Best Free Parental Control Apps for Android

In a society as computerized as the one we live in, it is not surprising to see younger and younger children using a mobile phone with the same skill as an adult. And although it is difficult for us to accept it, smartphones have become a fundamental part of our day to day and the most used method for these always connected with our loved ones.

While smartphones or tablets are excellent tools to be connected with our children, you can also be a serious problem if they are offered without supervision. The Internet is full of pages of questionable content, scams and scams as well as strangers with bad intentions.

Parental Control
Parental Control

But that's not all, if a child spends too much time in front of the phone screen playing or chatting, his eyes and his studies will suffer the consequences. That is why it is so important to install a parental control application to keep these problems at bay.

Today we are going to recommend what we consider the best free parental control apps for Android. We hope you like them!

Google Family Link

Google Family Link is Google's commitment to remove more than one concern for parents with children who spend too many hours with mobiles.

This simple and intuitive application allows you to establish basic rules of mobile use with just a few keystrokes that will keep your child always safe from any threat on the Internet.

As usual in Google products, Family Link is a really simple application to use. You just have to download the application and create both an account for yourself and your child and link both phones.

Thanks to this you will be able to manage the applications they use, see the time they spend in front of the screen, know where they are, set limits on the use of the phone or block devices.

A really interesting feature of Google Family Link is that it offers a selection of applications recommended by teachers and that you can install on your child's mobile remotely. Highly recommended for parents who want to know what their children do with their phones and guide them without them feeling guarded.

Google Family Link


Qustodio is an application designed for parents concerned about the excessive use of the mobile phone. With a few presses of the screen you can decide how much time your children can spend with the mobile and limit the use of games and apps.

Although the strong point of Qustodio is precisely to limit the use of apps, this parental control application offers many other interesting options. Among them you can, for example, receive a daily report of your child's use of the smartphone or tablet, block content that you do not want to have access to, messages and calls and even locate the child thanks to its geolocation service.

Another interesting feature of Qustorio is that the app has an SOS button for your child. This way you can ask for help at any time regardless of where you are.


FamilyTime is another excellent free parental control application. In a similar way to the previous ones, this one offers the possibility of limiting the time that our child spends with the mobile phone in addition to being able to block content and applications that you do not think are appropriate for him.

In addition to being really useful for managing your child's time with your smartphone, FamilyTime is a really useful application to know where you are.

This has a real-time geolocation service and allows you to set defined limits where the mobile phone cannot move away. If for any reason our child moves away with the mobile from the fixed area we will receive a notice to our mobile informing us of this.

Finally, FamilyTime is a great app to protect our son from strangers. In addition to offering an SOS button for our child, it also has a suspicious contact tracking feature that will alert us of any inappropriate text message that arrives or is sent from the mobile.


My Serene: Parental Control

My Serene: Parental Control is a completely free application designed to protect our child from inappropriate content. Thanks to it, you can decide which web pages and apps you have access to, as well as limit the use of the Internet you can do on a daily basis.

As we have advanced, My Serene: Parental Control has been thought more as protection for your child than to control the hours spent in front of the mobile. That is why among its main functions we find the supervision of calls, SMS or emails as well as the geolocation control and the ability to block the child's phone during the night.

Undoubtedly, the strong point of My Serene: Parental Control is that it allows you to check the messages of WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram of our children. In fact, we will be able to monitor not only the text messages, but also the voice, images, and videos that you receive on social networks.

My Serene: Parental Control


To finish the list of free parental control applications we want to recommend SecureKids. This offers everything you need to control the time that our child spends in front of the mobile or tablet in addition to allowing block applications, web pages or even deactivate the child's smartphone.

SecureKids has a wide range of options to know exactly what your child does with his mobile. We find for example such interesting functions as blocking calls from unknown numbers, setting alarms or even receiving daily reports of your activity in front of the phone.

In addition to all this, the app includes a geolocation service to know where you are at all times.

As usual in this type of applications, SecureKids has an SOS button designed for the smallest. If he feels threatened or in danger, just press it and the mobile will take a picture and send you a warning with the image and the exact location of the child.


We hope that this selection of parental control apps will help you a little during the famous return to school.