The Best Chargers for Your iPhone: Different Cable Models

It is an evident fact that Apple marked a before and after in the telephony sector when it presented the first iPhone . It is true that it was not really the first smartphone, but it was in charge of giving the particular starting gun to a new era where we can enjoy real pocket computers.

Thanks to this smartphone, our current mobiles enjoy all kinds of functionalities, being able to be a complete camera, calculator, encyclopedia, portable console … In short, current mobile phones are more useful than ever. Until you run out of battery. For this reason, if you have an iPhone, it is better to have a spare charger.

Best Chargers for Your iPhone

Advantages of having a spare charger

Surely you will have been in the following situation: you get to work and you realize that your iPhone has a critical battery level . The problem is that you have left the charger at home, so you will have problems charging your device. Furthermore, if the rest of your colleagues use Android devices in your office, the charging cable, whether USB Type C or Micro USB, is not compatible with that of the iPhone.

Another real situation is, that moment when you go on vacation with your car and you realize that you have forgotten the damn charger. If you had a spare one in the glove compartment, you would have no problem. Come on, it is quite clear that it does not hurt to have an additional charger for your mobile phone.

Best iPhone Cable Chargers

Of course, we do not want you to have only a traditional looking spare. Nothing is further from reality. For this reason, we have prepared a compilation with the best chargers that you can buy if you have an iPhone . Models of all kinds to suit your needs. Do you want to use your phone while it is charging? You will find some very interesting solutions.

Or, you still prefer to be able to charge your iPhone while listening to music with headphones. Yes, as you will see later, you have that option available through a simple cable. What are you waiting to try it!

Adaptador de corriente USB 5W iPhone y iPad Mini

IPhone and iPad Mini 5W USB Power Adapter

We started this compilation of the best chargers you can buy to charge your Apple phone, with the most suitable model for the most purist users. Simply because it is the original charger that comes in the box (for now). So, if you want nothing more than the official product of the bitten apple company, this is your product.

Unotec Set Cargador para iPhone

Unotec iPhone Charger Set

Of course, the price of the previous model is abusive. Mainly because it is the official product. But, for half the price you can take this complete pack, which includes a wall charger, as well as a car charger. With these two products, you will have more than enough to charge your iPhone wherever you want, so that it never leaves you lying at the worst time.

Everdigi Cargador Enchufe Adaptador USB + Cable de Carga

Everdigi Charger Plug USB Adapter + Charging Cable

Be careful with this model, because it boasts a value for money that is very difficult to beat. Although we are dealing with a very cheap charger, it has high resistance to shocks, so that a bad fall does not generate a problem for you. You have doubts? You just have to see the excellent reviews it has on Amazon to realize that your purchase is a sure hit.

Cargador NORTHJO

NORTHJO charger

This vitaminized model will enchant you for two reasons: it has the signature of Northjo, one of the great references in the charger sector, in addition to 18 W fast charging , so you will have your iPhone ready to launch in very little time weather. And at this price it is a real bargain that you should not miss!

AICase Estación de Carga Inalámbrica

AICase Wireless Charging Station

We go to one of the most complete charging stations you can buy. If you are a lover of Apple solutions, this curious product will be able to simultaneously charge your iPhone, the AirPods headphones, the Apple Pencil on your iPad and the Apple Watch. Come on, a true all-in-one and you will not be disappointed at all.

Estación de Carga Allcaca

Allcaca Charging Station

And what to say about this complete charging station. A product with a different design than the one we are used to, and which will become your best ally if several people live in the same house. With this gadget, you can charge no more and no less than 6 devices simultaneously, so its productivity is more than justified.

Cargador Inalámbrico Hoydokly para iPhone

Hoydokly Wireless Charger for iPhone

We go to another ideal model if you have different products from the manufacturer of the bitten apple. Also, considering that this iPhone charging cradle now has a 36 percent discount , it’s one of those bargains you shouldn’t miss.

3 in 1 Wireless Charger

3 in 1 Wireless Charger

Continuing with this compilation of the best chargers for your iPhone, this particular model will enchant you with its versatility. As you can see in the image that heads these lines, you can charge different devices simultaneously. Do you want to watch a movie while charging your iPhone? You just have to put it in landscape format.

USB Charging Station Charger Dock para iPhone

USB Charging Station Charger Dock for iPhone

This particular model is ideal if you use iPhone as a second screen , or have to work with it while it is charging. Its design will allow you to continue squeezing the possibilities of the acclaimed Apple phone in a much more comfortable way. And at a knockdown price!

Double charger for iPhone

We close this compilation with one of the most useful iPhone accessories you can find. More than anything because in this case we find an interesting two in one, which will allow you to charge your mobile phone easily. But it is that, having two connection ports, you can also listen to music with cable headphones very comfortably. A bargain!