Best Full HD Webcams to Make Video Calls with Zoom or Skype

Due to Covid-19, many people have had to adapt their jobs at home, this is in many cases a headache, since it is essential to build a small office from scratch. To all this, we must add that we do more videoconferences. Yes, that call where you can see your boss to enjoy a much “closer” conversation. The only requirement you need is a webcam with which you can show your face. Of course, not just any model will work.

Teleworking has come abruptly to newsrooms due to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic but, nevertheless, many companies previously used methods to work coordinated remotely thanks to the globalized era in which we live. In these times to be able to carry out your work remotely, your old webcam no longer works. Yes, the one you had in the drawer saved since you weren’t using it at all. For this reason, taking into account that it is time to renew it, we have prepared a complete compilation with the best webcams for professional use that you can find.

Best Full HD Webcams

What is the minimum quality for a professional webcam?

Perhaps you may think that with an HD model it will be more than enough to be able to make video calls with a more than decent quality. And, on the theory it is like that, but it must be recognized that if we want to look for a model for professional use, we must go for one that offers a 1080p solution that will offer a much sharper image.

The problem is that there is such a wide catalog of options that it is quite difficult to choose. For starters, you can find a webcam to make video calls on Skype, Zoom … etc, or ideal models to record your streams live. And yes, the large number of solutions with Full HD resolution is really wide. The problem is that brands sometimes deceive us.

This happens because they indicate that the camera is capable of recording in 1080p quality , but the trick is in the frame rate s, which is usually really low. And this makes the experience making video calls in this resolution very low quality. For this reason, we have chosen models that, at least, are capable of recording at 30 frames per second , more than enough to video conference with your co-workers in more than enough quality.

Best Models to Consider

Now that it has become clear to the importance of choosing a Full HD webcam, in addition to knowing the rate of frames per second to offer a great user experience, let’s see the best models to consider.

Full HD webcam LUCKYGBY

We will start this compilation with one of the best Full HD webcams that you can find with a model from the manufacturer Luckygby that will not disappoint you at all. We refer to a product that has an HD exposure compensation system, so that it recognizes low-light environments to offer the best possible quality. To this, we must add its LED lenses, which are responsible for illuminating to slightly improve the quality of the image. Not to mention a value for money that makes the purchase a sure hit.

Webcam Full HD LUCKYGBY 

Docooler Webcam 1080P

The manufacturer Docooler has a range of solutions that boasts great prestige due to its incredible value for money. And this particular model is not going to disappoint you at all. Its aggressive design, ability to record in 1080p format, as well as a price that makes it simply irresistible.

Docooler Webcam 1080P

Logitech StreamCam

One of the big brands when it comes to buying any type of component for your computer is Logitech. The manufacturer has a catalog of products that enjoys great prestige in the sector. And, their range of webcams is the most complete you will find.

The Logitech StreamCam webcam is a device that will not disappoint you at all. It offers Full HD resolution at 60 frames per second, exposure and automatic and intelligent focus, ability to record videos in portrait format (ideal for social networks). It has everything you need to make video calls in the best quality.

Anivia Full HD Webcam

We are facing a webcam that incorporates a couple of elements that make a difference. It is a plug and play model so that its use is as simple as possible. It is capable of recording videos in 1080p quality at 30 frames per second, it has a stereo microphone so they can hear you better than ever. If privacy is important to you, this camera uses the cover that incorporates its lens when you are not using the webcam to avoid unnecessary scares.

Webcam Full HD Anivia

LarmTek 1080P Webcam

This LarmTek 1080P Web Camera is a solution that offers a cover to protect the lens when you are not using it, the possibility of recording videos in 1080p quality, in addition to a wide-angle lens that offers a 70-degree angle of view so that you do not miss detail in any of your videoconferences.

Cámara web LarmTek 1080P


If you are looking for a cheap webcam but that offers good quality, you can bet on this model from Aukey. A device with a 1 / 2.7 ”CMOS image sensor to offer Full HD quality recordings at 30 frames per second. In addition, its fixed focus technology keeps objects in focus at 3 meters, ideal for making video calls without worrying about anything.


Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920s

Again we come with another from the Logitech brand. In this case, we recommend the C920s webcam, a product that has the capacity to record videos in Full HD, as well as allowing you to upload your videos to Facebook, Twitter or YouTube by pressing a button. To do this, it has H.264 compression technology so you don’t have to worry about anything. In addition, it incorporates a system of stereo microphones integrated into the structure, and that have the ability to reduce noise, making your voice sound clearer than ever.

Webcam Logitech C920 HD Pro

Dericam webcam

This is one of the best webcams you can find, we want to recommend this solution from Dericam, capable of recording video in 1080p quality at 30 frames per second, as well as some very interesting functions. For starters, it offers facial enhancement technology to make you look better than ever. Do not forget that it has a cover that incorporates so that no one can record you without your permission.

Cámara web Dericam

iBàste 1080P Full HD

One of the models with the best viewing angles is this iBàste webcam. A product that offers 90 degrees in its wide angle lens to achieve cover as much space as possible. Seeing that it is compatible with all the services available to make video calls, in addition to 264 video compression technology to offer better quality.

iBàste 1080P Full HD


At the end of this compilation, we find one of the best Full HD Full HD webcams on the market. Made to improve the quality of your video calls. It is perfect for videoconferencing, since its multiphase light ring (flash) that surrounds the lens, allows you to attenuate or accentuate its power depending on the environment in which you are. With all this, it achieves a crisp and quality recording, by eliminating pronounced shadows.