Best Apps to Improve Instagram Stories on iPhone and Android

Instagram is a social network in which thousands of people create content daily. For this reason, our stories and publications become a small grain of sand within a great mountain. So, if you want to stand out and have new users discover your profile, you must have something clear in mind: you have to be different. Today we show you 12 applications that you should use to improve your stories on Instagram . With them you will make your content stand out from that of other creators.

Improve your Instagram stories with these applications

In a social network where if something is left over is the amount of content we have available, the best strategy we can follow is to differentiate ourselves from other Instagramers.

Best Apps to Improve Instagram Stories on iPhone and Android

From editing the photos that we later publish in the stories, creating more striking videos, adding effects and many other things that you will be able to do with some of the applications that we are talking about now. Prepare the app store on your smartphone and start downloading.


Unfold is an app that allows us to create montages in our stories with a minimalist but striking touch. If we enter its catalog we will find several completely free templates that we can use to place our photos and videos. If you want to use all their models, you must subscribe to their monthly plan.


As in the previous one, Mojo is an application that allows us to create stories, but this time we leave minimalism behind and we have very striking samples available. We can choose between alternatives of many types, some for payment and others free. The best thing is that there will always be an example in each category that we can use without going through the box.


Finally, among the apps with templates for Instagram stories, we have the Canva application. In this case, in addition to having many samples to choose from, we will have different templates with texts to elaborate the typical messages with movement for the stories. One more option that we will have available to create content on this social network.


If you want to add texts or emojis to your posts, you should try the PicSee app that is available on both Android and iOS. We will have many models available to be able to place these elements in our videos and photographs that, with a little imagination, will allow us to draw attention to our viewers.

A Design Kit

A Design Kit is an app similar to the previous one but, in this case, it is only available for Apple phones. The main difference with PicSee is, in addition to the operating system in which we can download it, that we can paint with a multitude of brushes in our publications to give it that colorful touch that draws attention. In addition, we can add different texts and stickers.

Price: Free

Spark Camera

Spark Camera is a very useful app to create video stories within Instagram stories. By holding down the screen you will start recording and when you stop pressing you will have the first of the clips. This process can be done as many times as you want and, of course, recording with both the front and rear cameras. Once you have recorded everything you need, you will go to an editing section where you can cut each of those fragments, add transitions or music.


If you want to add more value to your content, you should add subtitles to your posts in which you speak. This will help a lot of people with hearing problems or those who cannot activate the sound at the time of watching your video. You can easily add subtitles using MixCaptions . The downside is that, for free, we only have 180 seconds. After completing this test you will have to pay for the service it offers. Also, it is only available for iOS phones.


AutoCap is an application to create subtitles that works practically the same as the previous one, but in this case, for Android phones. If you want to add extra value to your publications you should try it.


If you want to take your videos to a more expert level, you can edit them to have maximum control over it. You can do this easily with the Quik app. A fairly simple video editor that will guide you through its interface so that you make the various adjustments to your content and then publish it wherever you want.


Like the previous one, InShot is a video editor for your smartphone but, in this case, it gives you a greater catalog of settings and effects. From adding filters, applying cuts, adding music, viewing your timeline and where each clip begins. Lots of possibilities that will allow you to creatively create content without needing much more than your mobile.


If what you want is to touch up your content quickly so that it has a colorful look , you should try the well-known VSCO app . In it you will find a good number of filters that, in just a few clips, will give a professional and striking look to your next publication.

Developer: VSCO
Price: Free


Snapseed is the most professional free photo editor you will find for your smartphone. From correcting details such as exposure, white balance, saturation, correcting the image with curves, adding grain filters or vintage style and many more possibilities.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Orange teal

But if you do not want that look between orange and turquoise tones that is so fashionable without many complications, the best option is the Orange Teal app . Upload your photo, select the filter you want and enter the intensity value you want. It’s that easy to edit a photo in this application.

Developer: Vander Amaral
Price: Free

Price: Free

These are some of the best apps to take your Instagram stories to the next level. If you know of any other interesting apps or if you have any doubts about any of these, do not hesitate to leave us a comment below and we will try to reply to you as soon as possible.