The best interactive keyboards to control live broadcasts

Making live broadcasts on the Internet is already something within the reach of practically everyone. A mobile phone with a camera and access to the network are the minimum requirements to do so. However, on platforms like Twitch or YouTube, content creators often enhance the quality of their streams with transitions, screen changes, and various adjustments that make the viewer see the broadcast as if it were a television program. All of these changes can be done with keyboard shortcuts, but ideally you should have an interactive keyboard to do it.

interactive keyboards to control live broadcasts

The best interactive keyboards for streaming

If you are looking for an interactive keyboard to be your own producer, here are the best proposals that exist :

Stream Deck – Elgato

stream deck

The Stream Deck is the best known device on this market. It allows complete customization of both the action of each of its keys and its icons, which are small screens. All this process is done with the Elgato Key Creator , a very interesting piece of software. The only negative point of this product is its price, although as you will see in the rest of the article, some of its competitors are even more expensive.

AVerMedia Live Streamer

teclado streaming avermedia

The strong point of this model is the sound , since it has a 6-track audio mixer . This device has a 5-inch screen and four fully customizable buttons .

The screen is not only used to place icons, but it is also used to see information in real time of what we want, such as information about the computer we are using, alerts or quick access to scenes.

Loupedeck Live

Loupedeck live

This streaming console does not have a particularly affordable price either, but it is more complete than the Elgato version. Loupedeck Live does not have the buttons in physical format, but rather has a direct touch screen . On its sides, the device has several fully customizable analog dials and 7 round buttons that can also be customized with macros and other actions.

Another highlight of the Loupedeck Live is its ecosystem. The product has a wide variety of plugins and profiles already created , so we won’t have to spend a lot of time creating our shortcuts if we don’t want to. The device also has a very robust construction and its materials are of quality.

Razer Stream Controller

razer teclado streaming

This is one of the newest products from Razer. It was introduced a few days ago as a great alternative to the Stream Deck. The Razer Stream Controller has a practically identical design to that of Loupedeck , something quite logical, since the project has been developed by said company . It has room for about 12 touch icons, 6 analog dials, and 7 programmable buttons.

The device uses the same customization software as the Loupedeck Live, so you can use its more than 70 profiles already created, as well as its plugins and icon packs. This model also highlights its compatibility with products and services . The Razer Stream Controller not only integrates well with OBS, but can also be associated with home automation devices like Philips Hue.