Best apps to view sheet music on iPhone or iPad

Music accompanies us all on a daily basis. Whether you are a professional, or if you are starting to venture with a musical instrument, surely you have wondered where to consult the scores to be able to consult them comfortably. In this article we tell you how you can solve this “problem” thanks to your iPhone or iPad and the applications available in the App Store.

Best apps to view sheet music on iPhone or iPad

What you should look for in sheet music apps

In the App Store you can find many different applications that aim to help you in your day to day life as a professional or beginner musician. But in order to be able to choose wisely, we recommend that you take into account the following main points that you should look for in this type of app:

  • Library available : something vital when we talk about sheet music consultation applications. Priority should always be given to those applications that have a very complete database with a large number of songs available.
  • Annotation Tools – Especially for those who are just starting to read sheet music, it is important to have the ability to annotate. These notes can be little tricks to face when playing a new instrument, or also aimed at the educational world.
  • Built-in Player – essential in any sheet music reader. Unless you have great experience in this sector, when you see the notes on a staff you will not be able to know how it will sound. That is why if you are a beginner it may be interesting to have a player with the aim of training your ear.
  • Artificial Intelligence – This is a feature that is built into many apps these days, and in sheet music apps it certainly plays a key role. If you don’t want to always be turning the page in your scores while you are playing, you may want to have this feature to be able to turn the page automatically.

Destined to the consultation of scores

If you are starting to play an instrument, surely you have set out to start playing songs that are symbolic for you. But the problem sometimes is to have access to the sheet music with good quality. Here we show you the best applications available to be able to



This application has one of the largest sheet music catalogs, in which you will be able to search by instrument. This includes piano, trumpet, violin, percussion, flute… In addition, you will be able to play the sheet music very quickly from the website with the player that it includes. All the scores that you like the most can be added to favorites in order to have quick access to them.

To give you an idea, the application has more than 1,000,000 free scores . The search is really comfortable, since you can enter different terms to finally find the score you want to play. Here the title or author is integrated among other relevant data. And if you’re not going to have internet where you want to play, you can always download it to view it at all times.



An application that has a human team with a lot of experience. DigitalScore has become the definitive application for musicians and music lovers who need a complete sheet music reader. It has a database of 400,000 public domain sheet music at the International Music Library Project. At all times you will be able to download through the cloud and import it to other apps.

The organization is total within this application, since you will be able to classify all the scores in different folders. This is also added to the possibility of sharing them freely, or printing them with great quality. If you want to play your instrument live, you will be able to use the digital stand , with Bluetooth pedal compatibility to be able to turn pages with your foot comfortably.


Service that will provide you with everything you need about sheet music. You will be able to see, learn, listen, mark and play musical notes and annotations as you wish. In the event that you want to make an annotation , just as if it is an image, you can use a powerful marking system in order to have everything under control and with your personal annotations. Likewise, in order to have a complete visual experience you will be able to activate the dark mode.

At first, this is a free application although it has functions that are limited. The highlight is the presence of ads while using the app query. In these situations, you need to make a monthly payment to be able to take advantage of the application as such, removing ads and unlocking its features.



Powerful sheet music search engine, being able to enter numerous parameters to be able to find the result you want. The database has almost half a million scores. The library has several recordings of all the scores that will serve as a practice. Up to this point, the application is free, although it has several ads.

You will always be able to pay for a subscription that lasts for one month . In this case, it will be possible to fully access commercial recordings, downloads without any type of limit and also instant uploads. Likewise, all the functionalities will be able to be blocked at the moment when paying for this membership, although obviously it will always depend on the use that you are going to give it, whether or not it is worth subscribing.

Newzik: Sheet Music

Organizing your digital sheet music library is easier than ever with Newzik. Create custom lists to sort your music by style or composer, add multiple scores to the same piece to group symphony arrangements, and quickly find any music you’re looking for with global search. Keep in mind that artificial intelligence allows the page to turn automatically without you having to intervene, making it more comfortable.

You will be able to upload the scores in a comfortable way through your computer on the website. But in these cases, the integrated scanner can also be used in order to digitize everything you have on paper, to become paperless all over your house. Likewise, you will also be able to convert them into PDF in a comfortable way, and always without losing quality.

Music Notes – Sheet Music

A really simple application in which you will be able to play the music that you have digitized, create song lists and take your sheet music anywhere. Whether music is your hobby or your profession, you will always be able to have instant access to the largest collection of sheet music in great quality to be able to play any type of instrument in a comfortable way.

In the event that you already have physical scores, you will scan them in order to digitize them. You can purchase more than 400,000 different scores, and it includes the printing feature in case you get the premium subscription. It integrates different tools to dominate the music such as the instant adjustment of the tempo, or the selective adjustment of the volume of instruments separately.

Apps with which you can also edit them

Beyond reading sheet music on iPhone or iPad, you may find yourself needing to edit it. In these cases there are a large number of applications that combine both functionalities, although obviously in this case it is intended for professionals who are going to create scores from scratch above all.

Flat: sheet music editor

Great music notation editor that is very easy to use on iOS. This is an application that will allow you to create, edit, play, print, and export your scores and tabs. It is based on a cloud system, which will also be able to edit scores with the web browser and collaborate in real time with all your friends and colleagues to be able to tweak everything that is designed in the score.

There is no limit to the instruments that are available. You can make use of this application if you use piano, keyboards, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric bass. It has hundreds of musical notations available in multiple toolbars: notes, articulations, dynamics, measures, texts…



Music composition application that has been specifically designed for mobile platforms. It is a music creation tool that is simple, yet powerful. It satisfies the need to write music anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re a songwriter, composer, musician, or just a music lover who can read and write music notation.

In addition to being a music writing app for composers, Score Creator also serves as a music teaching and learning assistant for teachers and students. Teachers can teach students to read music notation by directly entering the notes into the app and playing the song.

our favorites

It has been seen that there are many applications that exist in the App Store for iPhone and iPad that have the objective of consulting or editing your favorite scores. In this case, we especially highlight the download of MuseScore, which has an incredible interface to be able to consult all the musical notes that you have on the staff. In addition, you can always have all the information offline to consult it easily.

And if you’re a music professional, you’re sure to be interested in editing music through applications like Flat . In this case, all the necessary tools are included to be able to create your song from scratch in a large number of different instruments. That is why, without a doubt, this is an essential application for anyone such as teachers or professional musicians.