Best apps to create music on iPhone

We all have an artist inside, but you always have to know how to exploit it. In this case, music can be the music that will let you know if you have the necessary imagination to be able to create the new hit of the summer. With the iPhone you will simply be able to create wonderful songs, thanks to the applications that we are going to recommend in this article.

Best apps to create music on iPhone

What you should look for

As you can see, there are many applications that you will find in the App Store aimed at carrying out this creation task. Although, different aspects must be taken into account in order to always be able to choose consciously, and above all, taking into account the experience of each one. In this case, we recommend following the following points:

  • Design: These applications are designed to be able to work on the creation of new music. In this case, you should always prioritize having an adequate interface with a modern and clean design. In this way you will gain in comfort and also in ease of use, this being important especially for beginners.
  • Available library: this being a vital point in any type of application. When creating music, it must be taken into account that external materials from these libraries must be included, such as the bases or the effects. In this case, you have to choose those applications that have a good musical repertoire in their databases.
  • Price: In the App Store you can find many different applications, both paid and free. In this case it is important to take it into account, since if you are a beginner you should opt for the free options. But if you are a professional, you can find more complex apps, but for a fee.

Completely free apps

In the event that you venture for the first time to create music from scratch, it is logical that you do not want to spend money. That is why we recommend you always opt for applications that are free, and in the App Store you will be able to find many different options. Next, we show you the most recommended ones.

Garage Band


This is one of the most used applications by users to produce music in the Apple environment. This is because it is completely free and is developed by Apple. In this way, its operation is quite good within these devices. It offers many different tools, which are shared with those found in the Mac version. In this case, very diverse visual instruments are available to be able to create all your rhythms.

In this case, there are virtual pianos, violins or even amplifiers to be able to use real guitars. With these tools and the sequencer you will be able to create great sounding songs in no time. Many professionals have used this tool to quickly produce different songs, with an efficient export system at all levels. In addition, there is also a royalty-free sample library for you to use as you see fit.

Developer: Apple

Figure – Make Music & Beats


Figure is intuitive enough for beginners to make music in seconds without difficulty. But, although it is simple, it also has professional and complex tools to be able to encourage all users to end up evolving. Simply, when the application is opened, you will have to slide your finger across the panel to be able to record and adjust the drum rhythms so that it ends up being catchy.

Among the features that it includes, we can highlight the possibility of establishing the length of a loop, selecting bass and synthesized sounds, or transmitting the audio live through compatible apps. In any case, everything you need is offered to make a creation according to the level you have at that moment, which is ultimately what is really important.



An app you’re probably familiar with as it won the Best of App Store award in 2016. It has a starter pack of 17 instruments and over 100 loops and samples. Songs can be divided into sections, add notes, audio samples and loops to your sections in a convenient way. Likewise, a History tool is included to be able to rewind and undo changes quickly.

The audio can always be to your liking, editing it, adjusting it and trimming it. From the application itself it will be possible to make the recording or import it from the local storage of the device. You can also make audio recordings of up to four bars and with a duration of 30 seconds. Although, automatically it will be possible to modify the volume, the echo and other effects such as fading.

Developer: Medly Labs Inc.



This service offers a collection of 3 gadgets. It has a layout of tracks in vertical or horizontal. This makes the main feature of the application the interface, which is very comfortable to use. Supports any of the preferences on iPad or iPhone. From song production to sound design, effects and mixing, every step is intuitive and won’t give you any trouble.

It has a large number of people behind it, which ends up generating a large community with which to exchange music around the world . By uploading and sharing songs you will be able to communicate breaking the different cultural barriers that exist. Likewise, it can also be shared through social networks or instant messaging system.

Options of more quality, but of payment

In the event that you have already traveled in the musical field, it is also time to take a leap into professional applications. That is why in the App Store you can also find options that follow this line, but obviously they are not completely free. In this case, it is advisable to use them, when you are already clear that this may be your path.



Application to create music that is very easy to use and that will bring out the artist that you have inside you. It has a wide library of unique and original music tracks among which you will find your favorites to start with a base. Here you will find different genres such as electronic, hip-hop or trap. In addition, it also has effects such as filter, flanger, reverberation or delay.

The operation is quite simple, to be able to introduce all the sounds that you want. Although, there are some limitations and that is why other apps should be used. For example, sounds cannot be recorded . Likewise, this is an app that has a subscription service to be able to access all the musical effects or the song library without any type of limit.

Beat Maker Go – Create Music

BeatMaker Go

State-of-the-art drum pad control app that gives you the opportunity to practice beats and create amazing music tracks anywhere. The library of preset tracks gives you the latest packs of EDM genres including trap, dubstep, rave and more.

In addition, this is an application integrated into a game, which will allow you to improve your listening skills at all times. You will have the possibility to adjust the difficulty level and unlock new challenges after completing the previous ones, providing a smooth gaming experience. Similarly, you will also be able to quickly share everything you produce with anyone.


Simple, yet incredibly powerful music creation tool that lets you compose tasty beats in seconds and share it alongside a music video. It integrates a musical algorithm that allows you to put your touches in the rhythm, in the scale, in the tone and in the point. That is why we are facing a new way to become a master in the creation of any type of rhythm.

After using the mixer to whip up a fierce beat, you’ll be able to record a short video to use as a music video for your new song. The automatic editing function will cause the application to cut video when uploading as the rhythm occurs. All this in a super easy way with no pre-made loops and all rights will belong to you.

Drum Pad Machine

Drum Pad

Make your own music like a pro, creating sick, perfect beats and perform unique tracks. A wide variety of musical styles such as hip-hop, drum or trap are integrated. Additionally, you will be able to make use of unique sound packs, gaining access to professional quality audio samples that are sourced from professional musicians and DJs. Likewise, you can also use instruments and FX.

But although at first you will have access to the free version, if you want to have complete control of the entire library you will have to pay a subscription. The Beats school allows all the people who are starting in this world, with different lessons for each sound pack with the aim of improvising freely.

The most recommended

As has been seen, there are many applications that can be found to install on iPhone and produce new music. In this case, we should especially recommend GarageBand, which is a native application developed by Apple. This means that it integrates perfectly with iPhones or iPads and allows you to work in a really comfortable way. In addition, you do not have to pay anything for it, and it is used by thousands of professionals throughout the world.

In a second place, Groovepad can also be very useful, since it is perfect to be able to produce new rhythms in an intuitive way. It has an interface that any user will be able to use easily, with the ultimate goal of mixing the ideal sounds to have an original quality creation that can be shared.