Best Cheap VPN Deals for Safe and Fast Browsing

VPN services are the order of the day, currently we find a large number of services and very cheap, which allow us to navigate safely through the Internet, without our operator spying on us. The use of this type of VPN is also highly recommended if we are going to connect to public WiFi networks, since all traffic will be encrypted from our client to the VPN server. Today in this article we have prepared a list of four VPN services that are very cheap and recommended.

What must a VPN service have to hire it?

The main feature that a VPN service should have is security and privacy , therefore it is vital that there are no data leaks in the VPN tunnel and no DNS leaks. There are some VPNs on the market that have certain deficiencies, or are not as secure as they should be, therefore, it is necessary to take a good look at which one we are going to hire or use. Another aspect related to security and privacy is in the VPN records , the ideal is that the VPN service does not keep any type of our records, nor date and time, public connection IP, websites that have been accessed, etc.

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Another very important aspect is the performance of the VPN , both in terms of speed and latency. This is critical to have the best possible user experience, therefore having multiple VPN servers that are physically close to us is essential for good speed. It is also very important that the VPN service has hundreds of servers spread all over the world, to connect us to the country we want, and avoid regional blocks.

Another feature that we highly value in this article is that the VPN provides us with data to connect with our router to the VPN , and we can tunnel all home network traffic directly through the VPN. This data can also be used by us to dispense with the official software of the service and use an official OpenVPN client. It is also very important that VPNs allow us to connect with several devices simultaneously , at least 5 devices would be optimal, because we will always have several smartphones, tablets and computers in our home, and there could come a time when all these devices are connected to the Internet.

Finally, we must also assess the price of the service, since there are VPN services that cost a lot of money, but there are others that provide us with really interesting features, and all for prices of € 5 per month or less.

Best deals on VPN services

In this article we are going to give you a total of four widely used services, and of which, we have already spoken to you previously and we have shown you an in-depth analysis. All these services are highly recommended, since they meet all the characteristics that we have explained previously.


The NordVPN service is a classic in the most recommended services, it complies with all the characteristics such as point-to-point encryption, fast connection by having hundreds of servers spread all over the world, it has strict no-registration policies to maintain our privacy, It allows us to connect to 5500 servers spread over 59 countries, and with connection for up to 6 devices simultaneously. Other important features are that we have kill-switch to block all traffic if the VPN goes down, it allows divided tunneling so that certain applications go through the virtual private network and others through the home connection, we have a dedicated public IP that only we will use, allows connection to two VPNs to further mask traffic, allows you to combine VPN encryption with the Tor network, and many other features.

Regarding NordVPN prices, depending on how long we hire it, it will be higher or lower monthly.

  • 1 month plan: € 9.56 per month
  • 1-year plan: € 3.93 per month
  • 2-year plan: € 2.97 per month

Atlas VPN

The service provided by Atlas VPN is one of the best currently, and also has a really competitive price compared to the rest of the services. Atlas VPN allows us to use an account on multiple devices, something that in NordVPN, for example, is limited to only 6 devices. This service is optimized to play streaming content in 4K resolution, since we can connect to Netflix or Disney in the US to unblock content that we do not yet have available in Spain. Atlas VPN indicates that its service is also optimized for viewing Amazon Prime, HBO, BBC iPlayer, and other video streaming services.

Other characteristics of this service is that its VPN servers are really fast, and it has hundreds of VPN servers all over the world, to connect us to the closest server.

Due to the performance provided by Atlas VPN, we can download content via P2P with BitTorrent at high speed, to perform all downloads anonymously and that copyright entities do not persecute us for it, as happens in countries like Germany. Of course, this service has software for computers with Windows and macOS, but we also have dedicated applications for Android and iOS, and they will soon launch an extension for Google Chrome.

Regarding NordVPN prices, depending on how long we hire it, it will be higher or lower monthly.

  • 1 month plan: € 8.38 per month
  • 1-year plan: € 2.09 per month
  • 3-year plan: € 1.17 per month

As you can see, in all plans it is clearly cheaper than NordVPN, especially the three-year plan because it costs you just over € 1 per month.


The PureVPN service is very popular because it was one of the first to appear on the market with a really competitive price. This VPN service will allow us to avoid any Internet restriction, both geographical and censorship restrictions, thanks to this service, we will be able to watch Netflix or Disney + in the US with the entire catalog of movies and series available. Due to the great speed it provides, it is ideal both for streaming in 4K resolution as well as P2P downloads via BitTorrent or other protocols. Of course, this service gives us end-to-end encryption with 256-bit AES.

Other characteristics of PureVPN are its servers spread all over the world, and that is that we have more than 6,500 servers spread over 140 countries. Of course, we have software for computers with Windows and MacOS, Android mobile devices, iPhone and iPad, and it even supports Linux, we can install it on any router and we have extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox.

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Regarding the number of connected simultaneous clients, they allow up to a total of 10 devices at the same time.

Regarding PureVPN prices, depending on how long we hire it, it will be higher or lower monthly.

  • 1 month plan: € 9.60 per month
  • 1 year plan: € 5.16 per month
  • 2-year plan: € 2.96 per month


The HotspotShield service is another widely known in the world of VPN services, it allows us to access the Internet safely and privately, since all traffic is encrypted point-to-point and we will go to the Internet through the VPN server. Therefore, we can protect our identity when browsing, since the public IP address of the VPN server will be revealed and not that of our Internet connection. Of course, we have software for Windows and MacOS computers, Android mobile devices, iPhone and iPad, and we even have extensions for Google Chrome. However, we also have the possibility to configure the VPN on Smart TV and even on Linux-based operating systems and on our router, since we will have access to OpenVPN data.

Regarding the prices of HotspotShield, we have a completely free but very limited version, since it allows us to have a single account and connect a device simultaneously, in addition, we will not have access to all the servers spread around the world, and we have limited speed at 2Mbps speed and 500MB per day. The price of the paid versions with all the features unlocked are the following:

  • Plus Plan: paying $ 9.99 per month monthly, if you buy a year the price is $ 6.99 per month.
  • Premium Plan: paying monthly $ 12.99 per month, if you buy a year the price is $ 7.99 per month.
  • Family Plan: paying monthly $ 19.99 per month, if you buy a year the price is $ 11.99 per month.

Depending on the version you choose, we can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously (Plus and Premium) or up to 25 devices (Family).