Best Apps to Design Logos on iPhone and iPad

Design Logos on iPhone

When creating a new business, something mandatory that must be done is to design a good logo that represents what you are going to offer. To do this, you can turn to professional designers or applications that you will find in the App Store to design it yourself. In this article we show you the best as well as some web pages.

Apps to design logos on iOS

AI Logo Generator

IA Logo Generator

This application is designed both for companies that are starting to work and those that are established. The goal is to get a professional logo to attract sales and get the business off the ground. Create with it innovative and elegant logos in which you can customize both the text, the font and the colors so that the logo adapts to your brand. The generation is done quickly and easily, with transparent versions available so you can embed them wherever you want. All the necessary tools are included so that you can create good designs on your iPhone or iPad.

Logo Maker

Logo Maker

An extremely simple application that creates logos on the iPhone or iPad. It includes more than 100 pre-designed logo templates that can be edited at any time to suit your business. More than 100 different fonts are included to create fonts that are unique and representative for you along with more than 100 backgrounds to create posters or business cards. Despite the fact that the download is free to be able to enjoy all its features, a monthly subscription of 5 euros must be paid.


An important selection of logos is included in the library that is integrated in addition to being able to import photos from the device’s own gallery. You have the possibility to use more than 270 Latin fonts and get 50,000 combinations of logos for your business. Change the gradient and color of logos, text and even the background itself, having the possibility to add professional quality shadows and align perfectly thanks to the grid lines that can be activated.



Watercolor is an ideal application for artists, designers, photographers or event organizers. Choose from different textures, foil fonts and watercolor illustrations that have been carefully designed to be part of your new logo. Once you have finished choosing all the elements you can store it at a high resolution in a PNG file as well as obtain the necessary copies with a transparent background.

Logo Maker Shop

Logo Maker

Logo Shop integrates a wide variety of designs in its library from the simplest to the most complex. They are divided by different categories such as letters, round, initials, vintage, doodle, animal … At any time you can edit the logos by being stored in your iCloud storage and opening it on both the iPad and the Mac to continue working with the logo .

Logo maker

Creador de logos iOS

Creating logos will not be any type of problem with this application since it requires us any type of design skills or knowledge to be able to create them. Over 5,000 icons are included in over 25 categories plus 100 backgrounds and 100 overlays to give the logo much more depth and professionalism. They can be designed based on your company’s brand even if you don’t know exactly how it should be.

Web pages to create logos

If these applications that we have discussed are not enough for you to create your perfect logo, you can always use different websites with the Mac to create them. We show you some below.



On this website you can design incredible logos for your company in simple steps. 100 very nice templates are included and it all starts with entering your company name. At all times you can preview all the templates that are classified, for example, between education, real estate, services, fashion and beauty … At last, any business will have a site on this web page so that a logo can be created according to its brand.


This website offers a part that is completely free to create quite simple logos but for which you will not have to pay absolutely anything. It all starts with entering the name of your company and choosing its category. At the moment you will see a wide selection of logos designed for your selection that you can edit with regard to the typography and the type of color that has been chosen to use.