Best Cheap Bluetooth Sound Bars with Subwoofer

Sound is really important in many of the entertainment options that exist today, such as enjoying music or watching series or movies at home. If you want to have a very good quality in this second case, you should resort to some of the sound bars on the market that, if you have a subwoofer, better than better, We show what you have to check when choosing one.

The truth is that the improvement achieved with sound bars is very evident, since both dialogues and the definition of all kinds of musical genres are enjoyed with greater definition . In addition, the output power is also increased, which always exceeds that offered by smart TVs or monitors, so here, too, an optimization is achieved that is worth considering.

Best Cheap Bluetooth Sound Bars with Subwoofer

Sound bars with subwoofer, what should they have?

First of all, it must be said that the recommendations that we are going to indicate are regarding the models that have a price that is below 170 euros , a most sensible amount for this type of accessories that, above all, they offer some bass much improved compared to what is usually enjoyed at home.

One of the first things we recommend to keep in mind is that the selected model offers compatibility with Bluetooth technology. This has several benefits, but the most important is that the use of cables to connect the 2.1 set is avoided (both with compatible Smart TVs and among the elements that make up these sound bars). It does not hurt that other options are included in relation to connectivity, since possibilities such as optical input or HDMI, it is always positive to have them.

The next thing to review is regarding power, since one of the objectives when using this type of accessory is to obtain more than what televisions are capable of. Therefore, the minimum required is that the amount we are talking about is a total of 60W , but the ideal is for the figure to reach eighty, adding what the main module and the subwoofer itself allows. If this is true, the moments when you don’t hear what they say in a movie when they speak softly will go on to a better life. This, added to the definition that these accessories allow, makes it have a much more marked feeling of Home Cinema.

Uso de barra de sonido en el salón

Another element that we believe is fundamental in sound bars is the inclusion of a remote control . It is true that the vast majority include controls on the device itself, but the truth is that the comfort of not having to get up from the chair to establish the sound mode or the input method used, is greatly appreciated. The truth is that this seems basic, but this accessory is not always included … and better be forewarned.

Usage options and more on these accessories

Dimensions are a relevant element, since there is not always space to place the sound bars. The truth is that the main element is usually always small enough to be able to use it easily in the living room furniture (and, in addition, it is not a bad idea that it can be placed on the wall, since many people want to use it this form). In addition, and this is important to remember, when using Bluetooth technology, find a place to locate it without many problems. Besides, it is not a bad idea that an information screen or LEDs are included to know the status of the device at all times.

Botones integrados en las barras de sonido

It is also interesting to review the technologies that can be used with these accessories. The basic thing is that it is compatible with both Dolby and DTS ; since in this way you can get the most out of the content that is usually used in homes. If this is so, and the above is true, you will surely be right in the purchase of sound bars with subwoofer.

Are you shopping? These are the models to choose

We leave below a list where you can find several sound bars that include a subwoofer (and therefore sound 2.1) and that we believe are a good purchase option and should always be reviewed before buying anything.


It is one of the most powerful models of all that we have chosen, since it reaches 160W. Without a doubt, a great improvement over what Smart TVs offer. With a fairly low power consumption, which is positive, Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility ensures reliable and easy operation.

Barras de sonido LG SJ2

Sharp HT-SBW110

A recommended model for televisions that are 43 inches or larger, since the 2.1 sound it offers allows it to be a good solution in this case. It does not lack HDMI connectivity, which makes it a model that offers a wide capacity in the connectivity section. Its power, very good: 180W.

Sharp HT-SBW110 barras de sonido

Creative stage

You can use this device with both Smart TVs and consoles, as it offers profiles for each type of use. It is one of the sound bars that complies in the power section because it reaches 160W. A model that supports 3.5 mm connection and USB to use USB flash drives.

Creative Stage barras de sonido

Auna Areal Bar 750

Without a doubt this is one of the sound bars that offers better connectivity than all the ones we have chosen. Thus, for example, apart from Bluetooth it includes HDMI; coaxial; assistant; and even HDMI that supports ARC. The sum of the two elements provides a power of more than 100W.

Auna Areal Bar 750 barras de sonido

Samsung HW-K335

This model from the Korean company covers all kinds of needs, even the one with the most demanding ones regarding the power it offers, since it reaches 130W. Compatible with Bluetooth and with technologies like Dolby, it does not lack an HDMI port and you can control everything by using a mobile application.

Barras de sonido Samsung HW-K335

Grundig GSB 910

Aesthetically this is one of the most attractive sound bars of all you will find in the list, its power of 80W is enough for a model that includes a subwoofer, and obviously Bluetooth technology is present. It allows installation on the wall and, in addition, it also has a remote control.

Grundig GSB 910 barras de sonido


If you are looking for sound power first of all, this is the model you should consider since it reaches 300W in total. Compatible with DTS and Dolby. The obstruction this model has is four ohms, and it has both Bluetooth compatibility and optical interface. By the way, USB connection is not missing.

Barras de sonido LG SL4Y

TCL TS7010

Of the models that include a remote control and a good number of connection options, such as Bluetooth; 3.5mm Auxiliary; and ARC compliant HDMI. The power it allows is 160W, so it meets among the sound bars that we have chosen. Aesthetically this model is very striking.

TCL TS7010 barras de sonido

Sharp HT-SBW420

Finished in black and with a power of 220W, it is one of the sound bars that is always worth keeping in mind since it offers connectivity of all kinds (such as Bluetooth and HDMI, which, by the way, is compatible with 4K). It is an ideal model for large Smart TVs and allows wall mounting.

Sharp HT-SBW420 barras de sonido

Trust Lino XL

A fairly complete model that meets all the necessary to be compatible with 2.1 sound, and the inclusion of Bluetooth allows a really easy assembly and synchronization. The power it is capable of emitting reaches 200W as a whole, and its amplifier has DSP, so its sound quality is quite good.

Barra de sonido Trust Lino XL