Best Cheap Independent Waterproof Headphones

Independent headphones have become an excellent solution for those who are looking for food when listening to music and, even, if you have in mind to use them as companions when playing sports. If you want to buy a model that offers this, we show options that are economical and what you have to look at to make a solvent purchase since they are water resistant .

When buying independent waterproof headphones, you have the certainty that rainwater and even sweat itself is not a problem when using them. Therefore, they can be carried safely and without worrying if a rain falls on the street. The fact is that this adds to the comfort they offer in the use of these accessories, since they prevent the cables from being in the way when listening to music both lying in bed and when going out to practice running.

Best Cheap Independent Waterproof Headphones

The basics of independent waterproof headphones

In the case of these models, the main thing is that they offer good resistance to water, since in this way they fulfill the precise function that is demanded. Thus, it is necessary to check that compatibility with the IPX4 standard or higher is offered (the ideal would be IP68, but in this case the price rises considerably). The fact is that with the minimum that we indicate you should not have any problem in all kinds of situations, even when you go running.

auriculares independientes resistentes al agua

When it comes to connectivity, the one to be found is Bluetooth since it is the one that offers greater compatibility with different sound sources (such as smartphones and computers). The minimum version should be 4.0 , but it is more than recommended that the later version be included, since in this way compatibility with True Wireless is achieved, which ensures good communication since there is no data loss … something that is very important.

To get the best possible user experience with these independent waterproof headphones, it is a good option that they include a carrying case that has a battery. This ensures a very important time of use and that, with the passage of time, is especially appreciated when you leave home. Obviously this is not essential, and in this case what must be ensured is that the product purchased exceeds six hours of use , since this allows you to complete workouts without problems.

Design issue

Obviously here it goes that the appearance of the accessories is striking, but as this is something very personal it has limited importance, but what is interesting is that it includes the possibility of using different silicone tips that are interchangeable. As these are of different sizes, the best possible ergonomics is achieved when adjusting the device on the ear.

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Finally, it is not a bad idea to check that the independent waterproof headphones include a microphone for hands-free use and, in addition, that you have control of the reproductions either through specific buttons or through the use of gestures.

Purchase options that you should evaluate

We leave a list of models that offer good quality and that, in addition, have a fairly adjusted price since none of the chosen models does not exceed 40 euros . A cost, in our opinion, that makes them a good option.

Realme Buds Q

This is a model that offers Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and has a very striking design, where the yellow color gives it a differential touch. With a weight of only 35 grams and a long autonomy of no less than 20 hours, the sound quality is good as it has 10-millimeter drivers.

Auriculares Realme Buds Q

BlitzWolf TWS

If connectivity is important in these accessories, this one we are talking about is perfect for you since it includes True Wireless. The protection against water is IPX5, so it is enough, and it does not clash in the autonomy since it arrives at 18 hours. They do not lack a microphone to use them as a handsfree.

Auriculares BlitzWolf TWS

Aioyo Headphones

A model that does not include a carrying case with a battery, but it does reach the levels to be a good purchase option, such as a design that ensures high stability in use. With IPX5 protection, the sound quality it includes is Hi-Fi and autonomy reaches six hours.

Auriculares Auriculares Aioyo

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic

This is one of the Asian company’s models that are inexpensive but offer everything you might need, such as protection against water and a carrying case with a battery that allows it to offer a range of up to 12 hours. Its connectivity is Bluetooth 5.0.

Auriculares Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic

Umi W5s

Compatible with True Wireless, which ensures that communication with sound sources is excellent, its weight with a cover is just 100 grams which is quite good. It has silicone tips to fit perfectly, and its protection against water is quite good since we are talking about IPX7.

Auriculares Umi W5s

Bo jie headphones

These are the independent waterproof headphones that include everything you may need, such as an attractive design since the combination of red and white is striking. But if there is something that is positive in this model, it is its autonomy that exceeds 20 hours without problems.

Auriculares Auriculares Bo jie

Bokman T7

A waterproof model that includes Bluetooth 5.0 and good quality sound since, among other things, it has graphene diaphragms that prevent bad vibrations. It does not lack protection against IPX5 water and thanks to its microphone you even have access to voice assistants.

Auriculares Bokman T7

GRDE headphones

They are the headphones with a longer autonomy since, according to the manufacturer, they exceed 50 hours … impressive (and that is achieved thanks to the battery in the carrying case that reaches 3,000 mAh). It is a model that includes a USB type C connection, which is positive, and it does not lack the use of Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

Auriculares GRDE


These are headphones designed for sports, so it has a simple design, but at the same time it fits perfectly with the objective and, therefore, it does not lack different silicone tips. They are compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 and arrive with an autonomy that reaches 20 hours of use.

AUKEY Sport auriculares

Tronsmart Onyx Free

With an eye-catching design, there’s nothing missing from these standalone water-resistant headphones that have IPX7 protection. With Bluetooth 5.0, which ensures high compatibility, if you are concerned about autonomy this is a model that fits you as it offers 35 hours of use.

Tronsmart Onyx Free auriculares