7 Best Apps to Edit Stories on Instagram on iPhone

In the end, Instagram has become one of the essential social networks for many users, among other things for its stories. No one would think that uploading a video or a photo for 24 hours was causing such a stir, but we all use this function now.

If you want to take advantage of this part of Instagram, there are many applications that seek to improve the photographs and videos that you are going to publish. In this article we collect the best ones.

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Applications to professionalize your stories

Story art

apps editar fotos

Description: With this application you will have more than 2000 templates available to create the perfect story, in addition to 70 different themes, 500 Highlight Cover templates and 200 animated story templates. When it comes to video, different vintage film filters are included to create an analog story or glitter effects.



Description: VSCO allows you to raise the quality of your photos thanks to ten totally free filters. These include contrast or saturation editing as well as the use of grain and fade to create incredible effects.

Other advanced tools are included to recreate the look of old movies. In addition to photo editing, you can also make different adjustments to the videos with the incorporation of automatic adjustments or by editing the white balance. Added to all this is the ease with which GIFs can be created.


Mojo iOS

Description: Focused for editing videos and photography with different effects that are very simple. In addition to being able to add text and customize it to your liking, you can use the more than 40 templates included in the application and where it can be easily edited. Regarding the text, we can choose between 50 totally different styles to adapt to the content. Once finished we will be able to share the edited video or photograph on any type of platform.


Unfold iOS

Description: If we go to what matters to us, it should be noted that we are facing an app that offers 25 totally free templates plus 90 that are paid. These will help us create our stories for social networks and add annotations in addition to the typical frames. Once we have a result that we like visually we will automatically share it with Instagram.


Magisto iOS

Description: Magisto includes a smart editor powered by artificial intelligence for ‘semi-automatic’ editing. It is designed to combine clips, photos, music, text, effects and filters to improve stories. In addition to photo editing we can also create amazing videos by choosing different clips and combining a series of background music.


Description: StoryChic includes more than 500 aesthetic templates that will help create incredible stories. Also included are very high quality filters as well as 40 different fonts for writing in stories that are fully customizable with hundreds of colors.


Description: In its free version, 32 professional templates are available, although if we want something more quality we must go through the box to have access to 50 different templates. Added to this are the more than 40 different backgrounds and the 16 fonts that can be used to personalize all the stories we want. Once finished you can directly upload the edited content to the deck you want.