Best Illustrator Accounts on Instagram: Artists and Cartoonists

Best Illustrator Accounts on Instagram: Artists and Cartoonists

Instagram has become a platform full of all kinds of users and, some of them, take advantage of the influence of the platform to publicize the artist within. Today we want to focus on those creators who, in one way or another, light up the world with their illustrations and / or drawings on Instagram .

Art through Instagram

As we mentioned, Instagram is a perfect way that many people use to show the world their art. Some sing, others dance, take photographs and a long etcetera full of things worthy of admiration. But, today we want to focus on those drawing and illustration professionals , who either with a graphics tablet and a computer, an iPad with the Procreate app or, like a lifetime, on paper and pencil are capable of impressing thousands or even millions of people.

Within this group there are creators of different classes :

  • Lifelong illustrators with designs that look like real works of art.
  • Creators who use their drawings to entertain or inspire others.
  • Professionals in the sector who have decided to focus their profiles to teach others.
  • Illustrators who have their Instagram account as their portfolio.

And so we could take a while talking about the different approaches that these artists can give to their accounts.

Best Illustrators on Instagram

Talking about the “best” illustrators on Instagram is somewhat risky because, as we have mentioned, each theme is different and, therefore, common guidelines cannot be established. We have wanted to make a varied compilation of illustrators of all kinds in this social network. So if this is a topic that interests you, you are going to hallucinate with what you will see next.

YEHUDA DeVIR ( @jude_devir )

We start with one of those creators who has used his art to entertain and communicate certain values to his followers through his drawings. The name of this account is YEHUDA DeVIR, which actually refers to Yehuda and Maya Devir. It is about a couple of Israeli comic artists, who became popular after developing the web comics “One of Those Days”. In their illustrations they shape moments of their daily life as illustrations with many comic overtones. Come on, we could say that they tell their life through their drawings. So much so that, when their first daughter was born, they incorporated her as one more character in their creations. And now, with their second pregnancy, it seems they will go through the same process.

Chris Ables ( @chrisablesart )

We now turn to artist Chris Ables . He is a creator who has worked with different multinationals such as Disney, Netflix, Sony or 20th Century itself, among others. His creations are very striking, colorful and remind us a lot of that type of illustration that Disney is using in his latest films such as Raya or Soul.

Simone Grünewald ( @schmoedraws )

Now we want to show you the work that Simone Grünewald does on her Instagram account. His illustrations are very striking, with many pastel tones and a fairly recognizable aesthetic. But what has caught our attention the most is the technique he uses to show the before and after of his creations in his post. His work is based on making the sketch on a panel, then taking a photograph of it and taking it to the Procreate app on an iPad and following the color and shape work of the project. Finally, using the tools of this application, he makes the color appear on his drawings as if it were a work of magic by passing the Apple Pencil over it.

Fernando Méndez ( @fernandomedezc )

The artist Fernando Méndez develops illustrations with a fairly popular technique, caricaturing his models. Who are these characters? Well, neither short nor lazy take popular figures from the film world such as Natalie Portman, Anthony Hopkins or Joaquin Phoenix, among many others. In addition, in some of his publications he shows the process of developing these cartoons through Photoshop or Procreate.

Mitch Leeuwe ( @mitchleeuwe )

And speaking of illustration development, Mitch Leeuwe is one of those professionals who enjoys teaching others to draw. Sometimes it shows the step by step of the creation of a character, at other times it is based on details such as drawing hands, legs or bodies in movement and, it can even show us how to draw a cloud, wind or fire correctly. Very interesting if you are an illustrator who is starting in this world.

Modern Village ( @modernadepueblo )

If you want to have a good time and have a laugh, you should follow the Moderna de Pueblo profile. Through his publications, the developer uses irony, sarcasm and, of course, a clear comic theme to show certain situations that can be taboo or delicate subjects for many. Among some of these illustrations he deals with topics such as psoriasis, the hatred that many women have towards their legs, the importance of the pelvic floor and many other controversial topics.

Adam Murphy ( @adammurphyart )

Creator Adam Murphy is dedicated to training art for major companies such as Disney, Lucasfilm or Animal Logic. Among his illustrations, with a very particular aesthetic based on non-perfect lines, we can see many figures that represent characters from these and other companies such as Goofy, Onward, Tintin or Link from Zelda himself.

Loish ( @loisvb )

A creator that we imagine you will meet if you like this art sector is Loish . She is an artist who is already followed by more than 2 million people on this social network. Her creations are tremendously eye-catching, standing out for young girl figures in different situations and perspectives. Also, if you are interested in seeing how he makes these drawings, through his stories and reels, he teaches certain parts of the process in some of his posts.

Ale Giorgini ( @alegiorgini )

The creator Ale Gioigini has a very particular style that we have loved, very colorful and based on a sixties style with many geometric figures instead of the natural lines that the more “normal” illustrations usually present.

Jotaká ( @jotakaillustration )

Pulling a bit of our land, we have the illustrator who calls himself Jotaká on Instagram. It is a Valencian, who has striking drawings with many textures and very bright colors. In addition, something characteristic of this creator is that he separates certain strokes of his drawings into different templates to later give his creations greater depth and be able to “touch” them much better.

What do you think of this collection of illustrators on Instagram ? Did you know them all? We hope they serve as inspiration or, simply, to have a good time among all their creations.