The Best Console Sound Bars that are Cheap

One of the things that you don’t usually pay much attention to when gaming with consoles is everything that has to do with sound. Either they take advantage of the speakers of the utility screen or, failing that, they usually resort to headphones. If you want to enjoy to the fullest without having to put anything on your head, one option is to get one of the good sound bars that are compatible.

With these accessories an important step is taken both in the sound power achieved and in the definition, since a spatial location is achieved much higher than what is usually offered by Smart TV, for example. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to buy an accessory that is compatible with Sony and Microsoft models to get the most out of the games you enjoy… And, logically, the ideal is not to have to spend a large amount of money.

Best Console Sound Bars that are Cheap

The basics these soundbars should offer

The essential thing that should be reviewed in these accessories is that HDMI connection is included, since it is the one that will be used more easily with consoles. This possibility is also very simple in what has to do with use, so it is basic. It is true that it is a good idea to offer other options, such as optical input or the use of Bluetooth, but the first thing we have indicated is basic and, in addition, it is important that it is the version of the interface 1.4 or higher so that the image quality is adequate.

Subwoofer de las barras de sonido

Other things that should be assessed is whether you prefer a model with a subwoofer or not . The former offer a better quality in general lines since we are talking about a 2.1 sound, but it has the disadvantage of occupying more space since there are two elements (generally) that these sound bars have. If you don’t have a lot of space available, the best option is to get a device with a single audio output unit, which generally also offers much more and better than stereo speakers on monitors or televisions.

Botones en las barras de sonido

Something else that must be taken into account is that a remote control is included to make use of all the possibilities offered by these accessories that, in some cases, has a Game Mode that adapts perfectly with the consoles to achieve the best possible configuration easily and quickly. In addition, and this is important, all the models that you decide to take into account, if they offer everything indicated, can also be used with Smart TV … so their usefulness is wide.

Shopping we recommend

We leave a list with different options, with or without a subwoofer, so that you can choose the one that best suits those you are looking for to use sound bars with the most modern consoles. In addition, all the models that you will find are quite cheap, since none of them exceed 200 euros and, therefore, you do not have to make a brutal outlay to achieve good quality.

Models with subwoofer


This is an option that is compatible with 2.1 sound, so a good location is achieved and, thanks to the included subwoofer, the bass is of excellent quality. The output power offered by this model is 160 W and, in addition, the HDMI connection is compatible with ARC technology.



Aesthetically this is a fairly traditional model, but it fits perfectly in all kinds of places and decorations. It includes a high-quality subwoofer that always improves the experience, and there are details that are very interesting, such as that its power is no less than 360 W and that it works with Hi-Res content.

LG SK6 barras sonido

Panasonic SC-HTB488

With many good options, such as that this device is compatible with Dolby, it should be noted that it offers additional options such as Bluetooth connectivity and that it does not clash in the output power is 200 W, so it complies perfectly.

Barra Panasonic SC-HTB488

Philips HTL1520B / 12

The HDMI connection it offers is ARC compliant allowing it to blend seamlessly with Smart TVs and monitors. With an eye-catching design for how flat the main element is, a good number of additional connections are included. It has dimensions that are adequate.

Barras de sonido Philips HTL1520B/12

TCL TS7010

Nothing is out of place in this model, since for example it includes Bluetooth and a power of 160 W output, so it fits like a glove for the rooms. Compatible with Dolby Digital sound, which ensures high precision, it is a purchase option that is worth considering.

TCL TS7010 barras de sonido

Bars that do not have a subwoofer

Sony HTSF200

The most remarkable thing apart from offering good sound quality is that the dimensions of this product are quite small, so it can be placed practically anywhere. The use of S-Force PRO Front Surround technology stands out and it has Bluetooth connectivity.

Barra Sony HTSF200

Sharp HT-SB106

Its power is 110 W, more than enough to be a more than correct answer to use this model with consoles. It is one of the soundbars that has HDMI compatible with ARC and in terms of compatibility it does not clash, which is always positive.

Sharp HT-SB106 barras de sonido

Denon DHT-S216

A good model that has a really attractive design and that does not have very high dimensions. Its HDMI connection is 4K compatible and offers the possibility of hanging it on the wall. It is striking that it is one of the sound bars that is compatible with DTS.

Denon DHT-S216 barra

Samsung HW-N300 / ZG

Another option that is quite small, and that offers high quality to have two output channels that allow you to get up to 320 W of power, making it a model to take into account. It does not lack good connectivity options since, among other things, it includes Bluetooth.

Barras de sonido Samsung HW-N300/ZG

Sharp HT-SB110

At 80 centimeters long, it is a model that fits very well in living rooms and has a metal protection grid. It has HDMI ARC and a power of 90 W which is more than enough. Fits perfectly with the use of this product with large televisions other than consoles.

Barra de sonido Sharp HT-SB106