Best Cheap Laptop Cooling Stands

Having a laptop has become the most common nowadays, since they can be used both inside and outside the home. When summer arrives, one of the things that should always be checked is the maximum temperature that the equipment reaches, since it is usually higher than at other times. If you want to take steps to ensure that this is not the case, it is possible to decide to buy a cooling base that meets everything you may need.

There are two types of accessories: passive and active , and we are going to focus on the latter, since they are the most efficient and, therefore, the ones that make the temperature reduction much higher and more efficient. The big difference these options have is that the second one includes fans that are responsible for carrying out the control work because they are the ones that expel the heat from the chassis and add air from the outside.

Best Cheap Laptop Cooling Stands

Luckily, it is currently possible to get models that are compatible with equipment that has screens of up to 15 inches for less than 30 euros with a quality that is beyond doubt. Therefore, they are laptop accessories that should always be taken into account and not be missing at home if you are one of those who play a lot or work regularly in your own office.

The basics in this laptop accessory

The first thing is to check that the compatibility in what has to do with the size, something that delimits the base . This, in addition, you must offer some peculiarities to be recommended. An example is that the manufacturing material is of quality (PVC plastic is recommended, as well as metal … but the latter usually makes the final price of the laptop cooling base quite expensive). Besides, it is not a bad idea that there are elements that allow the fixing of the computer to be the best possible, which can be for example rubber and that ensure that the air circulation is adequate.

Next, look at the number of fans included in the accessory. Ideally, this should be two or more, since if there is only one there may be problems regarding its operation since the continued use of this type of accessories can cause them to fail due to the rotor element being forced too much. What’s more, the existence of several is recommended so that, in addition, it is possible to control the heat much better in the different points of the laptop (since in each model the place of the processor or the graphics is not the same).

Rejilla de una base de refrigeración para portátil

Another thing that is important to review is the way this accessory acquires energy. This should not be through the use of batteries or a rechargeable battery, as this can mean that in the least expected moment you are left without being able to use the laptop base. Therefore, ideally, it should be a USB cable that connects to the computer itself that is responsible for supplying it. That impacts the autonomy in the equipment, but the truth is that the control is much greater by the user.

Speed and finish essential

One of the positive ones is that there is the possibility of controlling the speed (revolutions per minute) with which each of the fans included works. In this way not to demand much in work and consumption when it is not necessary. On the other hand, a grid finish in the area where the laptop is placed is recommended since this way the air is distributed in a more balanced way.

Uso en casa de una base refrigeración para portátil

It is also something to check that the weight is not excessive. Two kilos is the maximum that we think should be sought, since otherwise it can be uncomfortable to use on the legs (something that is not, precisely, unusual). In addition, it is highly recommended that, if possible, you can modify the inclination with which the laptop remains to ensure that the use of the bases we are talking about is always adequate.

Purchases to consider

We leave a list where you can find different cooling bases that fit equipment up to 15 inches and that are quite cheap. In addition, offer everything you are looking for as an accessory for a laptop.

Advance VE-NB57

This is a model that includes four fans and, therefore, offers great efficiency in lowering the temperature of the laptop chassis. The inclination can be regulated, which is a good detail, and its weight is very small since it stays at less than 600 grams.

Base de refrigeración para portátil Advance VE-NB57


The fans included in this laptop base are very well placed, and it does not lack a grille that functions as protection and dispersion of cold air. It has LED lighting, which makes it eye-catching, and it has a pair of USB ports which increases its usefulness on a daily basis.

Base para portátil ENHANCE Cryogen


If you are one of those who constantly plays and has a laptop for this type of use, one of the options we recommend is this model that includes LEDs compatible with RGB colors. With three very powerful fans inside, it includes an element that leaves the computer a little elevated for air circulation.

Base de refrigeración para portátil HAVIT RGB

Conceptronic THANA02B

This is one of the models that you should assess if at home you have several computers with different screen dimensions, you must allow the use of models that have a screen of up to 17 inches. There are two fans that are integrated inside this base with a diameter of 12.5 mm each.

Base para portátil Conceptronic THANA02B


A model of the most curious this, since it includes five illuminated fans that, in addition, are strategically placed: a large central one that is efficient with the laptop plate, and four more in each corner. With a good finish and design, it is one of the quietest models of all the chosen ones.

Base de refrigeración para portátil MVPOWER Base

Nobebird refrigeration

Another of the models that fit with those who like to play regularly with their laptop. Inside there are no less than six fans, the largest of 10 centimeters, and which acquire power through the USB interface. Includes tilt adjustment options for the speed you are working with.

Base para portátil Nobebird refrigeración

Blue Trust

It is one of the models that has a couple of elements that are those that expel heat, and also has the particularity of being a model that is compatible with laptops up to 17 inches … so its usability is maximum. It has a mesh finish in its upper area so it works effectively.

Base para portátil Trust Azul

AAB Cooling NC83

Undoubtedly, it is one of the models that offers greater light power than each of its fans through the use of LEDs. You need to use a USB port of the laptop to work this base that has adequate dimensions and that includes an adapter in the lower area that opens so that the equipment never falls.

Base para ordenador portátil AAB Cooling NC83

Hama Aluminum

The most striking feature of this base is the finish of the area in which the laptop is placed, since it is completely made of aluminum (perforated with holes for air to flow properly). The fact is that aesthetically it is one of the most sober and elegant models of all the chosen ones and its operation is optimal thanks to its two integrated fans.

Base para portátil Hama Aluminium

Olliwon Base

Among the things that stand out in this base is that the regulation that allows the inclination is really wide, so it is difficult not to be able to place it in the desired position. With five fans you can be sure that the laptop does not have temperature problems if this accessory is used and, in addition, you can control the working speed of these components.

Base para portátil Olliwon Base