The Best Lenovo Gaming Laptops and Monitors

Today there is a term that over time has become increasingly prominent when we talk about certain devices or components. We refer to the term ” Gaming “, which accompanies a surname as computers, laptops, monitors and other peripherals such as mice or keyboards, hardware components or even chairs and desks.

Laptops that fall into this range, on the other hand, are not only designed to offer a great experience when it comes to enjoying your favorite games on the PC. The power that enclose their processors, RAM, SSD or graphics cards also makes them an object of desire for other professionals such as those who edit video or design in 3D.

Now, the aesthetic that is usually accompanied is far from being a “professional” presence. This is the point that begins to be differential in this type of products and, particularly, in the Legion Y series.

Both their computers and monitors have an elegant design and have been specially designed to meet the demands of those looking for a computer that allows them to play on the PC at maximum power, such as those who also want a touch of distinction to be able to use it in other areas.

Legion Y540 and Y740, high performance gaming laptops

Within the Legion series and specifically the Y540 and Y740 models, we can find them in two different sizes, 15 or 17 inches. Therefore, we have each of these laptops available in both sizes so that each one chooses the one that best suits our needs.

If we are one of those who are all day with the laptop from one place to another, we may be interested in the 15-inch while, if we are going to use it as a desktop, the 17-inch can be our best choice.

Legion Y540

Either way, the Lenovo Legion Y540 is a gaming laptop powered by a 9th generation Intel processor and is equipped with the new Nvidia graphics up to the RTX206 .

The resolution offered by its screen in both sizes is Full HD , being a panel of up to 144Hz refresh rate and also offers surround sound thanks to the Dolby Atmos technology with which they are equipped.


Its white backlit keyboard offers a response time of 1ms and also has Nvidia G-Sync , which offers a smooth and fragmented immersion thanks to the refresh rates it offers, up to 144Hz, with the sole objective of offering great performance In all games.

Both versions of the Legion Y540 can now be found on sale during Christmas with a 15% discount on the 15.6 inch model and a price that starts at 1,073.72 euros , while the larger version has a 20% discount , and a price that starts from 1,143.20 euros .

Legion Y740

The Legion Y740 series is also powered by a 9th generation Intel processor and the new Nvidia graphics cards up to the RTX2080 . The resolution of its screen is also Full HD, offering a brightness of up to 500 nits and a refresh rate of 144Hz .


In the sound section it also has Dolby Atmos to offer surround sound in all games, it is equipped with RGB backlit keyboard with a response time of 1ms and Nvidia G-Sync to offer the best possible gaming experience.

It should be noted that the Legion Y740 have a metal chassis and Killer WiFi, which ensures that we have a more stable connection and avoid surprises while we play. The Legion Y740 can already be found on both Amazon and PC Components.

Enjoy your video games in a big way with these monitors

The truth is that a powerful computer with hardware specially designed for gaming assures us to enjoy a good experience, but without a doubt, enjoying our favorite games on a large screen further enhances our experience.

For this, in the Lenovo catalog we can find several models of monitors that the Asian manufacturer has manufactured thinking of the most gamers among which the Legion Y27gq-25 and Y44w .

New Legion Y27gq-25

This is a 27-inch monitor designed to elevate our gaming experience and offers an update frequency of 240Hz . Its response time is 0.5ms and offers a brightness of 400 cd / m2 with a contrast ratio of 1000: 1.


It has a type of TN Near Edgeless screen with QHD resolution and the latest Nvidia G-SYNC technology. In addition, it has two 4W speakers that offer Harman-Kardon sound to push our gaming experience to a higher level.

This Legion Y27gq-25 has an HDMI 2.0, DP 1.4, 3 USB 3.0 port and a 3.5mm audio output. The price of this monitor starts at 999.99 euros, but we can get on the official website of the manufacturer with a saving of 50 euros, that is, from 949.99 euros.

Legion Y44w

On this occasion, the Legion Y44w is a monitor of nothing more and nothing less than 43.4 inches with a resolution of 3.860 × 1.440p in a 32:10 format . This large curved monitor offers a refresh rate of 144Hz, which, coupled with Freesync synchronization, ensures a very fluid visual experience, an 1800R curvature and an incredible brightness of 450 nits.


This curved format offers us up to 11% more viewing area than a 32: 9 format monitor, which guarantees us to always have everything visible and within reach of our eyes despite its large size. And the screen size of the Y44w is the equivalent of almost two 24-inch monitors.

In addition, this monitor also has Harman Kardon speakers with a power of 2 x 4w to offer the best possible gaming experience also at the sound level.

In the connections section, it has USB 3.1 Hub, two USB-C connections of 1st and 2nd generation, while in terms of price, we can buy the Legion Y44w at a price from 1,139.99 euros , put which currently has a discount of 60 euros on its original price.