The Best Famous Game Demake You Can Download and Play

With the launch of the most recent demake, Metroid Prime, some have discovered these particular versions of very popular games that do not seek graphic improvements or technical use of new hardware but rather enjoy a retro touch that is always striking. For this reason, we have compiled the best video game demakes known to all and that you can enjoy now.

Demake, a little step “back” in graphic matters

As we have anticipated, demakes are likely to be a new discovery for some users. However, this is not something really new but has been with us for a long time. So much so that there are many and titles that are well known to all.

Best Famous Game Demake You Can Download and Play

And it is not possible to deny that they are quite striking and even attractive proposals. Because giving certain titles a new visual style, usually in 2D and with an air of indie game with pixelated graphics has its point.

Possibly because so much realism can sometimes get tired or simply because having one of these versions in front of us is like a parenthesis, a way to relax in the face of that incessant race that seeks visual perfection.

Whatever it is, even just for the satisfaction of enjoying retro, if you like the world of video games to the extreme of not caring about sections like the graphic while the mechanics and fun are up to par, then it is very likely that you like to know some of the best demakes that you can enjoy today.


Taking into account the year of publication of Doom, its graphics and that today that first version in itself could already be classified as a demake, make it difficult to imagine one of it. But it still exists and the solution or path that its managers took was to go from 3D (basic, but one of the first successful 3D in the gamer world) to a 2D overhead view.

This resulted in this MooD which is the demake version of the original Doom . And since the basis of these is to go in the opposite direction to what a remake means, it makes sense and it is very well played to use their name also reading the other way around.

Bit of war

Imagining Katro s in a different way than we are all used to seeing him in his original games is difficult. Even so, we cannot deny that this version of the God in the Super Mario Bross style is very striking.

The demake is made by a group of non-profit users who managed to use characters and elements from the original God of War stories with the approval of Sony. So, if you are a fan of this saga, you should try this version even just out of curiosity.

The Border Lands

Borderlands is one of those games that is very easy to identify due to the marked style of its graphics, this version called The Border Lands changes completely as expected and still maintains the same essence.

resident Evil

If something has always been the main reason for success in the Resident Evil saga, it has been its terrifying atmosphere. For this reason, making a demake version where you go to pixelated graphics and reminiscent of the first NES games is a bit strange.

Even so, just because of the work involved in making an adaptation of this type, it is worth a try. Also, if you are a staunch fan of the saga you will almost certainly like it.

PixelForce: Halo

Halo needs no introduction, a title that has marked a multitude of players and that to this day continues to generate a lot of expectation. Both for the new delivery that will arrive and for its improved versions that arrive with the Master Collection.

In this version with platform touches and without ammunition problems you will enjoy a lot, we assure you.


Tiger is the demake version of Destiny , the title of Bungie in this version has that air of indie game that surely another to many, a side scrolling game that surprises all fans.

Call of Duty 6 (2D Remake)

As with Doom, this version of Call of Duty abandons 3D to embrace a 2D vision that is still striking and will recall some classics from those early computers such as the MSX and Spectrum.

The taste for retro

In most cases these demakes are nothing more than a small demo of what these popular games would look like with much more retro airs. Because making a complete adaptation is not easy at all. Imagine just remaking the Resident Evil scenarios with this particular ochobits style.

Still, as a fan of video games and if you like all that retro aesthetics, it is worth knowing them and even trying one or the other. Because retro always attracts and because it is a different way of approaching games. What do you think? Any demake that you think should be known to everyone?