Best Cases compatible with the iPhone 13 Pro

Putting a case on the iPhone will bring you many benefits, especially if we are talking about a device that costs as much money as the iPhone 13 Pro. Therefore, in this post we put on the table a complete compilation of covers for this device, to that you can choose the one that best suits your needs or your taste.

Take into account these characteristics to choose your case well

Best Cases compatible with the iPhone 13 Pro

As we said, the case is an accessory that we always recommend using with any iPhone, but obviously you should not choose the first one that crosses your path, but you have to take into account its characteristics as well as your personal preferences. So you can have the best possible experience and enjoy your iPhone just as if you used it without it. Here are a series of points that you have to assess to make the best possible choice.

  • The material from which the case is made is very important that you take it into account, especially regarding the touch that you will have whenever you use your iPhone.
  • Protection is usually a point where all the cases are usually on par, however, if you really need an extra, there are cases that have reinforcements to have the device fully protected.
  • The design obviously matters, especially if we are talking about an iPhone, since many users buy it for that reason, therefore, when putting a cover on it, you will have to look for an option that also satisfies you aesthetically.
  • MagSafe technology is another point to value. From the iPhone 12 models, these devices incorporate this technology, and if you want to use it together with the case, you will have to opt for an option that also has this technology.
  • Compatibility: do not forget that, although in dimensions they are similar, the cases of the iPhone 13 do not work for this ’13 Pro ‘due to the camera module. Therefore, look for the ones that are specifically compatible with it.

Silicone Cases for iPhone 13 Pro

We begin the compilation with the famous and always well valued silicone cases. They are really the most used by most users, since they have a very good balance between price and features, as well as the different designs that users have access to and the different types that you can find within this category. Here we show you the most outstanding ones.

Ringke Fusion


A transparent case is a type of case that all users must have, since it is sure that at some point or another it is very useful to have it on hand and be able to use it with your iPhone. In this case, it is the Ringke brand that is responsible for offering a fantastic option at a really affordable price .

These types of cases are usually thin and have the handicap of giving little protection to the device, however, with this case it will not happen, since it also stands out for how well it is built and the great protection it gives to the iPhone . In addition, it will allow you to show off the fantastic design of your Apple phone, which is one of the reasons why you probably bought it.

Apple Clear Case with MagSafe

Apple funda transparente MagSafe

We continue talking about transparent covers to put on the table the alternative offered by Apple itself. One of the problems that most transparent cases have is that they do not have MagSafe technology, a technology that all iPhone 13 Pro users can use with different accessories.

Well, that’s just what this Apple case solves, which is compatible with all MagSafe accessories . Of course, it has a price, and it is not really completely transparent, since you can see in it the magnet that makes it compatible with this technology. However, despite this, you will still be able to enjoy the design of your iPhone with this case.

elago Magnetic Silicone Case Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro

elago funda magnética

We have already talked about elago covers in compilations similar to this one, but we include them again because the options they have are really very attractive and of tremendous quality . In this case, this silicone case is very reminiscent in terms of design and texture of the official Apple one, without the apple logo, obviously.

In addition, another of the points that you have to take into account about this case is that it has MagSafe compatibility , so you can use it while also using other accessories of this type. It has a wide range of very attractive colors such as dark blue, light blue, lovely pink, mint and black .

Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe

Apple funda silicona

Obviously, within a compilation of silicone cases for the iPhone we have to talk about the most traditional option used by users, which is Apple’s own silicone case. In this case we have chosen the Calendula color case , which has both an elegant and fun tone, and which will give your iPhone a very cheerful touch, regardless of the color of your device.

Apple silicone cases are a sure hit for all users, although it is true that in economic terms they are above the competition. But the reality is that the user experience they provide is fantastic, and in addition, they also have MagSafe technology , how could it be otherwise, so that you can use all the MagSafe accessories while wearing this case.

Leather covers

If you want to give your iPhone a much more elegant touch, there is certainly nothing like using a leather case next to it. In addition, the touch that this material gives is unmatched, giving users a truly satisfying experience. That is why we have chosen three options with which you will have very difficult to make a choice.

