The best apps to book and find sports activities

Despite the high temperatures, more free time makes summer an excellent time to do all kinds of sports activities, taking the appropriate precautions to combat the weather. If you don’t have plans, you can help yourself in many applications that help you find and book all kinds of sports activities.

Some of these applications will help you find other people to do a sports plan or training with, while others will help you speed up and manage the process of booking activities or facilities.

best apps to book and find sports activities


With Sporttia you can rent your courts at your favorite clubs and town halls without having to call or go to their facilities. You can pay by credit card, virtual wallet or if the center allows it, rent and pay at the center.



It has more than 150 affiliated centers and allows you to reserve paddle tennis courts, soccer fields, tennis courts and entrance to the pool, in addition to renting a basketball court. It is endorsed by more than 100 municipalities and sports centers.

Developer: Sporttia


As a user, Apventure allows you to enjoy the best activities near you or by using the search engine to find them, filtering and sorting the results as they best suit your interests: best price, differentiated activities by means of transportation (sea, city, mountain, air) , evaluation of other users, etc.

App Apventure

App Adventure

The other side of the application is that it allows different professionals to advertise themselves to become an Apventure Point where you can promote yourself and live from your passion and be able to get clients willing to live all kinds of sports and adventure experiences, including ski coaches, climbing, soccer sports technicians, surf instructors, rafting, skydiving, sailing and much more.


Whether you have someone to play with or if you don’t know anyone, with Playtomic you can find partners or rivals , being especially focused on paddle tennis, tennis and other racket sports. You will be able to create matches to play with your friends, make them public so that other players can join or even add yourself to an already created one.

Thanks to the clubs that are part of Playtomic, they have more than 16 thousand tracks around the world. Simply sign up, mark your level and never again be left without playing because you don’t have someone to do it with.

Developer: Playtomic SL


Timpik is not only an application, but a sports social network , as it helps you find athletes and practice more sports.

Create your private matches, you decide who to play with, or make it public for the whole community to participate. Define the teams, know the positions, who has the ball, where the court is and even what the weather will be like.

If you don’t have anyone to play with, search for the games that are taking place around you in real time and join. You no longer have an excuse, you will play with a single click.


It is the application to find other sports fans like you , of any sport, level, age or place.



Lack of company is no longer an excuse to stay home. Around you there are more people who go out to play sports alone or who lack people to play team sports.