Best apps to organize the invisible friend

Best apps to organize the invisible friend

There is nothing that you like more on Christmas dates or in certain celebrations than the invisible friend , especially in large families, at work, with groups of friends or to do something different. But to be able to do it well, without problems or thinking that there is favoritism, it is better to find a good way to organize it.

For this reason, these applications can help you make your invisible friend celebrations a success. Then you will have a great time choosing the gift, thinking about who will have to give it to you or guess what they will give you, and much more seeing the surprised faces when they receive them.

Secret Santa 22: the simplest

amigo invisible sortealo app

This is an app in which you can organize invisible friends, create groups , check who is in them and add the rules that you have established so that all people follow them. It’s free, easy to use, and works great. You can create your group indicating the minimum and maximum budget, gift delivery date and conditions.

There will be no misunderstandings with this app because everything is very clear, so encourage everyone to participate and then carry out the draw. All people will receive a notification indicating who they have to make their gift to.

Secret Santa App: giveaways with gift clues

secret santa app

This app will allow you to organize the invisible friend at Christmas or at any time of the year, since it will randomly choose who gives the gift to whom. You can do it live or online, so that it will be held with everyone present or the results will be sent by email if it is not possible for everyone to meet at the same time.

It has an intelligent random generator , in which you can also make sure that certain people do not match if they do not get along or you prefer not to give each other gifts. You do not need to register to make the groups you want. You can also add wishes to give hints of what you want.

Secret Santa App: totally secret

amigo invisible app

This is another app to play secret Santa with family or friends without complications, without papers that can be changed or rules that are not taken seriously. Create a group of people with their name, indicating the ones you don’t want to match , and the mobile will take care of doing the job. In this case, you will pass the mobile to your family and friends so that they can see the person to whom they have to give the gift without anyone else knowing.

The draws are not saved on the phone or in the app, so each one is different and totally secret.

Secret Santa Sweepstakes: online or in person

sorteo amigo secreto app

This is a remote giveaway app where you can choose who gives something to whom. You just have to add the names of the participants and hit share to send the code to each one and find out who the secret friend is.

You can do it in person in a similar way, only the app will say who should see the screen so they know who to give a gift to. Each one has to remember the person who has touched him to give him his gift. When everyone knows the friend they have to buy something from, the raffle ends. It is time to prepare to surprise others.