Best apps to help you through the first months with your baby

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The arrival of a new baby is a joyous and blissful moment, but it can also bring forth uncertainties and questions, especially for first-time parents. Fortunately, in the digital era, we have mobile applications for almost everything, and assistance with caring for your baby is no exception. Below, we will explore the finest apps currently available to provide you with the guidance you need during the initial months of your little one’s life.

These apps will assist you in effectively managing your child’s feeding, sleeping, and safety. They will offer valuable information and advice, providing you with a sense of support and security amidst the newness, doubts, and excitement of this stage. Prepare yourself to embrace the benefits of technology and experience this once-in-a-lifetime journey with greater peace of mind, thanks to these remarkable and practical apps.


One highly recommended app for alleviating the anxiety surrounding baby sleep, rest, and safety is Babycam. It serves as a convenient alternative to purchasing audio or video baby monitors. The app operates simply: two smartphones or tablets can be used as a transmitter and receiver. One device is used to record the baby’s activities, while the other is carried by the parents for monitoring purposes.

For the app to function properly, both devices need to be connected to the same WiFi network, although WiFi Direct can also be utilized. The app is designed to be user-friendly, as devices connect with a single button press, eliminating the need for registrations or codes. While the app is free, there is an ad-free paid version available for €1.99.

Babycam also offers the convenience of viewing the baby’s activities on a TV through Chromecast or on a computer. The app supports bidirectional sound, allowing parents to communicate with their little one. Additionally, it includes a collection of lullabies for playing to the baby and offers features like zooming and night mode to ensure minimal disturbance while still being able to monitor the baby even in low light conditions.

BabyCam - Baby Monitor

PBA Breastfeeding

Another highly recommended app, developed by the Spanish Association of Pediatrics and its Breastfeeding Committee (AEP), focuses on providing comprehensive support to families who choose breastfeeding as their preferred feeding method for their baby. This app is also beneficial for healthcare professionals and support individuals involved in the breastfeeding journey. It offers a wealth of valuable information and educational content, covering various aspects of breastfeeding.

The app presents essential details about breastfeeding, including general recommendations that can be filtered according to the infant’s developmental stage. Topics covered include breastfeeding techniques, common challenges, recommended practices, and dispelling common misconceptions.

Notably, the app is available for free and enables users to create a personalized profile for their baby. This profile allows users to enter and track essential data on a daily basis, facilitating easy monitoring of breastfeeding progress. Furthermore, the app provides regular updates on news and current developments related to breastfeeding, ensuring users stay informed and up-to-date.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the expenses associated with having a baby, look no further than Mooms, the perfect app for you. Mooms serves as a vibrant community of parents where those with older children can sell items that their little ones have outgrown, allowing other families to benefit from them.

This app also provides an excellent platform for finding second-hand products at affordable prices. With Mooms, you can easily purchase these items from the comfort of your home, as the app offers convenient home delivery options. Additionally, the app ensures secure payment transactions and provides a money-back guarantee for added peace of mind.

Whether you need essential items for your baby at a lower cost or wish to sell items that your little one has outgrown, Mooms offers a user-friendly platform to facilitate these transactions. Say goodbye to unnecessary expenses and embrace the opportunity to save money while acquiring or selling gently used baby items.

BLW Ideas

Say goodbye to the worries and uncertainties of starting complementary feeding with the BLW app. Designed specifically to assist new parents during this important phase, BLW ensures that introducing solid foods will no longer be a challenge. While it is recommended for babies over 6 months, it can be useful for other age groups as well.

The app features a comprehensive guide organized by age, providing access to over 600 menus and recipes that have been approved by nutritionists. You can easily search for recipes based on the age of your baby and the ingredients you have on hand. Furthermore, the app allows you to take notes, making it the perfect companion for this crucial and delicate process of teaching your little ones how to eat. With BLW, you can navigate the world of complementary feeding confidently and with ease.

White noise baby

Embrace the power of white noise and soothing sounds with this remarkable app. Designed to help your little one achieve better sleep, this free application offers an extensive library of sounds that are sure to calm and relax. Alongside classic white noise, you’ll discover a variety of options such as gentle rain, ocean waves, air conditioning, fan noise, and more. According to the app developers, these sounds have proven to be highly effective in helping babies sleep, surpassing the traditional songs or music often used for this purpose.

Not only does this app provide a haven for your baby’s sleep, but it also serves as a white noise machine for adults dealing with insomnia or seeking relaxation. It features lullabies, an infinite playback mode, online functionality, and even a timer option. With such a wealth of advantages, it’s important to be mindful not to fall asleep to the white noise yourself, given its undeniable effectiveness. Enjoy the benefits of this app as it transforms your baby’s sleep routine and provides you with moments of tranquility as well.