The Best Cartoons for babies on Netflix and HBO

Spending hours in front of the television being a baby is far from being the most advisable but it is inevitable that there are times when we are going to resort to songs or videos of cartoons for the little ones of the house. If so, it would be better to be content suitable and adapted for them. If you are looking for the best, we recommend some of the best baby series on Netflix, HBO, Planet Dish, and other platforms that will not only make them entertained for a few minutes but can learn new things, enjoy the songs or expand their vocabulary.

There are many children’s series on Netflix that not only like children but have conquered adults, such as Hilda or Beat Bugs. But if you do not know what is suitable for a baby of one or two years, basic so that they know how to follow the rhythm or the thread, we review some of the best educational series and suitable for preschoolers. The main features of these series is that they hardly have dialogues (or are easy to follow) and are very colorful and attractive. In addition, in almost all there are songs or catchy music that makes viewing much more enjoyable.

It is essential, before you put on any infant or baby series, that there is adult supervision and that you activate the Netflix Parental Control or the HBO Parental Control to avoid accidentally appearing inappropriate content for children.

Little Baby Bum Educational Songs

Babies are not able to follow the thread of many complex cartoons and it doesn’t matter so much the story but the images or the music. One of the best baby series that you can watch on Netflix is the Little Baby Boom Educational Songs.

Canciones Educativas de Little Baby BumThey are only four episodes of a half hour but thematic and repetitive chapters ideal for children of one or two years who begin to know their surroundings, such as colors or animals or vehicles. The songs are easy to memorize and repetitive , catchy, and the accompanying images are very easy so that internalizing the different concepts is very easy for any baby.

Platform: Netflix

Year : 2015

Chapters: One season, four episodes

Duration: 27 minutes per chapter.

Thematic: Basic vocabulary

Recommended age: For all audiences

Watch Little Baby Bum Educational Songs on Netflix

Little Baby Bum – Children’s Songs

Little Baby Bum offers us several hours of music and songs for the little ones, for preschoolers who begin to learn basic things like colors, numbers, shapes, animals… Without a doubt, Little Baby Bum is one of the best series for babies that you will find on Netflix and in which there is no plot or story to follow but it is about catchy songs to improve vocabulary or to entertain the little ones for a long time.

Little Baby Bum - Series infantiles para aprender ingles

The Little Baby Bum episodes last 60 minutes in which different songs and music with different themes are played automatically but all of them repetitive that will end up getting into the head or that will help babies to know the environment, to dance or even to stay asleep

Platform: Netflix

Year : 2019

Chapters: Two seasons, six episodes

Duration: About one hour per chapter

Theme: Musicals

Recommended age: For all audiences

Watch Little Baby Bum on Netflix

Loo Loo Kids

Like the previous ones, Loo Loo Kids is one of the best series of cartoons for babies because it bets on a format that works in younger children: visual images and catchy and very basic songs for babies of one or two years.

Loo Loo Kids

They are repetitive songs in which very simple themes or vocabulary with which any child begins to become familiar will be treated, get very small: numbers, colors, animals … Although it is one of the most popular options on YouTube in this theme ( the video of “Johnny, Johnny, yes dad?” became viral) is also one of the best series you can watch on Netflix with very young children if you are looking for something musical, entertaining and with striking and colorful drawings.

Platform: Netflix

Year : 2016

Chapters: One season, five episodes

Duration: 19 minutes per chapter

Theme : Musical

Recommended age : For all audiences

Watch Loo Loo Kids on Netflix

Word party

If you are looking for one of the best series for babies but do not want it to be exclusively with songs, Word Party is one of the best options. Without a doubt, the original Netflix series is an essential creation of Jim Henson for babies or preschoolers since it is a very easy to follow production, adapted to the little ones, with very simple dialogues and with adorable characters that will make that improve their vocabulary and learn in the moments they are watching television. Totally recommended for them.

Fiesta de palabras - Mejores series para bebes

Fiesta de palabras is an original Netflix series with almost 50 episodes and four baby characters: Lulu, Bailey, Franny and Kip. The four baby animals play in a nursery and discover new words in each episode. When they don’t know what a word is, they call the robot Paly Word that helps them with the meaning and explains new words.

For all this, Word Party is one of the best options if you are looking for series for babies of one or two years who start talking and knowing what surrounds them. It is also very useful for slightly older children, three or four years old, who want to learn words in other languages. In addition, each chapter is thematic and you can choose the one that best suits you at all times.

Platform : Netflix

Year : 2017

Chapters : Three seasons, 40 chapters

Duration : 13 minutes

Theme : Words

Recommended age : Preschool – For all audiences

Watch Word Party on Netflix

Tut Tut Cory racing cars

One of the latest series for babies released by Netflix is Tut Tut Bolids, a series in which Vtech toy strollers are the protagonists. Cory Bólidos is a baby carriage that must go to school or take a normal day like any other child. Of course, Cory is a stroller that goes to the Motorssori school where he will meet other friends and bigger vehicles.


Tut Tut Cory Bolids is an ideal series with a theme that any baby usually likes: cars. A series easy to follow, colorful and with very short chapters that do not even reach ten minutes. The theme, the images, the history or the duration of the episodes makes it ideal to watch at any time free or entertaining to watch it as a family.

Platform : Netflix

Year : 2020

Chapters : One season, 7 episodes

Duration : Between 7 and 8 minutes per chapter

Theme : Cars

Recommended age : For all audiences

Watch Tuc Tuc Cory racing cars on Netflix

Charlie’s Colorforms City

Charlie is optimistic, colorful and a character formed by geometric figures. Charlie and his friends, Violet and Red, use geometric shapes stickers to build everything around them or live all kinds of adventures. For example, if they want to eat pancakes they will have to create it. Or build a race car with geometric shapes, for example. They will do everything they need to have fun or to live all kinds of adventures.

