Best games based on Game of Thrones for iPhone

Game of Thrones has undoubtedly been a series that has marked many people. The success he has had is indisputable with all his seasons, although the end did not end up liking many people. This success did not remain only on the television screen, but has also been transferred to the application stores. The developers have developed numerous fantasy games for the iPhone set in Game of Thrones that we show you in this article.

Best games based on Game of Thrones for iPhone

The most addictive options on iPhone

When we think of Game of Thrones games, the logical thing is to move you to the role -playing or RPG options. That is why one of the best options that can be found in the App Store is Game of Thrones: Beyond … In this case you must lead the famous Night’s Watch to protect the Wall in an RPG game that is official. You will be able to obtain the characters that are official such as Jon Snow, Daenerys or Melisandre. The wall will be attacked by savages or giants and to defend yourself you must use specific skills and all the materials you have at your disposal, preventing the Wall from falling on your guard.

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And if you are a true lover of dragons, there is another game that is also considered one of the best options found, which is Game of Thrones: Conquest . In this case Westeros is at war and the great houses face dragons in the sky. You will take care of these from scratch, becoming a Mother of Dragons. But in addition to this, you will also lead an army to start the war and conquer all the territories. In this case, you will be able to access the multiplayer role-playing mode to rule the seven kingdoms following an extremely complete war strategy. You will also have 30 heroes ahead of you that you will unlock as you progress through the story.

It has also reached the Reigns edition

If you are a true gamer, you have surely tried Reigns on occasion. A very simple but addictive game in which you put yourself in charge of a kingdom as King. You will have to make decisions to guide your kingdom and not die along the way. Because yes, you will see how the line of succession accelerates if you don’t make the right decisions. That is why there is a version that is set in Game of Thrones as it makes perfect sense. You will see how you control the most well-known characters of the series and you will expose yourself to situations that you may have seen as well.

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Payments to the Bank of Iron, or the problems that the nobles of all lands will transmit to you will put you against the wall. Everyone will want your throne and will go out of their way to take it away from you. So play your cards well to avoid death and keep the people, the army and also the church happy in the end. But although it may seem simple, the truth is that it can be quite complicated and be an experience worth living.