Best apps to concentrate and study from the beginning of the course

Best apps to concentrate and study

Today there are a large number of tools for practically everything you may need, and the mobile can be one of the places where you can access them. This is the case of the studies , in which you can start studying from the first day and take the course well using mobile applications that can help you a lot.

Some of them are good because they have a timer, to-do lists, they help you to relax and be well and they have many more uses.

Forest – Stay Focused

forest app

This is a productivity app used in many countries where every time you open it you start planting a tree in your own forest. If you leave it before the process is ready, your tree will die, so you will have to do the assigned tasks so that this does not happen.

There can’t be any other app open this time, so you can focus on what’s really important, which is studying and doing your homework. For each planted tree you will receive virtual coins that you can donate to an NGO that will plant real trees for you.

Under this medium game medium dynamic, you will make studying a task that motivates you more. You can access your stats and improve your focus over time.

Pomodoro Timer

pomodoro timer app

It is a minimalist, yet fully adjustable timer to use the Pomodoro time management technique that will allow you to increase your personal productivity and help you study.

You can set the task timer to improve your productivity while you are studying, dedicating the time you need to each task, obviously without distractions.

Focus To-Do: Pomodoro & Tasks

focus to do pomodoro

This app is based on a dynamic similar to the previous ones, since it combines the Pomodoro timer with task management. This will help you stay focused and achieve your goals. In addition to the timer, you have a list of things to do and you can organize the tasks and focus on the study. You can create reminders for important tasks, track the time spent on each task, and more.

There is a 25-minute timer when you have to study, and when the bell rings you have to rest for 5 minutes. Then you have to resume it and continue. It has many possibilities and allows you to synchronize on all platforms. It is recommended that you set the time on your mobile correctly so that you take full advantage of its potential.

Calm: Meditation and Sleep

calm meditación y sueño app

This is an application that, although it has not been specifically designed for this, allows you to relax, meditate and sleep better . This will allow you to focus more during the day.

It is an app with guided meditations to reduce anxiety and stress , relaxing music, breathing exercises and other resources that will help you study and even before any exam. You can use it on your mobile or smart watch.

Todoist: To Do List

todoist app

This is a complete application where you can organize your tasks , plan your study day and even receive reminders. You will be able to add new tasks quickly and you have many other possibilities. Among other uses that you can give it, is that of studying, with reminders and expiration dates if you want not to be caught by the bull in your studies.

You’ll be able to organize your projects kanban-style, prioritize tasks, collaborate on other projects, track your progress, integrate tools, and much more.

Flashcards – study effectively


It is an app with which you can better internalize learning , with organized and easily accessible notes. It has study guides that organize and deliver the study cards in an organized format that you can customize so that you always have what you need at hand.

You will always take your cards with you to study effectively. If you have to leave your cards unfinished, the app will remember where you left off so you can return there whenever you want.

It has a very simple and modern design, with the possibility of sharing it with your friends and without ads.

FLIP – Study Stopwatch

flip app

This is another application with which you can concentrate and study more effectively. It has a very precise timer and allows you to measure your level of concentration by measuring its level. It has weekly and monthly study statistics, as well as a timeline.

You can use the schedule to summarize the day’s timed goals automatically, with easy posting to social media.