Best apps to hack WiFi networks on Android and check their security

Security in our WiFi network is everything. A person with knowledge could easily hack our network if it is not secure enough, thus having access to all the computers or devices that we have connected to it. For this reason, it is very important that we audit our network with some tools designed for it, which you can even use with your Android mobile. We tell you which are the best available.

A timely audit of a WiFi network can free us from more than one scare. With these apps to hack WiFi networks and audit, you will be able to check many aspects of your network, from the speed and quality of the signal to, of course, if it has a security hole in it , which is basically what the apps are looking for.

Best apps to hack WiFi networks on Android


WeeNet is one of the most complete apps that we can use to audit our network. This, as the description of the app in the Google Play Store tells us, is capable of answering some questions such as if our WiFi is being stolen, why our network works so slowly or, of course, if our network is sure enough .

With it, we can know what devices are connected to our network, and even ping them to find out what kind of ports they have open. It also allows us to make a complete diagnosis of our network, something very important if we want to know if there is any problem with it. In addition, it has other tools to carry out a complete audit of our network, and the best thing is that it is totally free (although it has advertising).


This app is another one of those applications that we will want to have on our Android mobile to check if our network is vulnerable to attacks of any kind. Where we are going to get the most out of it, above all, is in networks that have very weak security protocols such as WPS.

The app, once installed, asks us to choose one of the networks that we want to test, although it informs us beforehand that it is not designed for hacking, but rather for educational purposes. With it, we can see if it is possible to connect to our device with the default WPS PIN credentials.


Very similar to the previous one, but with a somewhat more polished interface. This app allows us to know if a network is secure by connecting with the WPS protocol. It is designed to generate all kinds of WPS PINs by combining many of these known ones.

If we try it with our network, it will take a few minutes to give us the result. If our network appears with a green tick, we know that it can be hacked easily, and if, on the contrary, it appears with a red tick, we know that it is totally safe against this type of hack.


Wi-Fi checker

Another very good app to audit our network is without a doubt WiFi Inspector. With it, we will be able to quickly know which devices are connected to our network, which is essential to know if someone is stealing WiFi from us.

In addition, it also serves to audit the status of our network, as well as to know the most relevant data of all connected devices such as the IP address, the manufacturer, the MAC address and the name of the device. It allows us to add all the devices that we connect to a list so that each time a new one is connected, it will notify us quickly.

Fing – Network Scanner

This app is one of the most downloaded on this list, since it has more than 10 million downloads. It is capable of scanning and auditing our network in a very short time, and it will do so by carrying out tests to see what the state of ours is.

The app will tell us which devices are connected to our network, and we can check their data such as the MAC or IP address they are using. It can also analyze and scan the ports of the devices connected to it, as well as the name, model, provider and manufacturer of these.