The Best Options with Dolby Atmos and Vision for this Christmas

At present, no one doubts that Dolby is the company with the best audio solutions on the market, especially if we talk about the renowned Dolby Atmos that provides surround sound in three dimensions thanks to the possibility of adding a speaker in ceiling. But in image they do not fall short, since thanks to Dolby Vision technology we can get the most out of HDR. In this article we are going to tell you which compatible products you can buy, at the best price, for this Christmas.

You should know that Dolby does not actually sell products with its own brand as such, but what we can find on the market are products that incorporate or are compatible with its technologies. For example, Dolby Atmos can be found in sound bars, laptops or smart speakers, while Dolby Vision can be found in Smart TVs, smartphones and even some streaming devices.

Best Options with Dolby Atmos and Vision

Smart TVs compatible with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision

To enjoy series and movies with the best audio and image quality, we have several options on Smart TV with streaming platforms such as Disney + or Netflix, ideal for the whole family.

For example, this LG OLED 55CX Smart TV, compatible with HDR Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos sound that allows a surround sound experience in addition to a screen with 55-inch OLED technology, 4K resolution and Alexa virtual assistant included.

Another option is the SONY KD-65XG9096 Smart TV, 65 inches to see the movies in a big way and resolution, obviously, 4K. The entire SONY XH95 Smart TV series incorporates Dolby Vision technology and is compatible with Dolby Atmos sound systems, thanks to which you can enjoy multi-dimensional multimedia experiences.

Sound bars with Dolby Atmos technology

As you know, it is not the same that a product has Atmos technology to be simply compatible, and in this case we are going to propose some options in sound bars that do integrate the technology, virtualizing the effect of the speaker on the ceiling itself. Of the same. An example is this Samsung Q800T soundbar, 330W RMS of power and 3.1.2 channels of audio for an audio experience in various dimensions.

If you are simply looking for the BEST Dolby Atmos sound that can be found and your budget is comfortable, then you will be interested in the LG SN11RG soundbar, with Hi-Res audio, Dolby Atmos, Google Now, wireless subwoofer, WiFi connectivity and no less than 700W RMS power.

Smartphones and other products

Of course, Dolby technologies do not remain purely in televisions and bars or sound equipment, but are integrated into other types of much more everyday devices such as smartphones, streaming devices and much more. For example, Amazon’s Fire TV Stick 4K supports Dolby Vision and is indeed capable of playing Atmos content.

The Echo Studio smart speaker, also from Amazon, is equally compatible with Dolby Atmos (and Dolby Audio 5.1) and, in addition, you can sync it with the Fire TV Stick.

If what you are looking for are smartphones with Dolby technology, you also have several options, such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G.

Or the controversial Apple iPhone 12, which is in fact capable of recording content already mastered in Dolby Vision (it is the only smartphone capable of doing so).

In any case, you have a very wide range of products to choose from. We recommend that, for example, you do a search on Amazon by simply putting “Dolby Atmos” in the search and you will get an infinite number of products that incorporate it or are compatible.