Apple Leather Case with MagSafe

Apple funda piel

We have jumped the category, but we are still talking about a cover from the Cupertino company itself. Leather covers are always an option that will convey elegance and above all, a truly unmatched touch with other types of material. Therefore, the Apple option is always a guarantee of success and satisfaction.

In this case we have chosen the Ocher color cover, a very traditional color, but which is still very attractive. You also have to take into account that it is compatible with MagSafe technology , which means that you can use the iPhone with this case while also using accessories with that technology.

Mujjo Leather Case for iPhone 13 Pro

Mujjo funda de piel

One of the manufacturers that always accompanies Apple making high-quality leather cases is Mujjo, and obviously we had practically the obligation to put it in this compilation because it is an option that you have to take into account yes or yes. This case is wrapped in leather from the brand itself, which is cared for and manufactured so that the experience you have with it is as satisfactory as possible .

It is available in several colors , this brown , blue and black , so you can choose the one that best matches your style or simply the one you like the most of the three. In addition, you have to take into account that the fact that it is made of leather will not only affect the touch you will have while you use it, but also gives the iPhone a lot of protection against possible shocks or falls that it may suffer.

Mous – iPhone 13 Pro Case


We are going with another leather option for all users of an iPhone 13 Pro. In this case, it is the Mous brand that gives users an alternative with a lot of quality , to give their devices that touch of class that the technologies always provide. leather covers.

But beware, this case will not be the only thing that will add elegance to your iPhone, but will also keep it well protected at all times against scratches, falls or bumps that it may suffer during daily use. It is also compatible with MagSafe technology and is available in up to four colors such as black leather, bamboo, speckled black leather and walnut.

Extra protection with these robust cases

Many users need to give their iPhone 13 Pro extra protection, and that is why there are different alternatives on the market that have this degree of protection for situations where the device is much more exposed to possible shocks, falls or scratches. Here are some of them.

seacosmo iPhone 13 Pro case

seacosmo funda iPhone 13 Pro

When a user looks for a case that gives their device extra protection, without a doubt this will be one of the best options they can find, since it will not only provide that necessary protection on the back of the iPhone. , if not also in the front .

It is a cover that offers 360º protection . It has a TPU screen protector that adheres perfectly to the part that will protect the back of the device, so that everything is carefully anchored. In addition, this cover is certified with Air Cushion technology.

Ringke Fusion – X

Ringke Fusion-X

The Ringke brand returns to make an appearance in this compilation, and the reality is that all its covers give the iPhone a lot of protection, with the aim that the device remains as new for as long as possible , something vital for all those users who change it every year and for this they have to sell it.

In this case, the case offers several reinforcements both on the side and on the back , which mix it with a camouflage design to make this case more attractive. Although you can also buy it with the back in solid color if the camouflage finish does not convince you. The side reinforcements not only give it that extra protection in falls and bumps, but also allow you to grip it much better.

Sicher iPhone 13 Pro Case

Sicher Funda iPhone 13 Pro

We finish the compilation of cases for iPhone 13 Pro with this option from the Sicher brand so original, since it mixes all the possible protection for your device with a very striking futuristic design . Ideal for all users who want a case that has that extra protection for the iPhone, but without giving up an original design.

It has three layers of protection which they call Alumium, TOU Rubber and Panel PC, making the device always protected against any bump, fall or scratch that may suffer as a result of daily use. It also has enough thickness to make sure that the camera module does not touch the surface if you support the iPhone.

The ITIGIC recommendation

As you know, whenever we make this type of compilation within ITIGIC, we like to tell you which of the options we have proposed convinces us the most, and this case was not going to be an exception. However, we remind you that this is a totally personal choice, so we encourage you to choose the one that best meets your needs.

  • Best silicone case: elago Magnetic Silicone Case Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro.
  • Best Leather Case: Apple Funda Leather Case with MagSafe
  • Best rugged case: Ringke Fusion – X