Best cheap instant cameras for the wedding

An indispensable accessory for weddings is the instant camera, which allows us to capture and print photographs on the spot. These instant prints serve as cherished mementos when placed in the wedding album, accompanied by heartfelt dedications—a unique and original souvenir of a special day.

There is a wide range of instant printers available, each offering an excellent choice depending on budget, preferred photo format, and other considerations. For instance, some printers produce prints in the iconic vintage-style Polaroid format, evoking a classic charm. On the other hand, certain printers utilize ZINK paper to produce small adhesive-backed photos that can be easily stuck onto walls or albums without the need for additional stickers or glue.

Moreover, these instant cameras are not limited to weddings alone; they transform into playful and original gadgets that can accompany you anywhere, capturing and immortalizing various moments of joy and excitement.


Polaroid Now

If you desire the classic Polaroid experience, the Polaroid brand is the go-to choice. Known for its popularity in the 80s and 90s, Polaroid has reintroduced some of its models to the market. Among them, the Polaroid Now stands out as an excellent option for wedding instant cameras, offering a retro yet original touch that complements the event perfectly. Additionally, the Polaroid Now comes in a variety of vibrant colors such as pink, red, black, grey, blue, yellow, white, and green. Each camera is priced at approximately 100 euros; however, it’s important to note that the package does not include paper, which must be purchased separately to start using the camera.

The Polaroid Now boasts features such as autofocus, double exposure capability, and impressive image sharpness. However, there is one aspect to consider—the cost of Polaroid paper is generally higher compared to other brands on the market. Therefore, if you anticipate many guests wanting to include their images in your wedding album, the expenditure on paper may be greater.

polaroid camera

Instax Mini 12

When it comes to instant cameras and printers, Instax is currently one of the most popular brands. One of their latest models, the Instax Mini 12, is packed with various features and offers a delightful user experience. Available in charming shades of pink, lilac, and blue, this camera allows you to capture instant photos in credit card-sized prints and is compatible with all Instax Mini films.

Embracing a Polaroid-like style with white borders, reminiscent of the iconic cameras from the 80s, the Instax Mini 12 adds its own touch of uniqueness. Powered by two batteries, it ensures reliable performance in any lighting condition with its built-in flash. Notably, the camera comes equipped with a selfie lens, allowing you to capture perfect selfies before they are printed.

One of the major advantages of the Instax Mini 12 is its affordability, with a price tag of less than 90 euros. Additionally, the availability of different paper options is another advantage. Apart from the classic white-edged film, you can also find films with colored edges or charming patterns like hearts or cartoons, adding a touch of creativity to your instant prints.

Instax Mini 12

Instax Square SQ1

For those seeking a larger format, Instax offers the Square SQ1, an excellent choice. This camera captures photos in a square format, resulting in larger images measuring 72mm x 86mm. Packed with a range of features, including auto exposure, a selfie mirror, an optical viewfinder, optical zoom, and a flash, the Square SQ1 ensures optimal image quality and versatility.

If you prefer images that are not as small, the Square SQ1 is a recommended option. It is compatible with Instax brand papers, ensuring easy availability of compatible supplies. Just like other Instax cameras, it operates without the need for ink, relying on compatible papers instead, which can be conveniently purchased from various online stores or specialized retailers.

instax sq1

Kodak Mini Shot

For those seeking a retro aesthetic, the Kodak Mini Shot 3 is an excellent choice. It not only offers a nostalgic look but also provides convenient options for your wedding. You can purchase a pack that includes the camera and 68 sheets, ensuring you have everything ready for capturing memories on your special day. It can also serve as a perfect gift pack for the couple, offering an original and fun present.

The Kodak Mini Shot 3 utilizes 4Pass technology and, like other instant cameras, it operates without the need for ink. Instead, it prints photos in layers, resulting in long-lasting, waterproof, and fingerprint-proof prints. Additionally, it offers the advantage of printing not only the photos captured with the instant camera but also snapshots taken with a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. This feature adds versatility and allows you to easily print your favorite mobile phone pictures as well.