Best apps to read news on iPhone

Being informed of national or international news is relevant. This makes you know the news about new policies that are applied, events that have occurred, or the state of the current economy. In a traditional way, you will have to go newspaper by newspaper consulting all this information. But right now there are applications that collect the information to have it in a single point. We tell you the best options below.

Best apps to read news on iPhone

The features to look for in these apps

  • Design: when we want to consult news from different media, it is important to have access to a beautiful application. That is, when you see it, it is comfortable to be able to be looking for or reading news for a long time. When you are dealing with an unattractive application, you cannot get this same experience. That is why attractive and modern options must be prioritized.
  • Amount of media included: something quite obvious when we talk about news applications. It is relevant that they are backed by extensive databases from different information media. In this way, the range of opportunities to inform you is much greater, opening horizons to the international arena. This makes it necessary for you to choose the most complete platforms possible.
  • Reader mode: it is essential to be able to read the news without any distraction. The reader mode allows you to eliminate any type of advertising that may exist, and lets the text lie on a flat background as if it were an electronic book. This is especially important if you are used to reading extensive articles in different media.
  • Price: in general, this is one of the most crucial points when we talk about installing new applications. Generally, all applications that aim to collect applications are priced free. The only requirement is that small fees can sometimes be paid to remove advertisements.

Newspaper apps

When it comes to news, it is important to have apps that are trustworthy. Thus, there are some that focus on offering information extracted from different media, without focusing on a specific one. Here we show you the most interesting options, and also the smartest ones.

NewsBreak – Local News

feed noticiasj

This is a completely personalized application to be able to be informed of all the events that occur around you. At the beginning of each day you will be able to have a summary about the news of your city , the traffic or the most relevant events. Likewise, you will be able to keep informed of everything that happens in the country, thanks to the connection with media that are completely trustworthy.

But if you don’t want to go for something general, you will always be able to personalize your experience by entering your tastes. This makes you have a feed as personalized as possible. In the event that you like the news of the economy or international politics more, the application will know at all times what to show you thanks to the questionnaire that it will be able to do comfortably.


feed noticias

This application selects the best stories worldwide so that you can stay up to date on what interests you and be an active part of it. With magazines and collections that have been edited by the developers, you can have different points of view on a myriad of topics. The app is endorsed by millions of users who use it on a daily basis. In addition, it also has different awards that guarantee the reliability of all the information.

As soon as you download the application, you will have to fill out a small questionnaire with all your interests. In this way, a totally intelligent magazine will be created with articles that may interest you, as well as tweets or videos. This will allow you to read news that is interesting to you, and that will make you enjoy this activity.


This is the best way you will have to be able to read magazines and newspapers on your iPhone or iPad. In this way you will be able to find your favorite headlines and discover news from any media. You will read the articles in a constant flow of information. This translates into the possibility of sliding horizontally to be able to have practically infinite news to consult on your favorite topics.

Likewise, you will be able to create your own personalized magazine through different feeds. You will be able to listen to the articles of greatest interest through the narration system. In the event that you don’t have much time, you will always be able to bookmark them to read later. Likewise, you will also be able to vote for them to show your support or opposition and also print the pages or articles with full content.


If you have an information overload on a day-to-day basis, this is the application that you will have to have installed on your iPhone. At first, you will be able to find and organize the correct fonts in one place. In this you will be able to choose leading newspapers, trade publications or simple bloggers . Everything is available to suit your most particular tastes. With the media you visit on a day-to-day basis.

You have Leo, an assistant that you are going to have to train. This has artificial intelligence that is capable of capturing your priorities at all times. That is, you will be able to ask him to read the feeds that you have configured and prioritize the topics, events or trends that matter most to you. In the case that you work as a team, you will always be able to share the news you find with other people easily.

Bundle News

An application that will bring together all the news from around the world. It groups together the best stories from the top national news providers to local niche blogs and websites. It has a selection of 10,000 media, online publishers, magazines, newspapers, columns or blogs from 18 countries. Above all, you will appreciate viewing from such important media as The Guardian or The New York Times.

Also, if you want to be fully informed, you should know that you can configure breaking news alerts. In this way, any event that occurs that is urgent will be known to you. In the event that you prioritize having as clean a view as possible, you will have a reader mode in which all existing distractions will disappear so that you can focus exclusively on the news.



With SQUID you receive the news that really interests you. You will read the articles within your favorite topics from newspapers, magazines or blogs in a very simple way. All this without the need to register or pay absolutely nothing. At first, you will be able to choose from a wide range of different topics such as football, health or training. This way you will have the news that interests you the most in your feed.

In addition, they are not limited only to local or national news, since you can also choose international media and in different languages. It has the tools to personalize the entire experience, by blocking very specific sources within an article. In this way, if a specific newspaper does not convince you, the application will simply ignore it.

Developer: Njuice

Apps that allow you to customize feeds

Beyond these options that focus on very specific media, and do not give as much option for customization, there are other applications that focus especially on personalized feeds. Or if you want, you can also choose to inform yourself in different relevant forums that we group below.



The application that has a simple, but productive design to be able to consult the news of the most relevant media. It focuses mainly on the feeds of those media that are most attractive to you in order to have access to all their information. Likewise, it will also be able to synchronize with Feedly to have access to all your news.

The layout will adapt to you, being able to choose between a split view, a newspaper view or a table view. If you are going to travel on a plane or a train where the connection is not possible, or is quite unstable, any article will also be able to be offline, including images. Through email you can send the corresponding link to be able to transmit truthful information to anyone.

Free RSS Reader

Create a personal news feed thanks to this application. In this way you can read your favorite websites or blogs in a comfortable and personalized way. You can subscribe to as many feeds as you want and keep up to date on all the topics and sources that interest you. This will allow you to use it as a daily news reader.

All the articles that you find you will be able to mark them to read them later or have them in favorites. The application includes a browser that makes it possible to open different online communication media. Likewise, they can also be shared through any social network, or simply saved in Pocket or Instapaper, and even activate the reader mode.

The best options

You can see that there are many options on the market. But without a doubt we are left with two of these options. The first one is Flipboard because of its ability to determine the best news through a selection of the reader’s personal tastes. In addition, it includes offline options and you can activate the reader mode to consult any news with great comfort.

The second application that we love is Feedly , which has a user base behind it that guarantees its quality. It has access to a large number of various information media, and that is why you can easily find the medium that best suits your tastes or your ideology. In this way you will have a completely personalized experience, and with a reader mode that allows you to read comfortably, and tools to share the best news with your friends or work groups.