The Best Gadgets to Protect Your Home: Cameras, Sensors and More

With the arrival of the summer holidays, it is very likely that you are planning a trip that allows you to enjoy a more than deserved rest. But you have to remember that the security of your home is very important. For this reason, it is best to bet on different gadgets that can avoid damaging your vacation.

In this way, you will have the tranquility of being able to go on vacation this summer with the assurance that your home is completely protected. For this, you can bet on all kinds of gadgets, from surveillance cameras to sensors on doors and windows.

Best Gadgets to Protect Your Home

Is it expensive to protect my home with gadgets?

A few years ago, having products of this type meant making a large financial outlay. Luckily, things have changed so you can buy all kinds of gadgets to protect your home without having to pay too much money. And seeing the plus of tranquility that these products offer you, your purchase is a sure hit.

You are also quite likely to be concerned with the installation process. In this case, you can stay very calm. More than anything because most current products are plug and play , so you just have to plug it in and start using it. In this way, you will not have any type of problem to assemble the different products that you will see in this compilation.

Height models to watch your house when you are not

As you have been able to verify, you will not have to make a financial outlay that is too high to be able to add a plus of protection in your home. Also, the installation process is extremely easy, so you won’t have to worry about a thing. The problem is that the catalog of solutions is so vast that it is very difficult to know which one to choose.

For this reason, and to make things easier for you, we have prepared a complete compilation with the best solutions that you must take into account to protect your home during the summer holidays.

Xiaomi MI Home Security Camera

Xiaomi MI Home Security Camera

Yes, within the impressive catalog of solutions from the Asian manufacturer, we have a few security cameras. In particular, we want to recommend you this surveillance camera Xiaomi MI Home Security Camera since it has a series of features that make the difference. For starters, this gadget is 360 degrees, so you can control all the angles of your home.

In addition, its night vision mode will allow you to control your home at all times, even if the light conditions are not the most suitable. And yes, how could it be otherwise, you can see what happens in your home from a distance. Exactly, while you are lying on the beach you can take a look at the camera of this gadget to know that everything is still in order.

Cámara de vigilancia exterior

Outdoor surveillance camera

If you live in a house, the best thing you can do is also have an outdoor surveillance camera . For starters, this gadget has a great deterrent effect. You are a thief? Chances are, you’re going for a house that doesn’t have cameras. We have chosen this particular model for several reasons.

For starters, it has very good reviews on Amazon, which makes its great functionality clear. In addition, you must add its night vision mode, so that the night is not a problem. The best? It has solar panels so you do not need to throw cables to use this camera. And yes, it is a WiFi model , so you can see what happens in real time through your mobile phone.

Cámara espía

Spy cam

On the other hand, chances are you’ve left someone your house keys while you’re away. Whether they are periodically spent to water the plants, or for any other reason, you can always bet on a spy camera . This particular model can be hidden anywhere, in addition to recording only when it detects movement, so you won’t have to review endless recordings.

Cámara Ring covlor plata

Ring Door View Cam

Another of the cameras that should not be missing in your home, is this model from the Ring firm. We are talking about a smart peephole that will let you know who is knocking on your door when you are not there. In addition, this model allows you to communicate by voice since it integrates microphones. Yes, through its application you can talk to the delivery man to tell him to leave the package at the neighbor’s house.

Sensores de puertas y ventanas Lacoramo

Lacoramo door and window sensors

Continuing with this compilation of the best gadgets to protect your home, we recommend you buy a sensor system for doors and windows. The moment any of these items is opened, a notification will be sent to your mobile phone so that you are informed. Very practical and simple.

Sistema de alarma KERUI W18 GSM

KERUI W18 GSM alarm system

If you are looking for a more complete system, this KERUI W18 GSM alarm system will more than meet your needs. For starters, it has motion sensors, plus door and window sensors. In this way, the moment someone enters your house, an alarm will go off.

Say that the comments on Amazon are really positive. Especially because of the power of its alarm, which will make anyone who has entered your house flee as a soul carried by the devil. Of course, they also indicate that configuring the WiFi of this alarm system is a bit complicated, but there are tutorials that explain all the steps to follow.

Altavoz Echo Dot

Echo Dot speaker

Without a doubt, an element that should not be missing in your home during the holidays. More than anything because this smart device can be controlled remotely. For what? Well, to activate the Echo Dot smart speaker every day for a couple of hours to play music or any sound you have saved. In this way, any thief who is controlling your house will think that there are people at home.

Riel motorizado para cortinas

Motorized curtain track

Like the previous model, this is another of the most useful gadgets that you will find while you are not at home. More than anything because, being compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa , you can activate this motorized rail from anywhere in the world. And yes, anyone who sees the curtains move will think that there are people at home.

Xiaomi Smart Ceiling Light Blanco

Xiaomi Smart Ceiling Light

You can not miss this other gadget from the Asian manufacturer to protect your home against possible thieves. More than anything because, if you put music (or noise in general), in addition to opening and closing the curtains, added to turning on this Xiaomi Smart Ceiling Light ceiling lamp from a distance, they will make anyone who is controlling your home clear that it is not empty.

Caja fuerte


Finally, it is highly recommended to have a safety box that protects the highest value objects safely. And, oddly enough, Amazon has its own model of a safe within the Amazon Basics family. Its price is quite moderate, it has very good ratings and the comments make it clear that this gadget is easy to install. What more can you ask!