The Best Apps to Edit Photos Before Posting to Instagram

instagram-photo-1We all know the importance of social networks today. Thanks to them, we can meet many new people, keep memories with friends, or even find work thanks to our profile and our followers. Instagram is one of the most important and the fastest growing. That is why your Instagram feed must be up to the maximum to be able to get the most out of it, either to gain followers or simply to make your photos look much better than those of others, and stand out from the crowd .

For this, there are a variety of totally free and paid Android applications that we can use to make our photos taken with the mobile seem by a professional photographer. Let’s see what are the best apps to edit photos.

Adobe Lightroom

Well known to all photography geeks, Adobe Lightroom is an Adobe Photoshop tool specifically created for professional image editing. Made for Windows and MAC at the beginning, now we also have it on Android for free, although some features are paid, and it offers practically all the advantages of the simplified computer version.

It is a tremendously powerful editor from which we can modify all the necessary parameters to correct an image and go from being a normal photo to an Instagram photon. It allows us to modify the light, color, effects, detail, and even correct the chromatic aberration of camera lenses. It has a self-correction option, so that we don’t have to break our heads a lot thinking about how to fix a photograph, and I have to say that it is quite effective. In addition, it has selective and geometry correction tools, in addition to being able to edit RAW , although they are only available in the paid version (€ 4.99 per month).


PicsArt is one of our favorite apps when editing photos. Think of an app like Photoshop, but much simpler and almost as powerful . This application allows us to modify the parameters of a photograph as well as the rest, but its strong point and that the difference of the rest is the versatility that it offers us when it comes to editing not only those parameters, but any other that occurs to us to Modify the image. We can apply a multitude of different effects (artistic, blurring, perspectives, etc.) in specific areas, eliminate objects we don’t want, add new images and integrate them into the main image , and much more. It also has features that we can only use paying, but the vast majority are free and sufficient.


I have been using this tool personally for a long time. It is a fantastic Instagram companion , since it allows us to create countless collages and templates with our photos and then edit them to our liking, offering us a variety of filters, effects, and above all, allows us to make corrections of details, eliminating imperfections such as grains , soften skins, red eyes and much more, besides being able to add texts and fonts.

Developer: 123RF Limited
Price: Free


This application deserves to be on this list on its own merits. It is a widely used application, maybe even more than Pixlr, and it is not for less, since it offers all the features of a good image editor in a very intuitive and easy to use format . It has a section of designs , where we can apply the desired filter and that we like the most, and on the other hand it has a section of tools , which allows us to make many modifications, such as vary exposure curves, add vignettes, blur, add frames , remove stains, change the perspective of the image, soften, harden and even add HDR effects that are so popular today. It is certainly one of the most complete apps.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Zoetropic – Photo in motion

Since what we often want is to stand out in social networks , this application is undoubtedly a necessity in our smartphone. Zoetropic is a photo editor that specifically serves to give movement to our photographs . Through a series of flow points, we can create a sensation of wavy motion that will not leave anyone indifferent, especially if it is applied to a suitable photo in the appropriate way, such as moving water, clouds, fire or a Long hair It is simple to use , although it will require a couple of practice photos to get the point. It is certainly an app that is very worthwhile with which we can surprise everyone on Instagram.

Adobe Photoshop Express: photos and collages

Adobe Photoshop Express is the adaptation of Photoshop for a lifelong PC to Android. It is probably the most complete application to edit the photos together with PicsArt, taking this more professional touch. It makes a very good match with Adobe LightRoom, since with Photoshop we can correct any parameter that occurs to us: perspective corrections, noise elimination, blurring, borders and texts, filters and effects, collages, point corrections, image mergers, and many more, and later with LightRoom, once the photo is composed, we can edit the light and color parameters to get a professional quality photo.

Vaporgram: Glitch Photo Editor

Vaporgram is an app that allows you to edit your photos in the ” vaporwave ” style (steam waves) that many people like so much. It will allow us to apply a lot of filters like dozens of gltich and different frames and add objects to our images to leave them to our liking and get an original composition. It is certainly an app worth trying.

VSCO: Photo and Video Editor

VSCO is one of the most downloaded image editors of the Google application store, and it is not for less, since we have a huge amount of tools , filters and adjustments to give our photos the touch we seek. Renowned influencers use this app to edit the photos and give a special touch to their Instagram feed.

Developer: VSCO
Price: Free

LightX photo editor

LightX is another editor very downloaded in the Play Store. It has almost half a million opinions, and an average score of 4.6 according to user criteria. This app is very useful because it allows us to do things like deformations , change color tones in selected areas (such as eyes or hair) or for example correct imperfections such as pimples. It is a type of application that works very well since it is relatively simple to use even without knowledge about image editing.

Background eraser

We close this list with a complementary application to the rest. This app allows us to erase from an image things we do not want, such as a background of a portrait to select only the person in the photo and save it in .png format and then add it to another photo. It has a manual eraser , but it also has a “magic” or automatic one , which erases everything we select from a certain color, and that works very well on images with solid colors. No doubt a great complementary application.