The Best Dribbles in FIFA Mobile for this Season

The FIFA saga is one of the most prolific in the history of video games, with more than 25 years behind it at the top of virtual football. Renewing itself every year, and that with the arrival of Android, its developers did not skimp on launching a title adapted to mobile platforms, under the name of FIFA Mobile. Now, it has become a game that is getting closer to soccer simulation.

Its gameplay is now at a maturity level that allows it to do more on the field than run and shoot on goal. Among them, dribbling is a fundamental part of the game, since it allows to make the difference in duels against other players online.

It hasn’t always been this way

Dribbles have not always taken on the importance that it currently has on the mobile platform. Now, thanks to several new features that the company has implemented in this latest edition, it is possible to do two dribbles from the game controls, and even change them for others that we like more. They call it the ‘Second Filigree’ .

Price: Free

For this current season, all players can make a roulette simply by touching the “Sprint” button, regardless of the level of the player. In addition, if we slide up that same button, we will activate the secondary dribble that we have discussed . What will vary depending on the level of the footballer, will be the speed at which he dribbles.

Other dribbles to put them into practice

Obviously the matter does not end here. They are not the only ones that we can carry out in the game, since there are some more that, if we dominate them, allows us to leave the opponents stunned. It is something to which we can take great advantage in the modes ‘Faced Attack’ and ‘Events’.

Joystick + Sprint up

This combination allows for several dribbles, as mentioned above with that second dribble. Actually, that specialized dribble varies depending on the player, since some lift the ball slightly, others a croquette -tipping the ball to one side-, while others make an elastic. There is no set pattern, dribbles are randomly assigned to players, giving the game more variety. botón sprint para regate fifa mobile

Staying static

It is not a dribble as such, but it does open up a range of options for generating offensive plays. When we have possession of the ball, just double tap the joystick , which is normally located on the left side. With this we will get our player to stop dead with the ball controlled, allowing us to wait for the arrival of other teammates or to see the play more clearly.

botón joystick regate fifa mobile


It is a resource that most players use to dribble the goalkeeper when it is the last obstacle to the goal, since this dribble is located on the “Shot” button. But the truth is that we can use it effectively anywhere on the field , which will allow us to make a feint to the rival player and keep keeping the ball.

botón tiro para regate de amago fifa mobile

This entire catalog of dribbles has to be used, even more since the changes made by Electronic Arts in this 2020 edition. The stunned of the defenders when they are dribbled have increased, so our decision to improve in this aspect has more weight than in previous titles.