have an ergonomic chair – can have harmful consequences for your health; But of course, we are all aware of the obligations we have and “we must follow.” Having a height-adjustable table can help you cope with these problems, since at a certain point you can raise it to be able to literally work or play standing up.

Mesa de altura ajustable

This can provide great relief for your back, legs, and even arms, as it will allow you to be in a position that, while standing is more tiring than sitting, can have many benefits for your health. Obviously we do not tell you that you have to use the PC standing up, but circumstantially when you are tired of sitting, it can be a very convenient relief.

In addition to this, if you use the PC table for more than to play or work, it can be used to make meetings or presentations in a more comfortable way, or simply to lean back in the chair and enjoy a movie with a more comfortable height. .

Considerations when using these tables

When you decide on an adjustable height table there are some things that you should take into account, and the most important of them is undoubtedly the length and arrangement of the cables. Keep in mind that a table, as a general rule, is about 70 centimeters high in its lowest position but these tables allow you to adjust its height up to more than 120 cm in some cases. In other words, when mounting a PC and monitors we will have to have about 50 cm to spare in the cables so that when raising the table, it does not disconnect or hit.

The second consideration you must have is that the table must have an anti-collision safety system; With this we want to tell you that if, for example, when lowering the table it collides with the armrests of the chair, do not keep trying to go down and we end up having an accident, but be able to detect this and stop going down.

Anti colisión

Finally, there is a third consideration to take into account and that is that you have to be careful with the maximum weight that the table supports according to the manufacturer’s specifications. It must be borne in mind that in this case we are not talking about a conventional table with its resistance, but that we have in our hands a motor that has to raise the weight of the table itself and everything we have on it, so it is a parameter that you will have to pay attention to very well.

The best table with adjustable height

Below we have selected for you what we consider to be the best height-adjustable tables that you can buy at this time, always taking into account everything that we have mentioned above. We are looking for models of good quality, robust and with great resistance since, as you can see, they involve a considerable monetary investment in some cases, at least compared to a normal table.

ThunderX3 ED7, the best height adjustable table for PC gaming

ThunderX3 ED7

This ThunderX3 table is specially designed to house a gaming PC, and in fact it is basically the same table as its ED3 model but with adjustable height. Therefore, we have a 140 x 60 cm board with multiple options for gamers, such as its 3 mm thick mouse pad texture to facilitate the sliding of the mouse, or its splash resistant finish. It has a drink holder, two holes in the table to channel cables and a rear support to be able to put those 50 cm extra that it is advisable to have in the cables for when we raise the table.

This table has a minimum height of 73 cm and a maximum of 123 cm, and has a capacity to lift up to a maximum of 50 kg, manipulated by means of a button panel located on the front.

Flexispot EC1, the easiest table to use

Flexispot EC1

In this case we are facing a simple table with a 100 x 60 centimeter board that supports up to 70 kg of weight according to the manufacturer. In addition, it boasts that the assembly is very simple and that the table is capable of going from its lowest position (71 cm) to the highest (121 cm) in just 10 seconds and emitting a maximum of 50 dBA of noise.

The best thing about this table is its ease of assembly and use, since it only has two buttons, one to lower the height and the other to raise it.

Houssem, with LCD screen showing exact height


This table has a 140 x 60 centimeter board and supports up to 80 kg of weight. It has a comfortable control center on the right side in which we have a button to raise and another to lower the height, with four other buttons to save height profiles in memory and an LCD screen that shows us the exact height at the we have the table.

In this case, the table has dimensions of 69 centimeters in its lowest position and 115 centimeters in its highest.

Fenge, elegant table with 4 programmable profiles


If you are concerned that the PC table is out of tune with the aesthetics of the room where you are going to put it, this is one of the most elegant adjustable height tables that you will find, thanks to its wood and black finishes. This table has a 110 x 60 cm tabletop and is capable of changing its height from 73 cm in its lowest position to 123.5 cm in its highest position.

It is a very stable and solid table capable of supporting up to 80 kg of weight and that allows you to modify the height with a panel on the front right that, in addition, allows you to save up to four height profiles in its internal memory.

Deskfit DF300, the most resistant

Deskfit DF300

This table, as you can see in the image, lacks a tabletop and in fact there are many tables that are sold like this so that the user can choose the tabletop they prefer separately (according to the manufacturer, it is compatible with almost any tabletop always and when it matches the dimensions (105-200 cm long by 65-100 cm wide)). The frame is made of steel and has great stability that allows it to hold up to 80 kg of weight, while the table can change its height from 73 cm in its lowest position to 123 cm in the highest.

It has a control console with touch buttons and illuminated with LEDs to modify its height, shown on its display, and it also incorporates three memory profiles to save.