Best Apps to read QR codes from the iPhone

QR codes have spread like wildfire being present in a large number of establishments. Whether it is to consult the menu of a restaurant, to log on to a website or to access the internet. These are some of the uses that can be given to QR codes and that require certain applications to be able to read them correctly. In this article we will show you a re-compilation with the best apps to read this type of code.

Best Apps to read QR codes from the iPhone

Key features of these apps

There are many applications that can be found in the App Store to be able to scan QR codes, but not all of them are perfect. You even have to take into account that the native iOS Camera application also integrates a reader that is intelligent, since it only wants to focus on the specific code you want to access. But it also has different shortcomings that can be found in third-party options. Specifically, the characteristics to be looked for in this type of application are the following:

  • Autofocus on QR codes and flash compatibility.
  • Database that supports the security of the links that you are going to open, verifying at all times that they are trustworthy.
  • Premium features that allow easy access to food product information.
  • Clean and updated interface.
  • History with all the links you have opened to keep a clear record of where you have accessed.

If all characteristics are met, you will be facing a perfect application to be able to scan all your QR codes.

Completely free apps

In the event that you do not want to make any type of payment to be able to use this type of application, below we will show you the best that can be found in the App Store itself.

QR code and barcodes


This is a really complete application that supports QR codes and also classic barcodes. When reading, the application can scan the QR code quickly with automatic focus, although it can also be focused manually. The application will always ask for your permission when opening the content that is integrated in the QR code itself, such as a web page or a phone number to which a phone call can be made. In addition, the link it contains can also be copied to paste it on the main social networks.

But beyond just reading the QR codes, you can also find the creation function in which you can put one of these codes on a poster yourself. You simply have to have the text that you want to integrate, such as a URL, but you can also include phone numbers through an iPhone contact that will be updated with the different modifications in the iOS agenda.

QR Code – QR Reader & Scanner


This is a really simple application that supports QR codes and barcodes that encode a URL, contact details, or email addresses. As we have commented, the use is very simple since when executing it, the camera is opened directly to perform the scan. Keep in mind that the application must recognize the content so that the result can be obtained and you can execute it correctly.

In the event that the QR contains a URL, Safari or the browser that you have configured by default to open the specific web page will automatically run. In the event that any other type of information is contained, the appropriate permissions will be requested. Keep in mind that this application has a history to be able to contain all the QR codes that you have scanned.

FastQR- QR Code Scanner


With a really concise design, this is an easy-to-use and completely free application in which you only need to perform the scan and you will instantly be able to enjoy the content that is in the QR code. It is possible to analyze links that give rise to web access and also to access different social networks and even have access to immediate telephone calls.

The QR code that you are going to scan will always be stored in a history that is integrated into the application itself. In this way at any time you can rescue a link that you have previously consulted that is really useful. To be able to carry out the scan and facilitate the reading, you can also use the flash.

Kapersky QR Scanner

If you are a person who has tried different antivirus programs, the name of this application will undoubtedly be very familiar to you. We are talking about a reader that has the necessary protection to avoid fraud with the different QR codes. Furthermore, this protection is completely free. It has a large database that allows you to detect at any time those links that are fraudulent to prevent you from falling into some type of trap in a very simple way.

At the time the scan is performed, you will be able to receive alerts at the time in the event that it is very dangerous. In addition, you can also scan the QR codes of the business cards to save the contact data safely. You can even scan the QR codes on the routers to access the internet connection.

More apps with added extra functions

All that we have previously discussed are free applications whose main mission is to scan QR codes. Although in the App Store you can also find other very interesting options that are vitaminized with a different design or simply with extra functions that normally require an extra payment.

QR Code

Undoubtedly one of the best applications to be able to scan QR codes and also bar codes, although other types of codes that are less typical are supported, such as EAN-8 or Google Auth. It has powerful functions such as detailed information on the foods you are scanning. This means that when performing the scan you will see the nutritional information or where it can be purchased.

This application includes the possibility of subscribing with a microtransaction to be able to have the scans that are totally unlimited. It will also give you much richer information about the different foods that you are going to scan, than it offers you in the free version. This makes QR code scanning much more profitable, something that is not possible in other applications.

Developer: TinyLab

QR reader


In the free version, this application offers the most basic functionalities to be able to carry out the scan in a simple way with an interface that is much friendlier than in other alternatives. You can share this code through email or various social networks. In addition, you can also create your own QR codes to embed them in a poster or in any publication where you require them.

As we say, these are the advantages that are free but also includes a paid version. The highlight is access to a scanning database where you can have clear information about everything you are scanning thanks to other users. Among these data you can have the approval of another person who has visited the page so that you can know that you are entering a totally secure site.

Developer: TapMedia Ltd

Scan QR codes – QrScan

QrScan recognizes all common QR codes and barcodes and decrypts contact details, texts, websites etc. The feature that differentiates this application from others is that it will show you the price and information of any product that you have scanned. This is undoubtedly a great advantage to know where you should go quickly if you want to buy something in particular. Prices can be compared on Google Shopping, Amazon, Ebay among many other businesses.

In addition to being able to read QR codes, you can create them. The link can be made to a web page, which is the most classic, but it can also be given to an image or a social network. The possibilities in the end are many. And all this in a fast and simple way since the interface that the application has is really good.

QR Code Scanner – Code Reader

The best and fastest barcode and QR code scanner you can have on your iPhone. Using your phone’s camera, the QR reader will automatically scan and recognize QR code or barcode information and is compatible with all major barcode and QR code formats. Create your own QR codes to be able to spread your networks or link them to your own website.

But if you have many QR codes ahead of you, you can make use of the batch scan option in which you will have a function that is much faster. Once all the scans have been scanned, you will be able to have the corresponding verification and also jointly access to all these resources that you have been able to scan.

Which of these can be most useful to you?

We have seen many options throughout this article and there are many applications that we have recommended. Among those that may be most useful to you on a day-to-day basis, the Kapersky option should be highlighted as it gives you the greatest possible security when accessing a specific link that has been generated through a QR code. It prevents you from accessing any website that is fraudulent or that can download some type of malware, thanks to the database that the antivirus has.

But if you want many more functions, QRScan is another option that may be more useful to you. This is because when scanning a QR code the application is able to track it in different price comparators. In this way you will be able to know where it can be cheaper to buy it either physically or online. This is a great help in the day-to-day life of any home.