Charlie en Villapegatina - Mejores series de bebes

Charlie in Villape Sticker is an original Netflix series and one of the best series for babies or preschoolers. It is a very simple story, the dialogues are very simple (excessively simple for older children) and there is no lack of color or music in all episodes. In addition, the smallest of the house can learn geometric shapes or colors , with very simple and understandable vocabulary at any age.

Platform : Netflix

Year : 2019

Chapters : One season, 13 chapters

Duration : 24 minutes

Age : Preschool – For all audiences

Theme : Musical, educational

Watch Charlie’s Colorforms City on Netflix

Cleo and Cuquin

If you have ever sung that “Let’s go to bed to rest” you will know who Cleo and Cuquín are. The children of the Telerín Family have returned with a modernized design and have their own TV series on Netflix ideal for babies and the little ones in the house. The brothers Cleo and Cuquín, along with the rest of the family (Teté, Maripí, Pelusín and Colitas), will have to solve the problems they encounter on a day-to-day basis or have a good time all in family.

Cleo y Cuquin - Mejores series de bebes

Very simple stories, very colorful drawings, music, songs and entertaining chapters for babies or preschoolers. Although in this series we do find dialogues, they are easy to follow and, above all, attractive and adorable images make the series perfect for everyone.

Platform : Netflix

Year: 2018

Chapters : One season, 52 episodes

Duration : About 6 or 7 minutes per chapter

Age : Preschool

Theme : Musical, educational

Watch Cleo and Cuquín on Netflix

Vera, Songs with spark

Vera is an adorable character, an original Netflix cartoon series in which Vera and Bartleby are the protagonists, two characters who are responsible for fulfilling the dreams and desires of the other inhabitants of the Rainbow Kingdom. If there is a problem, Vera will always try to solve it so that everyone is happy.

Vera has been a creation of Neflix that has become a success and you can find several series available with the same protagonists, the same solidarity theme and the same adorable characters and all kinds of creatures. We recommend, for the little ones in the house, Vera’s Sparkle Songs that are a good colorful and musical option to enjoy at any age.


In general, all the available series of Vera are some of the best series for babies that you will find on Netflix for its theme, its colorful, constant songs and easy to follow dialogues as well as a story fully accessible to babies or children under three or four years And, how could it be otherwise, there is no lack of music, simple and catchy songs that we hear in each chapter.

Platform : Netflix

Year : 2016

Chapters : One season, eight episodes

Duration : 3 minutes

Age : For all audiences

Theme : Musical

Watch Vera Songs with Spark on Netflix

Watch Vera and the Rainbow Kingdom on Netflix

Watch Vera Magic Friends on Netflix


In a list of best series for babies could not miss the great classic of recent times: Pocoyo. Pocoyo was born more than ten years ago but remains one of the most recommended options for preschoolers or babies. A Spanish series that has been dubbed into English and with which the little ones can begin to familiarize themselves with the language thanks to a very simple vocabulary, characters that speak directly to the public and very basic structures in the phrases they use in the dialogues. It is one of the great classics and there are no scripts but we will watch easy and understandable words even for children who do not know how to say anything yet. It is simple, recommended and entertaining for them.

Pocoyo - Series infantiles para aprender ingles

One of Pocoyo’s main advantages is that it is a series that we find on virtually all platforms. It is one of the best baby series if you have Netflix but you can also find it on Amazon Prime Video, on Movistar Plus or on HBO, even on YouTube. In addition, there are also specialized episodes and chapters dedicated to Christmas, cars, carnival, Halloween …

Platform: Netflix, Movistar Plus, Amazon Prime Video, HBO

Year : 2005

Chapters: Four seasons, 157 episodes

Duration: 7 minutes per chapter

Theme: Basic / Preschool Vocabulary

Recommended age : For all audiences

Watch Pocoyo on Netflix

Watch Pocoyo World on HBO

Watch Pocoyo in Prime Video


The Octonauts (or Octonauts) are a series of underwater explorers that have to protect the marine world and everything in it. The motto and mission of these characters is to explore, rescue and protect everything in the sea. And that’s what they do in the almost 40 episodes available on Netflix. They rescue creatures from the sea and live all kinds of adventures in a series that seeks to raise awareness about respect for the marine world or raise awareness of the little ones about being respectful of the environment and all the species that surround us. Ideal for little ones.


This title is one of the best on Netflix in this area, it won an award as the best preschool series and is, without a doubt, one of the most recommended options if you are looking for something more complete and complex than simple children’s songs. In this series we will have history and argument but easily understandable for children and babies and entertaining for adults who are going to watch it with them.

Platform : Netflix / HBO

Year : 2013

Chapters : Two seasons, 39 episodes

Duration : 23 minutes

Age : For all audiences

Theme : Adventures

Watch Octonauts on Netflix

Watch Octonauts on HBO Spain

In Youtube

Beyond Netflix, YouTube is the best platform to find the best baby series or music videos that will draw your attention to the sounds and their color. Some channels offer you the possibility to put videos with a specific duration in which thematic songs or dances appear for 30 minutes, 40 minutes or one hour.

You can also choose specific themes or just the songs that your baby likes best. The drawback of YouTube versus Netflix is that you will not be able to download the videos to watch them offline unless you have a YouTube Premium subscription .

All these YouTube channels allow us to watch cartoons for babies and music and songs for the little ones wherever we are and with a colorful content adapted to children.

Super Simple Songs – Children’s Songs in English

Pinkfong! Children’s songs

Baby TV Spanish

Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes